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  1. Bung him whatever he fucking wants. Cunts need to fucking dry their eyes. Gives us leverage when punting him as well. Thick bastards on this fucking thread. Most probably of the taig variety.
  2. Can you please connect that tin hat to the nearest available live electric circuit
  3. Found it. Actually related to a song suggestion for match day vs the filth. Horrendous.
  4. Courtesy of the resident fucking donkey weirdo @Sweetheart who came up with "it won't, it won't, it won't go in, it rolls around the rim" Think it was in relation to Bruno alves, astonishingly, and has little to do with football and more to do with sordid ass eating fetishes than anything else.
  5. Said out of expectation rather than hope to be fair. Was pretty happy at the appointment itself, having been subjected to that fucking dick Pedro and then later the murty fiasco. I had assumed our ability to attract big names in any form were long gone. Pretty pleased with how it's going so far, needless to say. So fuck you bronzy ya bent cunt x
  6. Thunderbird lookalike square headed rattler pig cunt
  7. In Glasgow on the day of the taigs match, put the feelers out for a ticket, not a fucking chance it's happening for me. First time in a LONG time I've been in town and we've been playing that crowd of perverts. Would comfortably pay about 10 times face value to see us stuff those fucking mucky bastards. Each to their own though. Watching fenian tears for me is priceless. So yeah I'd pay well over face value just to see those fucking rotten fucking bastards get their arses torn in front of our own. Any cunt that has two tickets, let me know. Feel free to absolutely rip the arse out of the face value, worth it IMO.
  8. Thread needs diverted after that fucking shite show earlier on this evening. Anyway that cunt has the last laugh as his cow Mrs said he's on the night shift and I'm in Bristol thinking I'm getting my nuts emptied, stood up a belter. currently in a Travelodge on my Todd but hopefully get to put one through her when his shift in asda starts at 8am
  9. They're used to hearing your Mrs shout that when you're at work during the day and I'm hanging out the back of her to be fair. She's keen for some variety and is gasping for a change but facially she's so rough I can only blow my bags from taking her from behind.
  10. Stopped giving a fuck now tbh. Lurching from shit performance to the next, hammering players in the public domain, shoe horning under performing loanees into the squad. Can't be fucked even getting wound up about it anymore. Not watching that fucking interview either. Car crash.
  11. Any birds on this thread wantin pumpt?
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