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  1. Gazza2258


    Agree 100%. Think his strongest position would be the deeper of a front two. Albeit offside, he missed another almost sitter last night - didn't even get it on target.
  2. Gazza2258

    So UFA next

    There should be the opportunity to make 1 or 2 changes to the registered squad.
  3. Gazza2258


    I thought the ref started well last night and it was both linesmen who were rubbish. Then all of a sudden the ref turned shite. But, Morelos has to wise up - this is going to be an ongoing issue throughout the year, people are going to wind him up as he is susceptible. The one in the box last night, where were our other players? took them about 20 minutes to get in there and get him out.
  4. Gazza2258

    Takeover Panel in disarray

    lol. Yet another farce. What's next ..........
  5. Gazza2258


    lol, weeping for the memory of a life gone by, ya dancer!!!
  6. Gazza2258


    12 I heard this year.
  7. Gazza2258

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Aye, same as us.
  8. Gazza2258

    Bears with kids

    Don't have to be pushy mate, just do what every other dad does. Take him to games with you, buy him strips/training gear etc. He will quickly become addicted. Mums can have input into other parts of their childhood, its all about teamwork.
  9. Gazza2258

    Gerrard is a tiny man

    Bring it on ya Croatian cunts.
  10. Gazza2258

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    Fuck them. Last time the clubs made a decision together it cost the fans £49.50 per game. No meeting or communication needed this time round, we want more of our own support at a few football matches, simple.
  11. Gazza2258

    Tonight's performance

    Agree mate. Both full backs were particularly poor for me. Hopefully improve from game to game now though. Two big games next week.
  12. Gazza2258

    *****Europa League Q3 draw*****

    Thanks. It is showing NASCAR at the moment.
  13. Gazza2258

    *****Europa League Q3 draw*****

    What channel is Thursdays game on? Can't see it listed on Premier or BT.
  14. Gazza2258

    Ozil quits Germany with ranty tweets

    I think generally it is, but I lived in places like Osnabruck and Bielefeld and in those cities there was problems from time to time.
  15. Gazza2258

    Ozil quits Germany with ranty tweets

    Always been there - especially with the Turks.