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  1. Rangers vs Kilmarnock - Premiership

    In Glasgow for the first time in a long time. Looking for 2 tickets sat together. Pm me if possible
  2. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    celtic press release.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Agreed. Fucking shambles.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Penned in fucking equaliser in the post
  5. Murty or ...

    If we get hoofed every cunt will want him jettisoned if we win he’s a hero If we win and then lose our next game every cunt will want him jettisoned we are Rangers and we need to win. If it’s not murty then it will be some else cunt.
  6. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Don’t understand much of this thread because I’m wankered but fuck taigs
  7. Video: Gers Fans React To Cup Draw Against The Scum

    How the fuck have you not been banned yet ya fucking bubonic plague vessel cunt
  8. Agreed that it’s unlikely an EPL team will come in for him, but if they do then I can’t imagine many of us would grumble if he had the chance to go and play in one of the top leagues in the world, ASSUMING we are fairly recompensed for the transfer at least without Bain running our dealings we stand a chance of receiving a significant bung for him when he does go, a move like this only strengthens our hand so it’s win win assuming we don’t get arse fucked on a transfer fee which we have form for over the years
  9. Rumour by ID10 from ff

    I said that! Based on our form at the time for appointing fucking idiots, like Stewart Robertson, and caixinha delighted that it looks like Allen is working out however I don’t think that it was ridiculous at the time to suggest that amidst a seeming unwillingness to appoint a new manager coupled with rudderless strategy and no word from the supposed DOF that this would be another busted flush looks like he’s proving me and others wrong though and long may it continue. Happy to be made to look like a cunt if it means we are getting stronger. All day long.
  10. Didn’t click or read the link but I am raging
  11. Warburton - Rangers have a chance.

    Very good mark favourites because of who they are? That’s why you never had and never will have what it takes to lead us to glory you fucking cunt enjoy league 2 mediocrity ya fucking roaster bastard
  12. Banned for calling them Savco

    No idea what P&B is but you’re probably a cunt anyway
  13. How far we have come...

  14. Murty & Docherty Post Match Reaction

    Docherty is a big gallus bastard terrific