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  1. Was talking about Traynor yesterday, he is either doing nothing, or he is terrible at his job. Either way, he needs to do one and we need to get someone in who can sort the staff/club out. We should be talking about the 90 minutes each week, not all this other utter shite. Embarrassing.
  2. The original Ronaldo.
  3. Maybe not because of that game, but I think your timing could be about right. I fear this season will be another having to be used to get it right, in prep for next season, sadly.
  4. You wouldn't get arrested for that, trust me.
  5. We should just close doors on the press and give them tit bits here and there via statements, or a minimum in conferences. That would wind them up far more than having arguments and disagreements with them. Fuck them.
  6. He did. He had plenty time to clear it, took his time, was put under pressure and then hoofed it to their player, who took a shot bound for the bottom right, and he had to pull out a class save. The shot came from us having the ball under no pressure. IMO, he is often guilty of this. I don't understand his reluctance to clear his lines when needed. He is quite obviously not a bad keeper, but we could have much better.
  7. I would of brought Goram on after seeing him warm up at half time.
  8. Aye, deserves a chance. But seen fuck all I like so far.
  9. Sell him, or at least give Alnwick a chance. Liability. There isn't a game I can remember when he hasn't put us under pressure from his shite distribution. They nearly rattled one into bottom right corner in first half from his kick straight back to them.
  10. Only because we never got a chance to sing it
  11. Pars fans scrapping amongst themselves last night, sheep between themselves the other week. fruitloops.
  12. Early days of course, but not been impressed with him so far. I was going to watch him like a hawk last night and make my mind up, but he didnt play obviously
  13. Jack was on the bench though, Hererra wasn't. I thought he had taken a knock, do you think he was just totally rested? Agree with Whittaker versus Windass though - enjoying watching Windass at the moment, hopefully he can keep it up.
  14. Worried about this one. I don't think the team have brought back my confidence of old, yet, although moving in the right direction. As awesome as we played last night, Hibs are a huge improvement on the pars. Looking forward to it though.