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  1. Third Kit..

  2. Rangers allocated 17,000 for Murrayfield

    We need a thread for each allocation we are reported to be getting. That’s three figures I have heard now.
  3. McCrorie

    Agree. I'm prepared to put the 'football' side of it to one side last night. The pitch looked a nightmare to play on and no one seemed to be comfortable on the ball. Last night was all about 3 points and a few goals. Mission achieved. Need to kick on now though.
  4. Miller to train with the Kids

    I know, and to be fair, I was 'ok' with him staying, although I have been proved wrong due to his performances thus far.
  5. Miller to train with the Kids

    If he wanted to leave, we wanted him to leave, and there was another club interested in him, I can't believe he is still here. He was showing towards the end of the last season that in terms of this level of football, he is on a downwards spiral, so feck knows why he is still in our first team squad.
  6. Club 1872 meeting

    Start a new group which is not toxic. I group that doesn't beat around the bush, keeps to the facts, doesn't get involved in all the crap and does the right thing, at the right juncture. I will back ye.
  7. McCoist will he return.

    Reading no your strong point
  8. Foderingham

    Only in the last few weeks has he upped that part of his game. It was well under par for a long time prior to that.
  9. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    I getcha, but out with the manager and tactics, Morelos, stay the fuck onside. Wes, stop giving them the fucking ball. Defenders, get the baw tae fuck. Alves, tell the gaffer you want to play with Ross Mcrorie every week.
  10. Dave King

    Investment is only half the problem. Someone who will spend wisely is the other half.
  11. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    I thought it was at game, but now seen it back. Not a pen for me.
  12. Pedro: Time to go?

    9-1 to Tim’s after 3 games, 2 at Ibrox and one at Hampden.
  13. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

  14. SPFL statement

    I see it as the decisions they made during the process being reviewed. The more I read, the more it seems those doing the talking are just clinging onto tiny bits of hope, probably what they have heard from others. I’m with eejay in this one now I think.
  15. SPFL statement

    Rangers Tax-Case on Twitter seem to be in the know. Looks like it could be aimed at SFA. But will believe it when I see it.