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  1. Seymour tackle gave Laidlaw the intercept, carrying 50 yds, backed up well by Seymour for great try.
  2. That'll be that then.
  3. You say that, but we are hammering them in first 5.
  4. Great start to 2nd though, need points from this. Still get the impression NZ always have another gear in them though, when needed.
  5. Hanging in there. Finished the half with an awesome try. NZ on top, we are making too many basic mistakes, mainly knock ons and losing turnovers. But definitely still in the mix.
  6. Click on the 'i' next to the words sold out, there is a still 2 or 3 tickets left that you can buy. Tested by adding them to my basket, that worked ok, so should go through.
  7. Must try harder.
  8. There will be some tickets in the public sale mate, but you will need to be quick. The info regarding who could buy and who couldn't, ie, ST seats and other seats was a bit shit to be fair. It read as only ST could buy their own seats, didn't mention all the others were up for grabs by anyone.
  9. Did the same. £6.99 next day. But they never arrived. Complained, but down to how busy they are, so never got processed till middle of the night.
  10. There will be more come Sunday. All greyed due to being ST seats which are safe till Saturday. Public sale on Sunday will include all ST seats not sold. I already bought a couple extra, expect others have too.
  11. Thats not what I meant. I was referring to the fact this should have been sorted out ages ago, when tops were new, and £50, so we would have made more money, than it being sorted yesterday, when tops are down to £20. Wasn't saying they should be £50 now.
  12. I'm not blaming him, totally. My "He is." comment was aimed at him being a fat cunt.
  13. He is. Good point about the £20 price now. Although the club will now be making money, it would have been much better if they were taking their cut of £50 [or whatever new tops cost nowadays], rather than £20.
  14. Give what up? Just discussing with others what has happened in the last 24 hours, no one is gonna die, no one is getting their knickers in a twist, ffs!
  15. Hopefully with this move forward, shitey terms are in the past. Can't see that happening again, whether he is involved or not.