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  1. KWBear

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    Thread needs diverted after that fucking shite show earlier on this evening. Anyway that cunt has the last laugh as his cow Mrs said he's on the night shift and I'm in Bristol thinking I'm getting my nuts emptied, stood up a belter. currently in a Travelodge on my Todd but hopefully get to put one through her when his shift in asda starts at 8am
  2. KWBear

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    They're used to hearing your Mrs shout that when you're at work during the day and I'm hanging out the back of her to be fair. She's keen for some variety and is gasping for a change but facially she's so rough I can only blow my bags from taking her from behind.
  3. KWBear

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Stopped giving a fuck now tbh. Lurching from shit performance to the next, hammering players in the public domain, shoe horning under performing loanees into the squad. Can't be fucked even getting wound up about it anymore. Not watching that fucking interview either. Car crash.
  4. KWBear

    We’re on our way

    Any birds on this thread wantin pumpt?
  5. KWBear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    To be clear, me not thinking Gerrard was a possibility does not mean that I was against the appointment. When he was announced I was pretty comfortable with it given the state we were in, the Nick of the cunts we were being heavily linked with, and the fact that we had only a few months previously been trying to get fucking McInnes To go from that shit show to a guy who until recently played at the very highest level was, to my mind, absolutely fine, however I didn't for one single second believe that he would choose to come to us. My disbelief stemmed from the fact that we are a fucking basket case, and not from me thinking that he would make a shit manager and that we should for some reason be aiming higher In any case I'm not paying any cunt a grand.
  6. KWBear

    At First

    Range of experience within the coaching and management setup is mental. Beale the most interesting cog in the wheel for me.
  7. KWBear


    I see a burd's shoe in the background. Might explain why it's a bender sized cairry oot, wouldn't want to get brewer's droop! GIP
  8. KWBear

    Alexandria balloch

    It was a compliment.
  9. KWBear

    Alexandria balloch

    @K.A.I would have snapped the fucking cue over the cunts head.
  10. KWBear

    Looking back at when we first met

    No man is strong enough to lift that hanging gut and pump you at the same time so you're fighting a losing battle.
  11. KWBear

    Looking back at when we first met

    That's my wife you cunt.
  12. KWBear

    Looking back at when we first met

    50 plus is not only a waist size, it's also a niche for the non ageist youth of today Don't worry. I'm sure you can still snare lads easy with yer auld growler ftp
  13. KWBear

    Fucking media at it again.

    No idea who this cunt is but I'd sniff her seat for sport.