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  1. Big man has enough trophies of his own LB 😉
  2. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has admitted that he is 'jealous' of the current Reds team because he never got the chance to play for manager Jurgen Klopp, with the former Anfield captain revealing his regret that their paths never crossed. Well said Stevie, let him see this then get in there for a deal on Kent 😉
  3. Brown went down three times with brutal attacks from Flannagan, Morelos and Kent. His playacting to get them sent off is brutal, not the attacks. Fud.
  4. Gazza2258


    Agree, I'm the same as you. I wouldn't mind keeping him and try to make it work, but would offload if a decent offer came in.
  5. Team can wear strip without the embossed badges on them for games where its an issue - easy peasy.
  6. Possibly/probably. Could it not have been something in the agreement that dictated Worrall play xx games? I can't believe that he was backed purely on his performances vs Katic, for so long.
  7. We also asked and said no, fed it back, fuck all happened, 1 person so far asked for a ticket in club chat.
  8. Imagine being a football fan and you can’t get a ticket to see your team in a half empty ground. That’s disgusting isn’t it? Pissed off with the club for not backing the RSCs on this one. Farce of a board.
  9. Go to each option individually and update details. You have to do them all
  10. oh ok, saved me a call, cheers mate.
  11. I need to speak to them again. I tried to pay by 4 months online, but its not an option, and both my STs were £492 at check out. Phoned up to renew, paid by 4-month and they are charging £133 a month, so both are costing me £532 now.
  12. Literally in the middle of the ice rink where Torvil and Dean won their gold medal in Sarajevo. New Year OF game. (95 or 96, can't remember). Euefa cup final in 2008 in my breeze block coffin in Basra.
  13. Thanks for heads up, just got the '98 home for my boy and the tracky top for me.
  14. And a seat in BF3, no wait .......... that's been withdrawn, you get loads of bog rolls instead.
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