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  1. C'mon yer a supposed Rangers man. You should KNOW who the non pig fuckers are.
  2. Since when did St.J fans get so mouthy? Some pearlers from their forum: "Simple one here. Just beat this mob. They aint that good. "Get intae them because they certainly do not like it up them" "this will be the first visit (due to the fact that they get drawn at home in every cup game) of The rangers to mcdiarmid." "Not surprising that they may have a big following. Only here to see the Saintees" "We certainly have nothing to fear!" "I dreamed about this game last night. It was a good match, and we won 3-1." "Are you
  3. Big game this before we smash the trash. Let's get right intae these hunter welly wearing pig fuckers. 0-3 the non pig fuckers.
  4. I've been proud of the team the past 2 games. They are showing us what they can do if they really want to. Same again please away from our fortress, Hamilton and their pitch are shocking. Expecting a 3 nil win here!
  5. I'm very confident and looking forward to a loud and bouncing Ibrox at full time on Saturday. Let's terrify the shit out of these maroon loving tramps both on the field and in the stands.
  6. Now this will be an entirely different game to Wednesday. Hearts need brought down a peg or 2. They were talking about being light years ahead of us and calling themselves "The Famous" Absolute garbage club with severe wee man syndrome. We're gonna fuck them at our place and leave them trailing forever in our shadow just like they are used to. Rangers 2 Edinburgh Diddies 0
  7. Hope it's a long and miserable trip home for these sheep pounders. Good 3 points that was!
  8. I expect, no I fucking demand a different Rangers tomorrow. The players and manager know the fans are utterly pissed off and at our wits end. They are paid well, have an excellent training facility and play for the greatest club in the world. Man up you bunch of prima donnas! Rangers 2 Sheep Pounders 0
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