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  1. If we have a poor start then he should rightly be told to get to fuck. He has been backed, had time to work with this crowd of players he has brought in, and should have sufficient resources at his disposal to take care of fucking Motherwell. Or is any old result against mighty Motherwell acceptable to you? A poor start will simply represent a continuation of what many of us already know, that Pedro is a fucking dud and has no right being anywhere near our club. Out.
  2. good to have you back. and I am fully on board with this. It was clear as fucking day when this dud was linked with us that it would end in tears. A few of us got shot down for suggesting that he had achieved absolutely nothing in the game to indicate that he has what it takes to be Rangers manager, some people were actually citing those fucking titles in Mexico as a reason why he will be successful in Scotland. I actually think we will get a couple of results in the early part of the season, enough for him to keep his head above water, but I honestly don't think it will be long at all before the wheels fully come off and the board is left with no choice an expensive waste of fucking time. I just cant imagine the board sitting round a table and agreeing that this no-mark was the right man for the job. the other applicants must have been fucking horrendous because Pedro is a disaster and is going to make a cunt of it.
  3. One down. Every other cunt to go.
  4. has this hapless dud crock of shite bizarre as fuck clusterfuck of a crooked onerous appointment not been fucking jettisoned yet? OUT
  5. this is fucking depressing and fuck waghorn.
  6. We will end up having to pay off every single one of the fucking duds that cunt warburton signed. We are laden with some amount of complete and utter shite - who the fuck in their right mind is going to buy them, or even take them? These workshy cunts would rather sit on their arse and coin it for another couple of years in Glasgow as opposed to going down and playing for Yeovil, Crawley or Exeter in League 2. Fannying about up the toon with hairbands on and spending all day instagramming video updates showing what tunes they're listening to in the car on the way down the fucking M74. If only we had enough money to just terminate the lot of the cunts and then see where they end up. My guess is obscurity, playing non-league for Billericay Town with the likes of Jamie O'Hara and doing guest appearances in nightclubs in Milton Keynes for a fee of £250 with Callum Best. Fucking get out.
  7. Deep AIDS.
  8. you only wash your scarf once a season? rotter.
  9. since when were you balanced and reasonable ya fucking basket case? pedro is a crock of fucking shite and the cunt will be gone before October. And before you hit out with the fucking shite "aye you'd love that ya taig" patter, get to fuck. He's a donkey who has overseen some of the worst performances I've ever witnessed. "aye but it wisnae his fuckin players" doesn't wash either. cunt had weeks to organise them and we got TROUNCED at home. Cunt also had weeks to sort us out pre-season and that performance in Luxembourg alone should have seen him up the road. Out.
  10. Aye but every cunt thought we would be great because we signed Barton, Kranjcar and had the magic hat and BITB pulling strings on the transfer front saying In a national rag that you expect this crock of shite to win the league is just making an arse of yourself
  11. You're being ridiculously optimistic
  12. if you didn't you'd cry
  13. That's great but our manager has shite for brains.