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  1. Sir Walter Smith

    From me or from the taig who supposedly met Walter and had an in depth discussion about his life goals and opinions on Pedro? Seems legit
  2. Sir Walter Smith

  3. Sir Walter Smith

    Fuck off taig
  4. Michel Preud'homme

    You and your hoops supporters bus will be buzzing though right mate?
  5. Burst the Bank Dave

    Dave King is a fuckin wank
  6. Burst the Bank Dave

    More egg on their faces they thought murty was the answer now they look like cunts again
  7. Burst the Bank Dave

    Meanwhile over on dingwall’s follow follow, they cry “do you remember where we have come from over these last five years” surrendering BASTARDS FUCK DINGWALL FUCK HOUSTON FUCK ROBERTSON FUCK KING FUCK POTLESS FUCK PARK OUT
  8. We are so fucking far from challenging it is absolutely frightening we are fucked
  9. Mcleish

    Fuck off OP before your skull ends up on a stick on my porch as a deterrent to taigs
  10. Derek McInnes

    mate come on. all the questions at the AGM are pre-screened. hence why you get absolute fucking mouth breathers like houston standing up giving it the "whit aboot the safe standing access sir king?" fucking shambles. i don't think this board has any ill intentions at all. i think they genuinely want Rangers to be competitive and to be at the top. they are just a combination of spineless, clueless, and penniless, which renders us fucked.
  11. Derek McInnes

    frightening isn't it king either wanted to keep pedro because he is so far removed from the situation at Rangers that he was genuinely oblivious to what the fuck was going on; or saw the financial outlay associated with bulleting pedro and stuck to his guns claiming pedro was "the man to take us forward" (as per Edgar) I too would listen to what Edgar says, he has links within the boardroom.... i suspect to Park (?) and he definitely gets drip fed information. In that regard, the above is absolutely fucking terrifying.
  12. Graham Potter

  13. Derek McInnes

    Yet according to Edgar our chairman was the one keeping Pedro in a position until the very last breath didn’t want rid of him. Saw him as the man to take us forward edgars words. Be it bullshit or not but if true it’s yet another indication that king is paralysing our club
  14. Frank De Boer

    Aye that video is well recent looks like his hair transplant has taken a doing since he left palace eh? Cunts on the internet are fucking wild man
  15. Frank De Boer

    He can talk all he wants about not being contacted yet etc he isn’t going to be contacted, because after making two horrific decisions in joining basket case inter followed by basket case palace, the last fucking thing frank de boer is going to do is come and work under a lying bastard in Dave king, a fucking dickless stooge in “Stewart fucking Robertson” (that’s his real name), alongside an untried and untested DoF who is already neutered due to lack of funds, to work at BASKET case Rangers. Fuck this up and his careers fucked whether it’s his fault or not. Not only is this “board” aware of that, they’re also penniless. So fuck that notion cunts need to wake up and that fucking video is ancient and has been subtitled by a taig cunt, or Keith Jackson.