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  1. I can honestly see Mcinnes getting the bullet soon. That is piss poor from them. Still though, as long as he can get them to put a shift against us it might save him I suppose.
  2. After leckies so called article on morelos that should've been the end for the sun at ibrox. I really cant fathom why they aren't banned. What would be the downside in banning them? I really cant think of one, they are beyond the point of being biased and are downright vindictive in their coverage. Time they were told to get fucked once and for all.
  3. I reckon hes kaput with the bbc now and knows it, he will be lashing out now In spite just like spence did when his career went tits up. I expect to see more of this over the next while as he tries desperately and pathetically to keep his name relevant.
  4. 1985 it was. Pissing rain and the pitch was like it was last night. Some game.
  5. A bit like that ricardo villa goal for spurs in the 81 cup final replay as well.
  6. I actually thought he got better as the game went on last night and in the last quarter of an hour or so was starting to look like his old self giving their defence a hard time. Certainly don't think anything was wrong with his attitude.
  7. Got to honest I don't really see why they should be banned. Spending money you don't have? Financial fair play? What the fuck does that mean?. Its ok for Man utd , Real madrid and Barcelona to spend billions cos they've got far east revenue streams others don't have but you cant gatecrash their club. No strong feelings on city either way but I don't grudge their fans one bit of the success they've had, lets be honest every clubs fans would be delighted to have the backers they have.
  8. The point is though weve never sustained the pressure, if we had kept it up who knows? Instead we hand the initiative straight back to them every time. Its as if our lot are actually afraid to be the front runners and are frightened of the different pressure that brings. To sum them up, shitebags. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. If we had kept some sort of pressure on them then I could see where youre coming from, unfortunately they can go into these games without the worry of consequences of dropped points and probably win them easily.
  10. To be fair if we had kept up the pressure by winning after the break they might just have cracked, They've never been under real pressure at this time of year. Thanks to our bottlers we will never know though, we have given the freedom to play without fear.
  11. The prospect of getting out my bed at 5 am to go to this is less than appealing but I will do it anyway. Itll be a slogfest in atrocious weather on a poor pitch, we will win 2 nil with another uninspiring display then its up the road with 6 hours on a bus in wet clothes. Whats not to love?
  12. Cant see how you can overachieve in football, if you play like we did in the autumn through to the break then it shows plainly the ability is there. Its not like it was one game. After the break has been very strange, I really cant fathom how its gone to shit as badly as it has. Something is wrong for sure, what is clear though is that there is a mental weakness in our squad and it looks like the management have no idea how to turn them round. The lack of subs during games we are struggling in and a reluctance to change team shape are big drawbacks and down to the management and no one else.
  13. Something has happened. Don't know if they've been hammered in the ground training wise or what. They look fucked, the loose balls they were winning 90% of the time are now being won by the opposition, they look a yard slow half of them. And the ability to give the ball away under no pressure is something else and looks like a tired team. Of course I may just be trying to convince myself of this and the real reason is they we are no seeing their true nature and ability i.e they are useless bottling pricks.
  14. What has happened since dubai is a total mystery. A different team from november/december . You are correct, something aint right. Morelos tonight for example looked half the player he did before the break and it seemed to drive his own frustration.
  15. I will give him that. They are shitebags. But he should've seen the way it was going and removed some of them before the equaliser came. Everyone knew it was coming.
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