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  1. I like him as a player myself but to nowhere near the extent id want us to pay £5 million for him. That's an awful lot of money for us and if we are going to pay that for anyone then it should be for the number 10 type player we lack who woudve made the difference in the last few games.
  2. What a waste of talent he has been. I remember watching him about a year after he joined Chelsea playing in the youth cup final against Man utd. He was the best player on the park. Fuck knows what happened but apparently his attitude stinks so its probably that that's fucked it for him. Islam Feruz that is, not the radge hanging out the window, didn't work when I tried to quote you.
  3. Had forgotten how blatant that incident actually was. Almost unbelievable. Almost.
  4. No, not really. He will be the manager next season so get used to it.
  5. Probably on the day before the old firm game.
  6. I wouldn't dispute that hateley showed his worth even in his first season, it definitely took a while before he was fully appreciated by a lot of people though.
  7. I do get the point you are making, but just how far do you think they should be allowed to go to get a reaction from morelos and just how much should he be expected to take without reacting?
  8. Hateley did come with a pedigree but I don't remember him getting much leeway cos of his injuries, a lot of people thought he was a lump of wood and it took a fair while for them to change their minds.You may be right about Grezda in the long run I just think its far too early to make a judgement.
  9. You can absolutely guarantee that had morelos been the one standing on the back of broadfoots ankle it wouldn't be classed as a" wind up". He would be getting nailed to the floor by the media , as simple as that.
  10. A fair enough assessment but the reason he hasn't kept his place may have been that he wasn't up to speed fitness wise when he arrived then he got injured after Christmas again. Or you could be right, hopefully not.
  11. Far too early to come to this conclusion surely. Mark hateley, for example, was utter dog shit after playing far more games than grezda according to most of our support back then. I even know one bloke who I wont embarrass who honestly declared laudrup a dud after 2 games. And it wasn't chick young.
  12. No way can he be given a chance, the football sages on Rangers media have decreed hes shit even though hes hardly played. So hes shit and that's the end of it. It doesn't matter what he does between now and the end of theseason, hes shit. Full stop.
  13. Even Tam McManus can see who the guilty party in this incident really was, he pretty much calls broadfoot a sneaky coward and says any player would have reacted like morelos. Of course sportscene see it different but there is a blatant agenda there, its so obvious its almost funny.
  14. The whole 10 in a row thing isn't really something to brag about when for the first 5 they had absolutely no one who could mount any challenge at all. Outside scotand no one will give one fuck whatsoever. To put it in perspective Croatia Zagreb won 11 and bate Borisov are on 14 or something at the minute. Outside Croatia and Belarus no one knows and no one cares. No one.Obviously I hope they don't but If they do achieve it and it effects you like its the end of the world then I reckon you maybe need to get things in perspective. If they got it and we won the next one then that next one would still feel as good to win.
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