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  1. How did that come about? Surely must be the only club down south with those sort of leanings.
  2. Barisic is the best fullback in the country by a mile, no way could we replace him like for like.
  3. Just set up perisic lovely for the 3rd goal there against Slovakia.
  4. So Jeremy Vine, one of the BBCs most well known presenters on radio and tv can acknowledge this but bbc Scotland don't even mention it.
  5. Don't know much about holding companies, old or new and their rights or not to any compensation. Surely though it was the club that in essence suffered all the consequences of this , ahem, "fuck up". Potential loss of earnings and being knackered as a competitive force for years must count for something, especially if as seems likely there was some malicious intent in the way HMRC carried out its business.
  6. Its actually quite hard to get sent of in this league, unless youre Colombian.
  7. Come through this with 3 points and no injuries and I will be happy. The performance today is totally irrelevant, you cant get a good game on that pitch.that said if its still nil nil after half an hour I fully expect the usual "this is shite" mob to be out in force on here. Until such times as pitches like these are properly banned we just have to put up with going there, rolling the sleeves up and getting the 3 points no matter how crap it is to watch.
  8. Did he actually come out with that? I will say this, you would NEVER hear an ex celtic player downplaying their achievements when acting as a commentator. I really don't know what to make McCost at times.
  9. I don't see the point leaving early unless you absolutely have to, you may just miss the best goal ever. Plus im tight so if ive paid £37 to see a game im wanting my moneys worth. No way on Thursday night were all those who left early going to work. We were in the process of achieving one of the best results in years and they were nipping off early. I just cant get my head round it if im honest.
  10. The difference between him and billy gilmours situation is we are in far better nick as a football club. At the time Gilmour left pedro was manager and we were going nowhere fast. No wonder he left to be honest. It is grim though the way the likes of Chelsea etc just hoover up all the top talent even at that age. I suppose we do the same to others lower down the financial pecking order and its just the way of the world.
  11. Well I called that one wrong, I thought Dundee were on a bit of a roll. By all accounts they were pish, looks like united are coming up now for sure. Why no team in the English championship or SPL took a punt on shankland is a mystery, he is more or less singlehandedly winning them the league.
  12. Ive said he is the best since McCoist but I have to concede that pre injury Michael Mols was easily the best all round forward ive seen, the problem is that it unfortunately only lasted a few months. Taking everything into consideration, the number of goals and how important he is to the team in other ways then Alfredo is on course to be the best and will without doubt be the biggest ever transfer fee we will get. Doent make any sense to sell him in January though, hang on till the summer and we will get even more.
  13. Since McCoist, for me there is no question. You could argue that Jelavic and Prso were as good as players but just look at his numbers. He scores every type of goal as well. Screamers, tap ins, headers the lot. He has improved his all round game no end in the last year and just seems to get better and better.
  14. According to the record no Scottish team has ever won in Italy. Pretty sure we beat Livorno under paul le guen. Basic fuckin stuff for a so called newspaper to get wrong you would've thought.
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