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  1. BillyG93


    He had a good game today tbh. we fucked our chances.
  2. Looking at billyg91’s profile I think it’s him... although I can slabbler shite too 😂
  3. This city game is pish var over rules the ref. Boring as fuck & slows down everything & kills the excitement
  4. Nah, nicks alright. Sound in person & calls it fair. Teaches in a ‘public’ school.
  5. Is that a quote from Ifab? As annoying as it is, the players fell into the trap & need to be a bit smarter. Can’t blame ref for fuck all today. Game was there to be won & we fucked it
  6. Noticed there’s a lack of bookings recently with Scottish refs. Have they been told to book less players? Actually embarrassing for them to appear not to know the simples of refereeing. Reckless foul = yellow, excessive force = red. The amount of no action taken for reckless, conistant & using excessive force incidents on Rangers players recently is alarming.
  7. http://www.talkingbaws.com/2019/01/video-lee-mcculloch-struggles-with-question-on-who-was-formed-first-between-celtic-and-Rangers/
  8. Jones we fanny, pre contract signed then runs around celebrating when he scores against us
  9. Where’s the yellow for the pull on Rangers at the last kick of the ball? Shocking
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