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  1. Two games, maximum points and yet to concede, there's plenty of additional challenges there to keep the players on it and see how long they can keep it up.
  2. That's Stevie just been told Kerkar is coming back 😁
  3. I've no issue with them being for Sale in SD stores as there's not a chance in hell I'll be buying from there anyway.
  4. I usually think similar with these interviews, but once a started watching this one I was hooked. Top guy who has lived the dream.
  5. I predict in 6 months every cunt will be wearing Castore, not even just Rangers related stuff. Their website has some decent stuff, as said elsewhere , pricey.
  6. Every other major league shuts down but we plod on, what an utter team of clowns running the game here. Down south not much better, putting money first.
  7. No you're right mate it wasn't, I suppose the feeling was more that lightning doesn't strike twice, ie coming back from 2 down for a second round was a bridge to far. As pointed out elswhere, you need to look at the quality of opponent, squad worth 500 million.
  8. Luck finally ran out on us here against a very good side.
  9. I though Gerrard was crazy spending money on him back in the summer when we had what many of us thought were 3 solid centre backs. How wrong an assumption that was, clearly something the manager recognised. Get the big man back ASAP and let's see what difference it makes.
  10. Probably not in the tackling sense, but as many ex pros have said he was always on your case during a game and you knew about it after if you had a stinker. I'm looking around this squad and can't see anyone going tonto in that dressing room.
  11. .... About this team. Im not fussed about who is captain, but we are crying out for a Barry Ferguson type who would be letting those players know during a game that they need to pull the finger out. Our best teams have always had a snarling midfielder who would go through the opposition and his ownteam mates if need be. McCall, Gattuso, Barry, Ian Ferguson..... The opponent knew they were in a fucking war.
  12. I fucking hope so, he should still be in there giving the players and absolute bollocking, then lock himself in a cupboard and don't come out until he has some clear answers as to what is going on. Either he is getting this wrong, or these players are not doing it for him.
  13. For me that's Gerrard properly on a shoogly peg, that was criminal tonight, he knew exactly what we were coming up against but went in with the same slow, timid approach. The players were a disgrace. If it wasn't for Europe he would be out the door in all honesty.
  14. I'm blown away by just how clueless this team looks, same every away domestic game since xmas
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