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  1. This typifies what annoys me most about this forum. The team win 6 nil but rather than be happy with that some have to say this player isn't Rangers class or this player is shite. I fulllly expect that the day we win the league again there will be posters on here who will say something along the lines of "no thanks to (insert who you like) cos they were shite".
  2. I cant see the logic at all. Just because he looks good in this league, and he does, it in no way gives an indication on how he will do in the EPL. The gap in quality in the opponents he will face is just incredible. In all honesty he will feel like he is playing a different sport. Ive seen him struggle in Europe a good few times against teams who would be mid to lower table in the English top flight. No one can predict how he will do till actually has to do it. Its like the media here have built him up to be this world class player and its now an accepted fact.
  3. Joking aside it is fuckin soul destroying on this forum at times.
  4. Depending on the Europa league near enough the first couple of months will all be sundays. Its a right pain trying to work out what days off you need at this time of year cos everything is subject to change due to Europe, just the way it is though.
  5. He is a good player right enough, no point saying hes not. But 50 million is insane. For that money you would want someone who is the class of Christian Eriksen or the like. If man utd spend that on McGinn then they would've spent £100 million on him and that full back from palace. Add those two to the squad they have and they wont even be good enough to make the top four never mind challenge for the league. After spending £100 million.
  6. Agree with you to an extent. I like that Mcrorie will give you everything when selected but from what ive seen of the two of them Rossiter is a better footballer by a fair distance. Admittedly Rossiter hasn't been able to show it often enough due to his injuries but that's just his pure bad luck. A lot on here rave about Mcrorie which is fair enough its all about opinions. Like you though I think some rate him a bit too highly.
  7. Best Amsterdam arena Worst either AEK Athens old one, some atmosphere though, or artmedia bratislavas one.
  8. I reckon Gerard thinks aribo will improve our first 11 by a fair way otherwise we wouldn't be paying him 20 grand a week.
  9. Why, full back number 2 quite obviously. Who are they both might I ask?
  10. Id be surprised if arsenal go much above 15 million for him . He looks a great player in this league up against fuck all but can hardly remember him looking good in Europe or that great for Scotland. I do remember a couple of years back when Monchengladbach targeted him as a weakness and put everything down his side of the park. He was out his depth that night and in the EPL he will be up against better teams than Monchengladbach just about every week.
  11. Claudio reyna, didn't expect much probably due to him being American. Turned out to be a great little player for us. Believe it or not I was very underwhelmed the same as most people when we signed Ray Wilkins, everyone thought he was done and he had the false reputation of being nothing more than someone who passed the ball sideways. First game he played against hearts everyone knew straight away how wrong they were. He was some player.
  12. In the same sort of way, but veering off the thread title, oleg kuznetzov when he played againt us in a friendly. He genuinely looked like one of the worlds best centre halfs, he was absolute class. Signed for us , looked great in his first game and then got a serious injury. Played on and off after that but was never the same player.
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