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  1. I know. Nothing surprises me at the moment though.
  2. I suspect its a rumour
  3. Never going to happen? Not like me, but will be back in the car park before kick off if we do.
  4. I don't think he had to make the tackle. He gets there the same time as griffiths so keep him going wide and if he shoots, try to block it. no need for the tackle.
  5. And another thing ..... When a full back is struggling to find a pass / area to clear, he never makes a move towards the corner / side line, only after the ball is kicked. That winds me up too.
  6. Flicked through, few bits i wanted to watch. The pen for one. Was convinced it wasn't, but it was.
  7. Agree. Was getting texts at game yesterday from guys i travel to games with, who couldnt get a ticket, and independently 3 who were watching it on the tele said we looked scared. When i watched it back on tele last night, it looked like that.
  8. Foderingham - Good shot stopper, shite distrubution. Wilson - good in air, shite distribution, shit passing. Missing Wallace at full back. Halliday - not good enough at this level. Waghorn - not good enough this season. Garner - not good enough this season. McKay - not consistent enough this season, ok in small spells. Bates - not ready, not sure good enough at this level, time will tell. Tav - not good enough this season, decent on attack, too many mistakes at the back. Hill, Hyndman, Miller (when in position) have been good, Dodoo looked dangerous recently but can't get a start. Thats my thoughts for what its worth. Can only get better once sorted out.
  9. No right foot worth talking about, can't finish very well when its on his stronger foot, can't believe he starts so much. His lack of finishing ability has cost us points this season ((not just him - but we are talking about him). I don't have any hatred for him, but my frustration does run very deep with Waghorn. I couldn't keep that frustration to myself yesterday when he didn't even get his free header on target.
  10. I've got a good feeling as well. If Brown and Dembele out, Hill, Dodoo and McKay (on right) in, I think we have a good chance. If Brown is ok to play after Thursday and we start with Waghorn, Garner and Halliday we will struggle again. Any update on Hyndman?
  11. Agree. And play Barry on right. He is good at hitting line but has no left foot. Perfect example today when he switched.
  12. Who told you that mate? i doubt that was the case. Ref wouldn't do that. There was no mention of it and no announcement so can only assume it wasn't arranged for some reason. Alrhough players seemed to think it was happening.
  13. I think the demand is there at the moment, question is, how long will that be sustained and is it worth spending versus the return. Should sell out again this year. When I was picking up tickets the other day there was a young lad asking about buying a season ticket and the lady said he would have to go on to the waiting list, but the list was very long at the moment. So that would suggest another sell out ST year plus some not getting a ticket. Would be fairly far down the priorities at the moment though.