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  1. I still think the foundation of the team is there and does not need too much. Its a few tweaks in certain positions required. Coulibaly and Worral definitely wont return. So many others have question marks over returning from injury or returning from loan etc Holt, Docherty, Dorrans, Murphy, Davis, Kent will all be in a 50/50 position right now as to what happens next season. Busy time ahead for the Board and Gerrard.
  2. Please lets play Katic for the remaining games!
  3. Need to come out fired up and get a 3rd, if they get one back this could turn into a stinker.
  4. Yep just like sunday, hes so fucking frustrating
  5. I hope im proved wrong, but I expect Candeias on by half time to revert back to normal shape. Or him and Lafferty on to go 4-4-2.
  6. I would play that on repeat in our dressing room for the rest of the season, just to let this squad of clowns know what they have done.
  7. Pleased with the team, but I dont get Davis, Coulibaly and Kamara on the bench in order of leaving Lafferty out.
  8. I honestly think Gerrard should have come as player manager, get on the fucking park and show this shower how to thread a killer pass. Everyone shits their pants in the final third!!!
  9. Grezda, Laff and Defoe all getting thrown on to rescue the game in the 87th minute
  10. This was defo a mistake, he is the big game player that allows others to attack while he breaks up opposition threats.
  11. Agree with others, there has to be a dramatic change, go with defo and Laff up top. This system has been sussed by the sheepshaggers!
  12. Lets get this sorted for fuck sake!!!! remember Murty owning this prick McInnes in back to back games, he done him on tactics and a system the sheep could not cope with.
  13. Just had a wee 5 minute blast of wind and rain there at George Square, if we get it like that tonight the game will be a fucking stinker!
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