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  1. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    He was a good bit older than 17 when he stood in the Rangers section away to AEK Athens in 1994, there is absolutely no doubt that if Ally hadn't burst him in 1998 he would still support us. What I cant believe is that someone actually still employs the clown.
  2. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    This is pretty much exactly what would happen. Never mind the fact that you would never get a current Hibs player sitting in the Hearts end, a Liverpool player in the Man utd end, a Sunderland player in the Newcastle end etc etc. It shows a complete lack of respect to his employers and was a two fingers to everyone who pays his wage. I bet he thought it was funny at the time.
  3. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    He was fully commited to us no doubt, it helped that he was an actual Rangers supporter. Who his father supported is neither here nor there. Ferguson was a Rangers supporter.
  4. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    This is incredible, and no one can put the bigotry angle on everyones justified anger at this, though the media here would like to. Can you imagine a current livrerpool player sitting in the Man utd end yesterday or a Spurs player in the Chelsea end. It just wouldn't happen. This is simply pulling the piss.
  5. Permanent Deal for Murphy

    If we got him for one million then in my opinion that's real value for money. Weve paid a lot more for far worse.
  6. They made some racket, the media bang on about "the special European night atmosphere" at parkhead, but believe me it doesn't come close to the atmosphere you get in places like Greece, Turkey or Red star Belgrade etc. That night in Athens the noise only 30 odd thousand made had the hairs standing on the back of youre neck.
  7. Was at that game in Athens and we got completely cuffed, did not expect it with the team we had at the time . Thought we would turn it round at ibrox but AEK outplayed us again. They had some of the most mental fans ive ever seen. At the Athens game the Nottingham forest team were over for a friendly and came into the Rangers section to watch he game with us, stan collymore was there, he was supposedly a Rangers fan in those days. The AEK fans were throwing flares, concrete the lot at us the whole game and the Forest team cleared off in fright apart from Scott gemmil, who I think must of been genuinely a Rangers fan.
  8. PR war

    Unfortunately we have jim traynor as head of our pr, a man more interested in his own personal vendettas than he is in defending Rangers. Sack him and appoint someone who is actually interested in carrying out the job he is paid to do and we may get somewhere.
  9. Scott Arfield signs

    Well I am telling you now that 38k a week is absolute unadulterated pish. Believe that.
  10. Scott Arfield signs

    Absolute pish. No way in hell would we or could we pay anyone anything like that. Anyone believing that must be simple.
  11. Docherty

    That makes no sense at all, the best full back in british football at the moment once played for queens park. We have signed some of our best ever players from the likes of Clydebank and raith rovers. Hamilton have produced some cracking players the last few years and their youth teams are consistently at the top of their leagues.
  12. Passing

    Not contradicting you but a lot of the time it bounces off them cos their first touch is bad. Surely the most basic thing for any footballer is their first touch, unbelievable when you watch players who make a living from the game who don't seem to have that.
  13. I'll just leave this here !

    This is true, the internet gives a false impression in a lot of cases. A lot of the forums are filled with right on student twats that pretend they like football because they think they should. Arseholes really. If the internet hadn't existed no way would the same feeling have been stoked up against us.
  14. BBC Scotland/Sportsound Bias

    They banned themselves and were happy to do so, the crux of the matter as you rightly point out in your complaint is that they are denying coverage of the club to hundreds of thousands of Rangers supporting license payers. This would be unacceptable anywhwere else in the uk, could you imagine BBC London boycotting Arsenal because Arsenal had banned one particular reporter, a reporter who had been found guilty of bias before and who seemed unable to keep his personal prejudice from interfering with his job as a professional reporter?
  15. Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Cue meltdown, oh well that will learn me. Fair play to all of you who saw through the bullshit, there wasn't that many of you. Most were mugs like me who wanted it to be true.