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  1. *** The Official Rangers v Partick Thistle Match Thread ***

    The Murty affect or just no Pedro? Take your time King all good so far
  2. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    quite a bit but thought better of it.
  3. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    He wants to work so it's good to 'like' them
  4. New Scouting Department Unveiled

    and then a epl team comes along with 500k and ........
  5. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    good stuff a 1-3 v hearts anytime is a good result so pleased for Murty. miller well wtf? well done Lads
  6. Adrian Durham - nail on head

    Your comments are welcome Ade but no beeb, bt or sky job now dude yer marked as a tub thumping anti caflick pro brexit monarchy loving cunt.
  7. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Gooner mate just texted me it should be George Graham!! 'one nil to the famous...one nill tooooo the faaaamous'....
  8. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    job was too big for him and the fact he could not get a result in any real pressure game after over six months in the big chair. Was winging it since his first home game - 'its full.... I cant believe this...full to watch absolute shits players - oh fuckings hell your out of depth here'.
  9. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Superstar DJ's here we go
  10. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    2-1 us GD and big Bruno into the fucks Rangers
  11. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    but if his son found it all to much and killed himself then all is forgiven like b*tcher? Chris Butcher was one of the Best of Men. He deserves our thoughts and prayers. His father is a cunt traitor who it appears is happy to slag this club at every turn.
  12. Kevin Cadle has sadly passed away

    didn't recognise his name but did his pic spent many a hour watching gridiron with him hosting it on sky sports 2- 4 or extra. Sad news gone to soon.
  13. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    great result pena coming good 15 goals out of him this season? Dorrans bombing thru to score happy days
  14. Pena

    not so shit then?
  15. Forum activity.

    Any joining now not 2008ish is considered 'a unmentionable' so thats why