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  1. Agree, both clubs making too much money out of it, so won't change in the foreseeable.
  2. Rangers vs Scum - Scottish Cup

    Looking for 1 adult please.
  3. Semi Tickets

    They were dried early in the day. Keep up ya fanny
  4. Semi final ballot

    You're worse then my missus for keeping stuff going on and on .... and on ..... and on ....... and on
  5. Semi Tickets

    Couldn't feel any better than I do at the mo buddy, with a good old, pointless online rammy.
  6. Semi Tickets

  7. Semi Tickets

    Desperation? We're crossing our wires a bit here, you are mistaking me for someone who gives a fuck what you think, and someone who worries about others on an online forum. Its really no that important.
  8. Semi final ballot

    Fair points.
  9. Semi Tickets

    I joined long before that, went abroad whilst in the army for quite a few years, didn't have much access to internet so this forum amongst other things took a back seat, got back, joined again. During a discussion (which I cant remember) admin changed my name to this as a joke, just hasnt been changed back yet. So apart from, lets say 99% of your post, you are correct.
  10. Semi final ballot

    I have had the same discussion with them in the past. Only difference is though, I picked them up on using the word attended. 19k people probably bought the ticket, but didn't attend, can guarantee that. With the system in place at Ibrox they know who attends and who doesn't. Thats my only wee gripe with the ticketing system. I don't see anyway around a different ballot for each game. Just the way it is with such a large loyal support and shitty stadiums in our country.
  11. Semi Tickets

    Offended Loyal, apologise for the total clutter I have caused. I sometime forget how difficult it is to ignore something online. Won't happen again. You can get back to your other threads now.
  12. Semi Tickets

    If only I was able to start a new thread when I went into that section to start one.
  13. Semi Tickets

    Need 1 adult if any available please. Thanks.
  14. Semi final ballot

    Aye, last sheep game our bus got 2, and only 2 of us got allocation, so 4 in total. We almost filled a bus but it was from 5 or 6 clubs.
  15. Semi final ballot

    Yeah I know. The work they do is awesome. I don’t begrudge them tickets. I get my fair share from mine. I just don’t particularly like the way we allocate our tickets for the big cup games. I’ve been lucky, but others consistently aren’t, it’s not right.