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  1. Its gonna be hard for them again next year with Dundee down as well and I expect inverness to be better as well. They will have start cost cutting at least for sure.
  2. I have to say that its probably a good appointment for Scotland. He will do exactly what he did with killie, make them organised and hard to beat. What sickened me was listening to the reaction to it on the radio last night, the same pundits who constantly stuck the knife into Mcleish were stressing how he will be given time and his first two games the results would be unimportant, he gets a free hit against Cyprus and Belgium in other words. Two faced bastards with double standards. Chief arsehole being Michael stewart it goes without saying.
  3. Not watched it, what did he come out with?
  4. Fair enough assessment of most of them but I reckon if Rossiter can stay fit(big if ) then he could do the job jack does but better.
  5. Agreed, although to be fair Dorrans didn't really flop as such. The poor cunt was starting to look like he was going to be a good addition just before he got injured on both occasions. Spot on with the rest though.
  6. Yeah, hes a hard person not to like. I will certainly give it a go though if he goes there. Which he wont.
  7. An absolute disgrace, but football sold its soul for money long ago. As long as their fans in the far east can see it on tv I don't expect the clubs will be that bothered.
  8. Two all English finals. What an awful fuckin prospect for the game of football. I remember watching an interview on sky sports news with the then newly ex chief executive of the EPL. I forget his name but he said it was only a matter of time until English clubs totally dominated the game purely due to the economics of the game down there.. I thought at the time it was a rash statement but it looks like he was probably spot on. When you have Man City spending £2 million on youth development in London alone what chance does anyone else have.The power of the premiership sucks the life out of every other league, our own especially. Anyone who truly loves football would've been pissed off with last nights result, no matter how exciting the game was. Spurs fans excepted of course.
  9. They are some team and messi takes them to another level, still cant stand them and cant understand how Rangers fans can like them. To me they are the biggest tossers on the continent and I always want them beat. They are just so smug, plus they seem to get more than their fare share of decisions when they need them. They are uefas golden boys for sure. I used to feel like that towards Liverpool in the 80s , probably because of the monotonous way they used to win everything. That and unsufferable bell ends like jimmy tarbuck constantly harping on about them.
  10. Pretty miserly odds considering they are the away team, still maybe worth a go nonetheless.
  11. Can see city winning by a few, city -2 goals will be a decent bet. Trying to find odds just now. Had to laugh earlier when sky compared the two teams and what they've spent. It turns out in the last so many years city have spent £1.5 billion compared to utds measly £1.3 billion. Its no wonder poor old utd are pish, I mean what can you do with that paltry amount?
  12. That's probably the main reason Michael stewart was so against him from the start. Someone else on here said that was a possibility but the more I thought about it the more that it seems an absolute cert.
  13. Think their older/ more regular fans are still the same. Its the trendy little newbie student supporter twats that go on the internet that give that impression.
  14. Agree, I previously thought he might be worth a punt. He is extremely limited as a footballer though, not much more to him than brute strength by the looks of it.
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