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  1. Ojo has been alright at times, but Kent being fully fit will eliminate him from the starting line up. Also when Flanagan is fit give him a chance at right back, he will 100% be better defensively than Tav.
  2. The game pretty much went exactly how I expected, so the question is how didn't the team know this and sort it out before getting caught up in it.
  3. Exactly my feeling, if we don't score early I can see it being a really rotten game where they will sit deep and launch balls up to the big lad up front. Just fucking win.
  4. Lanzarote has been our preferred holiday for about the last 10 years, love the place, next to no chance of stag or hen party's on the flight out, but great wee bars/restaurants and good atmosphere. Bluebells in Costa teguise is ace. Haven't sampled PDC.
  5. Despite their woeful form I think this will be a sticky 0-1 or 1-2 win, especially on the back an international break.
  6. An absolute baller entering the park and Stevie G lol
  7. Team selection all wrong, surely it should have been freshened up.
  8. STRUTH82


    He has been superb since coming back, especially in the big games.
  9. Solid and has plenty composure on the ball, played well.
  10. Should be a good send off on Thursday night, hopefully the players can show the spirit that he has over the years.
  11. Amazing how long he held on given his original timescale given was to be very short. Top guy, top player, rest easy now.
  12. As mentioned, who pays for these banners?
  13. A good team should be saying thank you very much for gifting us possession.
  14. I hope to christ this pair have sat and watched today thinking "yes, I can definitely improve this team". Jordan Jones has been a pleasant surprise so far, but Ojo is far too naive and will need a season under his belt just to get with it. So Barker and King step forward, get fit over the international break and come back with new ideas to put in Gerrard head.
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