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  1. Now up on the website in your account, but won't let me join. Uploaded photo ok. Have I missed the deadline or is it not open properly yet?
  2. If Forest did their due diligence properly before signing him, they will be reluctantly giving him money to spend, and watching him like a hawk I suspect.
  3. Then you're living in a dream world.
  4. Is there an echo in here?
  5. Unlike many here at the moment?
  6. Wallace has been one of the better performers this season, even with his faults. I would only get rid of Wallace if we were shifting everyone out and buying a totally new squad. But we don't have anywhere near that luxury. Wallace is very much good enough to play for Rangers in the current climate, and should therefore start when fit. When a whole team/squad are playing rubbish, it is hard for one person to shine often. We don't have anyone who should take LB position off him, and its not an area we should be spending our precious few 'quids' on.
  7. Boycott will never work, too many Bears want to go to see Rangers and will do through thick and thin. And rightly so. There are other ways of letting the board know what the support feels and I would suggest during a game is the prime time. Good that a few of you not renewing though, huge waiting list apparently. Onwards and upwards !!!
  8. I agree.
  9. What do you mean?
  10. Waghorn? He is often there when i look and then when i look again he is nowhere to be seen.
  11. “Our first competitive game is going to be June 29, we normally need five or six weeks pre-season and the season finishes on May 21 so it’s a question of maths. The players don’t need to complain because the plan has not been presented to them yet. “If someone is doing my work I would appreciate they come and tell me how it’s going to be. At the moment, it’s unofficial and when it is official and when I want you to know it, you will know it from me. “I am the manager and I am the one that plans the pre-season and the vacation. If I try to live my life by the stories in the newspapers – which I don’t read – then how am I going to live?” If it has happened, why would a player complain? Listen mate, you are a decent player but you have rank this season. We want to change all that next season and it starts with our first competitive game on 29 June. 3-4 weeks pre-season to organise and get decent fitness is arguably not enough. Our first game being on 29 June is diabolical, however, it is what it is so fuckin get on with it.
  12. I know. Nothing surprises me at the moment though.
  13. I suspect its a rumour
  14. Never going to happen? Not like me, but will be back in the car park before kick off if we do.
  15. I don't think he had to make the tackle. He gets there the same time as griffiths so keep him going wide and if he shoots, try to block it. no need for the tackle.