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  1. New video :) Daniel Candeias - Daniel Son.

    He has frustrated me all season. But when I look back, a lot of it is possibly because there is nothing on the end of his distribution, particularly when firing it into the box. Better team around him could see him flourish. We will see. Would def keep him.
  2. Email from Rangers?

    No. That’s one of the major changes. If must say yes, ignorance and reverse tick boxes etc are no longer enough. The silent yes (as you put it) is no longer an excuse to spam you or hold/share your data.
  3. Email from Rangers?

    It’s got fuck all to do with Facebook mate. This has been going on for years now as a ‘General’ change to the regulations. It’s just an updated set of rules, and if you look right back in the timeline of events it was first proposed way before any Facebook issues. It’s GDPR btw.
  4. Email from Rangers?

    It’s not. This has been in the pipeline for years with a start date of 25 May, hence all the recent emails etc.
  5. Beggars Allocation Cut

    It will only effect celtic games. Other visiting support getting the same as they always do. I go to away games, only ticket I didn’t get was 1 x piggery. Only change to me next season will be prob 2 x piggery unless I’m lucky. Poss Hibs too, but that’s nothing to do with this issue.
  6. Livingston vs Thistle

    I think it’s a decent little stadium. Culture shock will be going to Hamilton and Thistle with their part stadiums.
  7. Recently ......... Alves Garner Barton
  8. Dundee United

    Temporary fix. Who will chuck money at them to fund them long term?
  9. Quick travel club and European question.

    It has mate. The £15 is now £20 and the following from the rules: Why is Travel Club membership open to Season Ticket holders only? Travel Club membership is a Season Ticket holder privilege and is also used as a security measure to ensure fans are held accountable for their behaviour.
  10. Martin

    Candeias benefitted massively from Martin this half season.
  11. New kit delay ?

    He's not the best at writing to be fair.
  12. Fight the sfa

    Siwel King
  13. New kit delay ?

    Just copy paste mate - theres more on the convo.
  14. New kit delay ?

    "There are factors influencing the launch date cannot be overcame regardless of notice but launch will be fully normalised from 2019"
  15. New kit delay ?

    Normal sales will be resumed by 2019 - players will start wearing kit next season. "the previous regimes signed the retails/kit deals which have influenced the timings for the upcoming season still. The club have done as well as could be hoped in regards to this issue. From 2019/20 there should be no residual influence."