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  1. Gazza2258

    Fire at Training Ground

    I looked, couldn't see it, apologies.
  2. Gazza2258

    Fire at Training Ground

    https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1434640-firefighters-battle-blaze-Rangers-training-ground/ 😒
  3. Gazza2258

    Adam Lallana

  4. Gazza2258

    Next scum game

    😂🤣 I seen that. Its Grim.
  5. Gazza2258

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Probable. Looks like it is to be 1-2 degrees in the afternoon dropping to 0 early evening.
  6. Gazza2258

    Cowdenbeath v Rangers

    Looking for two if poss, will take one if there’s one free. Thanks.
  7. Gazza2258

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    We had same from Brussels earlier but it only took 10 mins.
  8. Gazza2258

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    I hope so too. I think so too.
  9. Gazza2258

    Tell all the Tim’s you know

    Welcome the chase 😎
  10. Gazza2258

    Scottish Cup Draw

    In the middle of town, not the middle of nowhere. There are at least 7 pubs within 1km of the ground. It is fucking Baltic though.
  11. Gazza2258

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    My business have taken a bit of inspiration from this thread. We normally send out a nice wine to our top clients this time of year, but binning that and looking at supporting military (we are mainly all ex mil in the business) charities this year. We've decided to sponsor Rufus (hopefully - if available) who I've just noticed is proudly sat next to Broxi on the website.
  12. Gazza2258

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

  13. Gazza2258

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    0 points getting a ticket if going with official flights am hearing. Anyone know if this is correct?
  14. Gazza2258

    sportscene disgrace

    lol. Jokes on you - it was really good at the end.
  15. Couldn't agree more. Last night was a shambles, but the signs have been there for a wee while now.