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  1. Surely to fuck this isnt true. I have never heard the like of this in all my life, and there have been some right corrupt, conniving arseholes in charge of various clubs over the years. As we well know. Absolutely beyond belief if its true. Surely under the circumstances the league wont enforce the points penalty. If they do then whats to stop it happening again?
  2. Honestly forgot he was there. Just asked my youngest boy if Wigan had any decent players and he replied "josh windass", so the answer was effectively no.
  3. Just saw that, dont know how they will get out of that with no income through the gates for the forseeable. Grim.
  4. I met him once years ago in a bar he was running on Dumbarton road. It was the night before a league cup final against Aberdeen, shortly after he retired. He was a gentleman, took time to have a blether to us about the game the following day. He knew we were Rangers men but in no way did he come across as anything other than just a pure football man, no bitterness whatsoever. I only found out later he was a celtic man, you would never have known. I saw him play a few times and he was a right good player who should've got to a higher level than he did.
  5. A money making racket is all it is. Basically charging you for what they done in the past for nothing, simple as that. I would rather they just were a bit more up front and just put my season ticket up to be honest.
  6. When even paying for a season ticket is far from straight forward do you not think that the "my gers" nonsense should at the very least have been put on hold for a year?
  7. I will admit that seems plausible, I haven't followed it that closely, If im honest I became bored with it weeks ago. She will surely be finished at hearts if she doesn't back up her threats though.
  8. Not saying youre right or wrong but why are you so certain it wont go to court? Genuinely interested why you think that. I admit I have no clue either way.
  9. We were one goal off the final. We had a breakaway late in the game away to Marseille with huistra and mcoist up the park that ive replayed in my head a million times, if we had scored we were in the final in munich against milan. That's how close we were, if we had got there we could have won it no doubt as milan had a total off night against marsielle as it turned out.
  10. I see he has now officially signed from Glentoran. Saw a little bit of him from that youth tournament a few month back and he looked a real talent, he did an interview afterwards and he seemed a real focussed and intelligent young lad. Way beyond his years. Hopefully one who can make the step up, unreal how many young players Glentoran seem to be producing who are wanted by top clubs , they must be doing something right.
  11. I suppose in his case its so he is on record as being against so if it goes badly he can give it "told you so" . Not sure its got anything to do with left and right, just him playing politics. Im afraid even at times like this you will get cunts playing games. Theres no doubt that theres games being played up here also, making different easing regulations to England simply to be different.
  12. Why do you reckon that they are so determined to play the Scottish cup to a conclusion, seemingly at all costs?
  13. We have some talent there now for sure, if we could just add a couple of real winners to the squad we wouldn't be too far off. A couple of players who opposition fans regard as real pricks cos they they put winning above everything. Its a cliché for sure but any team that wins anything needs a few like that.
  14. I always remember that goal v Colombia. Colombia were supposed to be the dark horses for that world cup, theyd beat argentina 5 1 in Buenos aries in the qualifiers but Hagi took them to the cleaners in that game.
  15. It was a good read that didn't take itself too seriously. Used to buy it often from that lad youre on about after getting fed up with follow follow when it seemed to disappear up its own arse.
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