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  1. Pedro: Time to go?

  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    Yes you do sack the manager every 20 or so games when its glaringly apparent the cunt is clueless what on earth gives you the impression we are improving in any way under this cunt? i see people on dingwalls follow follow giving it pish talk about how we are on the right roads because we only got fucked 2-0 at home instead of 5-1 fuck off Pedro. Shite manager not fit for purpose. No fucking surprise here that this no mark who was languishing in fifth position in fucking QATAR has us sitting near enough mid table after 7 fixtures absolute fucking riddy
  3. Dave King

    Should see over on dingwalls follow follow. Nobody gives a fuck. The "do you remember where we have been" brigade are out in force and seemingly don't give a fuck also we are apparently only two good players away from challenging mental. We are fucking miles wide
  4. Dave King

    This is exactly what is happening to us huge clubs have fallen in the past and we are now slipping into obscurity nobody gives a fuck about us anymore, except for us. We really are becoming just another Scottish team and our results show that we are just that. Fucking garbage. We could finish 7th and this board wouldn't know where to start to fix it we are utterly fucked
  5. Pedro: Time to go?

    What I mean is that he will slope off out the door due to his inability to implement any kind of tangible change due to the potless board he operates under waste of time
  6. Pedro: Time to go?

    Said it before and will say it again. He will last 18 months before slipping off out the back door unannounced having achieved fuck all. It's got waste of time written all over it.
  7. Pedro: Time to go?

    Diddy manager IMO but with this board absolutely nobody would stand much of a chance still don't think he's getting the best out of this squad though. He's a shite manager not a chance of him leaving
  8. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Meanwhile on Dingwall's ff, it's all fine. Couldn't make it up league is over and it's not even October. Fucking pish
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I think we will win this 2-1 then we will revert to type and have a fucking nightmare against Hamilton and undo all the good work.
  10. A Small Insight Into Pedros Tactics

    I've been drinking raki.
  11. A Small Insight Into Pedros Tactics

    Well you've got a fucking hardon for the horse shite twitter fitba managers Cunts like this boil my fucking piss. Utter garbage. The arrows and graphics every cunt is a blogger / expert / manager these days. It's nothing short of shite and it's borderline trolling by creating a video trying to translate what the manager is on about embarrassing
  12. A Small Insight Into Pedros Tactics

    You're right that fucking nonsense 1 minute video with fucking arrows pointing around a football pitch excuse all of the shite that we have been dished up of late fucking tripe. Cunt needs to win fucking games or get to fuck. Cunts on twitter trying to decode what the fuck he is on about is half the problem. It translates as "I know nobody understands what Pedro is talking about so here's my take on it". So aye you're right, unbelievable fuck off back to twitter
  13. A Small Insight Into Pedros Tactics

    Pish talk. Just win games or fuck off.