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  1. I said as a player. The video was bad but got fuck all to do with how good he is as a player. And I would say so far he has looked more than decent as a player. Did you not think Worrall was the bees knees? If that's right I would say youre assessments on players are a bit questionable but there you go.
  2. Always liked murphy, very underrated by a lot of our support as far as im concerned. Don't know why some on here have it in for jones as a player either, not done a lot wrong since he came aside from that daft moment against celtic . They've passed judgement on him before he came and wont change their minds no matter how he plays.
  3. RIP. Overcame a poor start to become a great Rangers player through sheer strength of character. Showed the same strength of character along with bravery and dignity as he faced his inevitable end. A real example to anyone.
  4. Some of them are a fair bit better than 80% of the teams in our league.
  5. No, that's out the question. The football sages of Rangers media have decreed after a couple of friendlies that he is shocking. And that im afraid is that.
  6. Aye, then he can come back and play a couple of friendlies and be declared total shit again. Cos lets face it on good old Rangers media there can be no inbetween, either sugar or shite. People on here make their minds up on a player and that's it set in stone, nothing can change that opinion even the evidence of their own eyes. If they've decided a player is shit then a few good performances are ignored until he has a bad game then this is seized upon on evidence of his shitness. Happens all the time on here and is the worst thing about this foum.
  7. That's the truth, they were third for a reason. The only other team that concerns me until the old firm game are motherwell. I sincerely believe everyone else are crap, and I include Aberdeen in that. Livi or motherwell look good for coming third this year.
  8. Couldnt make the game today but by all accounts it was a bit of a slog. Livingston are probably one of the better teams in this league though, so a 3 1 win will do. We could have a few games like that over the next few weeks with kent and jones out, just keep winning is the thing. We should be more than capable of beating every other team in this league bar celtic without kent cos theres no doubt everyone of them maybe bar motherwell are pretty pish this year. Just keep winning till the next old firm game.
  9. That bad and never got subbed?, strange that.
  10. Serbia would for sure, easily. They are better than Russia probably.
  11. The only pundit telling it like it is is willie miller. He sees no progress under Clarke, which is the truth of the matter. You cannot do much with those players, Scotland don't have a centre half worthy of the name and are average in every position bar left back. Too many of Millers colleagues in the media were too eager to overlook these simple facts in their haste to put the boot into Mcleish. some of them for reasons not connected to results.
  12. Every player gets a wee shot at being scapegoat. Cannot honestly think of a single player in our starting lineup that hasn't been called shite, past it or a shitebag at various times on here. Maybe bar macgregor, who is a rat bastard instead. Just the way it is on Rangers Media.
  13. Think for years we did neglect youth development, by all accounts when Sinclair was in charge it was an absolute joke. Apparently he was only kept in the job cos he had certain mates at the club at the time. Definitely a different ball game with Mullholland there now, to get players into the first team starting from almost scratch will take time. Changing the subject, just read our old mate keith jacksons take on last nights game. Yeah I know, why did I?, but anyhow, apparently Scotland were far better last night than on Friday, I can only assume either he never watched it or he was out his nut.
  14. Willie Miller having a go at Clarke here surprisingly, the commentator, whoever he is, said "steve Clarke cant be judged against Belgium". He gets a free hit that McLeish never ever got.
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