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  1. STRUTH82

    Talksport- Morelos

    Morelos is worthy of a top 10 EPL side, I would be gutted if we lost him to a relegation bound side. Also I would only start talks at £15 million with 15% sell on.
  2. STRUTH82

    Does anyone want Gerrard sacked

    Why the hell would we sack Stevie G? He is in his first season, took us on a European run, beat the bheasts back into their cave and still has us in a title race(even if its a long shot). He will have learned a lot regarding signings, and will improve on it.
  3. No mate, I thought he was suspended, rip up that teamsheet
  4. STRUTH82


    I have to confess to having wanted him back, but by fuck he has been an absolute let down. It now makes sense why he wasnt getting a sniff at southampton. Thank fuck he is on a 6 Month deal.
  5. Wes Tav. Goldson. Katic. Halliday Jack/McCrorie Candeias. Kamara. Kent Defoe. Lafferty I'm not a fan of two up top but after yesterday I dont think we have a choice. Also I think Kamara could be quite effective sitting in front of Jack or McCrorie for attacking purpose.
  6. STRUTH82


    Confirmed yesterday that this is Hallidays position.
  7. I know Lafferty has his haters, but thats fucking ridiculous to bring him on that late and look for him to have an impact. Lets sort this at Ibrox!
  8. STRUTH82

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    I would now go with two up top with Laff and Defoe, I cant see the wee man having the engine to go the full 90 up there on his own. But by fuck go and prove me wrong. Intae these cunts the morra!!!
  9. STRUTH82

    Best Player in Scotland

    I cant argue with the that, he has been brilliant this season. I just saw the interview with McInnes who was quite complimentary towards, he was right in that Alfie going of swung the game back towards Aberdeen, before Defoe killed it. If he has to be sold in the summer, I wouldnt even talk until north of 15 million was being mentioned.
  10. STRUTH82

    Morelos incident

    I actually dont think either player needed sent off, its handbags in a firey fixture, get up and get on with it.
  11. STRUTH82

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Good team and a strong bench. Lets get in about these cunts
  12. STRUTH82

    Steven Davis

    Its was gonna be 18 month permanent then got cut to 6 month loan. I suspect was to do with southampton not settling his contract.
  13. STRUTH82

    Steven Davis

    I really hope he turns it around, but at this point a 6 month loan looks to have been a good choice, otherwise we maybe in a panic.
  14. STRUTH82

    ***The Official Rangers v St Mirren Thread***

    PLEASE call it a day now with the changing formation!!! Thats a job for the summer, not mid season.