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  1. KWBear

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    I'm sure there are multiple other errors in your life requiring correction and all round realignment that should be prioritised over the editing of a spelling mistake on RM.
  2. KWBear

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    Cuntish tit.
  3. KWBear

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    The Welsh Ronaldo.
  4. KWBear

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Yoorr toat-illy toat-illy right heeoooo. His voice goes fucking through me, and he is a cunt.
  5. KWBear

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Surprise surprise no creativity at all. Abject dull and utterly turgid. Looked comfortable at the back for once though.
  6. KWBear

    Milad Mohammadi (Akhmat Grozny)

    Think it was the ftp throw mate
  7. KWBear

    Listening to offers for Fod

    What a cow
  8. KWBear

    Alnwick.. No 1 ?

    Haha what the fuck????!!! Seriously?
  9. KWBear

    Rumour that McGregor will be captain (FF)

    Heads need examined if anyone thought a backup centre half a Brighton who hasn't seen a huge amount of football in recent times, and who has absolutely no connection to the club, was going to stroll in and be made fucking captain of Rangers Football Club. Fucking hell. The only surprise is that people are surprised it will be McGregor. Madness.
  10. KWBear

    Alnwick.. No 1 ?

    I for one would be glad to see the back of foderingham. Not sure why but I've never liked him as a player, or how he portrays himself off the pitch as a person. Seems like a bit of a smarmy cunt, and his interaction with the fan who dug him up for being on the piss with Scott rat Allan said a lot for me. Thinks he's something he's not and I would be happy to see the back of this cunt.
  11. KWBear

    Alex Gilliead (Newcastle)

    Two players that instantly spring to mind when we get linked with absolute dud cunts like this Riddy
  12. KWBear

    Alex Gilliead (Newcastle)

    Especially at that level Fucking pish man
  13. KWBear

    Alex Gilliead (Newcastle)

    How is a guy who has spent his career on loan in league 1 and league 2 any better than the shite we have been subjected to over the last few year? What you basing this on? Fucking YouTube videos? Nothing will be changing if we continue to bloat our squad with more shite from lower leagues in England. Fucking dross
  14. KWBear

    Alex Gilliead (Newcastle)

    Linked with this cunt by Newcastle press. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-set-lose-talented-14863151 Meh.