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  1. @Bluepeter9 would be a perfect fit with the rest of the spineless fuckwits comprising our board, sign him up for happy times, positivity, bridge building and looking on the bright side even when all signs point in the other direction. AJ's statement about being ahead of the curve is quite bluepeter9-esque, it's fucking no brainer.
  2. Charlie Gilmore (Arsenal)

    The list of players we are being linked with is fucking depressing and reeks of Warburton and / or shite as fuck journalism. Ben woodburn, Ryan Kent, reece Burke, connor goldson, Thomas isherwood, Harry Wilson, Charlie Gilmour This absolutely has to be shite shite journalism and nothing more. I can handle a few loans here and there but when is the last time we had one that really made a difference? Cunts kidding on they've watched these players extensively even though they've been on loan at the likes of hull, or farting around in the arsenal or Liverpool youth system. Good effort if you've had the mental stamina to sit through the football league show after match of the day, but I'm not wearing it when it's based on watching bastard YouTube videos Early days and can only hope that the press are just throwing names and seeing if one sticks but if we are doing what we have been doing these last few seasons in terms of recruitmen then we are going to win absolutely fuck all We have a rookie manager, last thing we need is a fucking rookie squad.
  3. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    sure you aren't confusing him with Padraig Roberts?
  4. Fernando Torres (Atl Madrid)

    As per the above Taigs like @Frank de Bear love stoking the fire with shite like this though so they can run back to kerrydale with the "the daft H*** think theyre signing Torres" shite. Fucking taig fucks
  5. Fernando Torres (Atl Madrid)

    Aye, those 20 goals in 110 appearances for Chelsea in his supposed prime really stands out. Not to mention his one goal while on loan at Milan His 27 goals in 107 for atletico since re signing for them is somewhat better at the one goal in every four games level, but yeah, you're right, I didn't watch him week in and week out and watch him toil like fuck as a universally acknowledged headfuck of a player Now fuck up ya half wit cunt.
  6. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Fuck up ya fucking contraceptive accident
  7. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Valid Just cringe when cunts start with "is he any good?" Then three pages later on here he's a world beater because Leeds want him Remember we nearly signed that oguchi onyewu cunt? Cunts on here Had him down as being a potentially shrewd signing Riddy
  8. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Is this the part where we now all convince ourselves that a guy most of us have never heard of is a cut above and is going to secure us 55? Going for 55 Let's go Lets get your season ticket money 30m investment I mean 6m and not my 6m Enough for some loan signings don't worry they're great, remember zelalem and total and hyndman and stuff Lucas leiva promise no wait Harry Wilson and "shagger". Class.
  9. Charlie Adam (Stoke)

    Would chew toallies for fun up here He's a fat cunt and I lost all respect for him when I saw that he was on twitter trying to get cunts to vote for his bird to win some modelling contest. Actually I lost respect for him long before that, but it reaffirmed to me what a shit bastard he is, so I am no longer in any doubt. Utter cunt.
  10. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Dingwall chopping threads on followfollow saying it's not him. What's the story with dingwall and that site?!
  11. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    You've not been here long enough for this patter cunt
  12. A canae fucking wait

    I love courtyard bear