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  1. Now we are both confused. We can do better than Morelos, and I think we will. If we keep him and he comes through, good, but anyone who thinks he hasn't been a huge part of us gifting the league this season is seriously deluded. How many chances do we give him?
  2. No I don't, stop making stuff up to suit your argument. I want rid of players who contribute fuck all too. And we are getting there on that front.
  3. Well, would be a first in my life time if we all agreed on everything. If we had a player who scored more than 12 in the league, who didn't constantly dive, a lot of the time when through on goal, who didn't think he was Van Basten shooting from all angles, who played more games because he didn't get stupid yellows for being huffy, I think we would do a lot better than we are doing right now.
  4. FFS, why are you desperate for me to hate him? Grow up. I have wanted rid of many players over the years, I haven't hated any of them. Do you now have to hate a player to want rid of him? Do you have to hate a player to think he is detriment to the bigger picture?
  5. Don't worry about it. Either he will come good or someone else will, in the end you and I will be happy either way, I'm sure.
  6. We were out of the league half way through it after being in the driving position. A lot to do with him. Thanks for your 12 league goals, but not good enough. We are pumped out of our only other realistic trophy, partly to do with him, thanks but no thanks. Well done in Europe, thanks for some great memories, its been fun but we were never going to win it. Its a low priority for me, league is all I care about at the moment and he has been more of a hinderance than a help. With the money we could potentially get for him, we'll do just fine.
  7. I don't hate him, but I do want shot of him.
  8. We don't. He's had his chances and obviously wants away, cash in and move on. We've missed the boat for a larger amount, but still would get a decent amount I recon, up to about £10m.
  9. 😂😂😂😂 FFS, charged. Just when you think you have seen it all !!!!!
  10. I think he has started to make serious formation changes recently when its not been working with our usual. Livingston at home in the bad weather, Braga at home and St J away. All had immediate impact although defence fucked it v St J.
  11. Thought he was good, but they got stuff wrong between them. But was def refreshing.
  12. I agree everyone loved the system mate, when it was good enough to beat teams fairly comfortably. But then what happens when other teams suss it, they suss how to best play against it? They suss how to null it to a certain extent? Then 'every cunt' needs to realise that it needs to change. Or would your plan B, be to do plan A better?
  13. The system is also a problem I recon. Or more specifically, the inability to change it when it is not working - and that goes for when the players were all in form as well. He does seem to be doing that now though, albeit a bit late.
  14. A major criticism for me with SG is that he has failed to change the formation when it has been needed. He tried it against celtic at Ibrox and it was a massive fuck up. IMO that has scared him off dabbling again. But then against Livi in the bad weather, we were struggling, he changed to 2 up front and we won. Immediate impact. Struggling against Braga, he did the same, pumped them from that moment till the end. Yesterday, behind and struggling, he changed it to 2 up for a third time, and we went 1-2 up quite quickly, defending lost us it in the end. So I totally agree with you - we are too easy to contain with the 433. I'd like to see a 352, I think we have the personnel for it.
  15. No pressure on them. Had we continued in January till now as we had finished in December there would be immense pressure on them and they would have fucked up here and there. Easy run in been gifted to them this month!!!!!
  16. We aren’t getting anywhere near £40m for him mate. Again, if we do, I’ll be first to hold my hands up and there will be a few pints in it for you. £10m I recon if we’re lucky.
  17. Me? Post of the year? £40m??? 😂 I watch him every week, and you’re deluded if you think he’s as good as you say. He’s decent, but we’re winning fuck all league with him leading us. I’ll be the first to come and apologise to you when we do. £40m. Still making me chuckle. Cheered me up a bit after what I’ve just watched.
  18. On bus on way home from Perth. Prob same games as you. My point stands.
  19. I hope so and you are right, hopefully he starts to change things when opposition in league park themselves in front of us. So far so good. I think he is worried about doing too much tinkering after he totally fucked it up against celtic at Ibrox. But he has shown he can do it successfully. Especially last night which was spectacular.
  20. We did have chances, but you can't deny how poor we were overall till we changed the formation !!!!!
  21. I would too, particularly as he is prob starting next Wednesday. I'd like to see 3-5-2. 3 of the 4 CBs, Borna and Tav wing backs, 3 of Arfield, Jack, Aribo, Davis Hagi in the middle, Kamberi and Alfredo up front. Don't think I'll ever get to see it though.
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