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  1. Gazza2258

    Semi final allocation

    There should be sale, if the tickets are more than what is on the CCCS. If not, will all go to CCCS.
  2. Gazza2258

    Semi final allocation

    Probably best just to ignore what they say and wait see what happens.
  3. Gazza2258

    Semi final allocation

    🤣 I seen 8,500 quoted yesterday and I think 11,500 this morning, prob gone up a bit since then though. Think a couple of sections have also been held back from initial sale in case they have to return them. F1 and F2 if i mind correctly - not sure if those make sense.
  4. Gazza2258

    Semi final allocation

    Mine always get sent special delivery with £7, but got this on the email, which goes along with the info coming out of the TO. I suspect its just another fuck up in a very long line of fuck ups and i will get charged £7 for each. Your ticket postal / collection option for this game is: 1ST CLASS POST
  5. Gazza2258

    Semi final allocation

    Don't know mate - just noticed some in our RSC on FB saying they got emails this morning. (I say some - 2).
  6. Gazza2258

    Semi final allocation

    A few more emails out this morning apparently. (or maybe late yesterday).
  7. Gazza2258

    Group stage payment cccs

    I paid mine when they were in the basket on my account the other week. Hopefully they don't take them out again this week - wouldn't surprise me though.
  8. Gazza2258

    Group Stage Package

    As long as they fill seats they won't care unfortunately.
  9. Gazza2258

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Don't begrudge anyone else a ticket when I don't get one, but if that happens, the club will be getting shit off me, and should from anyone else that it happens to.
  10. Gazza2258

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Fuck me. Where do I start. Sitter after sitter. Not even gonna bother going back through them.
  11. Gazza2258

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    He is a liability though. Not the first time he’s let us all down with his childish behaviour and def won’t be the last. Fucking idiot.
  12. Gazza2258

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    They have been listing it late on the website / app for most games. Fingers crossed. Thought we would have seen something else posted on SM by now though.
  13. Gazza2258

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Game def on Premier? not listed yet.
  14. Gazza2258

    I think the Russians have tried to knobble the referee

    Sometimes, if the curry is too much for me.