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  1. Don't think the comments are idiotic. Lots can be changed, formations, Goldson, just to name a couple that should be looked at ..........
  2. Got email with allocation for this back in December, but no ticket and no money out yet, anyone the same? I notice tickets been delivered already.
  3. £32 and £34 for Hearts. Mines was £34.
  4. I think they should let 4Lads and JJ in to do their thing 👀
  5. I got the email on 23rd of December for this one. Not sure how you just got yours. Just noticed we got more tickets.
  6. There are lots mate - we regularly send out 60k with SendGrid and they are gone within minutes, delivered within about 30 mins. Edit: Although those are all the same emails - every one of these mails are different so you might be right.
  7. Battler, one of my favourites to play for us. Never gave up, put the shits up every team he played against in Scotland.
  8. Me too. They will park 10 men behind the ball as usual, and we often find it hard to get through / break down.
  9. Its signposted from the airport. Just go the way the signs tell you to go and you'll end up there. 😉
  10. There is no problem in them doing a pay per each game situation. They do it all year round with away games, it works absolutely fine. Give a discount for buying all 3 as a package, absolutely, but don't make everyone pay for all 3 up front if they don't want to do that. Simply a case of not giving a fuck about the fans as usual, and they would rather the money in their bank, rather than ours.
  11. Same, and I should have two come out, but only one come out 🤣😒
  12. Agree. He done it last year too, when we pumped them at Ibrox, then the break, then he changed it all and Killie pumped us in the next game. I like what he is doing at the mo, but yesterday was his fault.
  13. This 100%. We were all buzzing yesterday till we seen the team sheet en route !!!!!!TLB must of loved it when he seen it.
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