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  1. Safe standing

    Well seen it’s the fucking winter break with this pish for fucks sake
  2. Nacho Novo's Barmy Army!!!

    I never found Steve Martin funny anyway
  3. Jimmy Nicholl speaks

    I actually think the current setup could just fucking work
  4. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    wonder what has been going through his booze-addled brain these last few months. what a fucking weird whirlwind it must have been, arriving in fucking Glasgow from Mexico, unable to speak a word of English, sourcing boozers and frequenting them with alarming regularity, sending his mrs out down the shops for cargos, playing a few games in between, doing some training when not too hungover, picking up some local and generally unhelpful lingo along the lines of "pish", "fud", "zoomer" and "cunt" from bears in the stands at Ibrox (and team mates), then flying back out to mexico as if it never even happened. bizarre. oh yeah and fuck that cunt.
  5. Heart and hand podcast KT

    as soon as sturgeon is ousted I will consider a return. we live in hope.
  6. Heart and hand podcast KT

    you're a fucking riddy bastard. I grew up supporting Rangers, and while I did go to games when living in Glasgow I was unable to attend when I moved away. I still fucking love Rangers. Perhaps one day I will move back to Scotland and if I do I will be first on the list of season tickets, mark my words. A pal of mine moved out to Minneapolis in the states when he was in his late 20s. He also grew up a bear, went to ibrox regularly as a youngster. He has a kid now who has never been to Ibrox but is growing up a bear, just like his dad. Quite rightly so. You're the kind of daft no mark cunt who loves to shout from the rooftops about what a big club we are and how we are a global institution, one of the world's biggest, yet on the other hand you slate any cunt from beyond the shores of Scotland and claim that they arent bears because theyve never been to a match. Go and take your face for a shite, ya fucking roaster.
  7. Heart and hand podcast KT

    Rubbish you have to live in Glasgow and go to every single game home and away to care about Rangers, so your totally valid and utterly sensible post is shite and you’re a taig
  8. Jamie Murphy top

    Pm me
  9. Jamie Murphy top

    Were you wearing a taig strip?
  10. At Last! The board do something right.

    The sooner these fucking bastards hit the financial skids the better clinging on by the skin of their teeth surely to fuck. I want this shower of shite to plummet into the fucking abyss and never return. Fucking parasites, ned bastard taig club that id gladly see fucking obliterated fucking ratfink scum cunts of the highest order.
  11. New Player

  12. Halliday

    not remotely upset at all im quite relaxed today. you seem creepy. clearly they have internet access in jail over in Brisbane.
  13. Halliday

    you wont last long in here cunt.
  14. Jimmy Nicholl

    Why is this taking so long? So fucking typical of us. Murty says last fucking week that a cunt could be in before the weekend, yet here we are the best part of a week later still twiddling our fucking thumbs over a seemingly straightforward appointment this board is a fucking whitey.
  15. Brown.

    i'd be amazed if they don't upgrade on this cunt in the summer. doubt he will be as prominent a figure for them after this season is done, which is a shame because I'd like him to be the figurehead of the team which we sink to get 55. unfortunately though I can see him being phased out. its written all over him, he's never a fucking athlete in a million years and runs like he's carrying a piano on his back. add to the fact that he's utterly fucking shite, and game's a bogey for this cunt.