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  1. oh ok, saved me a call, cheers mate.
  2. I need to speak to them again. I tried to pay by 4 months online, but its not an option, and both my STs were £492 at check out. Phoned up to renew, paid by 4-month and they are charging £133 a month, so both are costing me £532 now.
  3. Literally in the middle of the ice rink where Torvil and Dean won their gold medal in Sarajevo. New Year OF game. (95 or 96, can't remember). Euefa cup final in 2008 in my breeze block coffin in Basra.
  4. Thanks for heads up, just got the '98 home for my boy and the tracky top for me.
  5. And a seat in BF3, no wait .......... that's been withdrawn, you get loads of bog rolls instead.
  6. The score will dictate whether he whines or not. It was all about 5-0, fuck all else.
  7. It wasn't silent as fuck, that is def a lie, there was def singing. Lets agree to disagree and move on to something that is important, like the football team.
  8. Tims putting lady products in their toilets, we need nappies in ours.
  9. So how comes I genuinely didn't notice that they were protesting the first night the toys went oot the pram? Until the boy behind me mentioned it towards the end of the game? I'm only in GF1, no that far away. There was the same amount of singing that night as there normally is, albeit not enough.
  10. This is not the case. Yes, the atmosphere is generally shite, but they aren't the only ones that sing, thats a fallacy. The first game they protested, I never even realised they were until near the end of the game because the Blue Order started most of the songs that game. The atmosphere was the same from where i sit.
  11. I get that - I just think that even though those two main issues are important, in regards to Rangers doing well in each and every game we play, ie the big scheme of things, they really aren't that important.
  12. I agree. I said before that I think most would back them as their current goals are for the benefit of absolutely everyone that attends games, and the team on the pitch. That can't be denied. They just need to be more mature about it and pick their moments better - support will be there if they do.
  13. I doubt that, or they will be as well chucking it. You can't just down tools at the first hurdle FFS. I think it is because they are not getting what they want, at the moment.
  14. I would / do back them on their campaign to have 'safe standing' installed in the stadium. I didn't realise it would only cost £150k if that is a correct figure. If it is the money that is an issue then I think they should lead a fund raising campaign to get the money to install it - I don't think it would take that long to raise. I don't back them on their campaign to sit where they want though. It would mean moving other ST holders, some of whom have been there a very long time. I seen something about this on FB recently and their supporters were slamming the ST holders who piped up, and the general consensus was that the seats are effectively 'rented' from the club so you have no entitlement to demand to keep your seat. That works both ways for me, it is of course correct, however it also means the UBs have no right to demand where they sit either. What I think they do totally wrong - almost every time they do protest (which is getting more often) is pick their times to do it. The other night is a good example and arguably (armed with hindsight) was our most important game of the season. Why do it during that? They claim (quite rightly) to be the group that is bringing an atmosphere back to Ibrox, and I applaud that, but do it away from the games, or before a game, or after a game, not during it. The way they are going about their protests is fucking people off and losing them support, but I'm certain if they boxed clever they would gain support, funds and momentum in their spat with the club. Unfortunately they do come across as huffy and childish at times. Just saying !!!!!
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