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  1. Play them all away!

    You can bet your bottom dollar that this will get spun as bias in our favour when we play 3 times at home against any team, never mind the fact that its the fault of a ridiculous system or the how many times its disadvantaged us in the past.
  2. Ian Ferguson interview/article - good read.

    Aye, remember that game, Gazza had a dig after the game at fergie, cant remember what he said. The game with Spurs ended one each. Remember Paul Walsh getting pelters from the crowd for having hair like a girl.
  3. 2018 World Cup

    I reckon France are the team to beat, when you look at the players they've got Belgium should have a real shout also but ive wasted money backing them in the last Euros and World cup and they were pish in both.
  4. *** The Official Ayr United v Rangers Thread ***

    That was pretty good on the whole, I actually didn't think the first half was all that bad considering it being away in the cup on a poor pitch, maybe I easy pleased, and the 2nd half there was some good football played.
  5. Pena

    We will end up having to pay off this waste of space, appointing pedro as manager has cost us massively. All we can do is suck it up and move on.
  6. Fan base in Scotland.

    We certainly struggled to fill the place pre souness, same as every single football club in the world success brings in the fans. Even clubs who like to claim to be the most loyal don't fill a stadium when they are struggling. Newcastle have a reputation for supporting through thick and thin but when they were down 2 divisions the place was half full. The only ones who have always filled their stadium even when they were pish I have to admit was Man utd.
  7. Best midfield Rangers have ever had?

    That early 90s midfield was great with any combination you like, mykhaychenko was another player who today would be head and shoulders above anyone else in the country. He could look a lazy bastard at times but when he was good no one could get near him.
  8. Fan base in Scotland.

    Don't think you can use what football tops kids wear as a measure of levels of support. Kids will go with the wind on who they support and will usually buy the tops of who they see as the best team at that time. Hence all the Barcelona and PSG tops you see everywhere, Arsenal were much in evidence a few year back but since they are not seen as winners anymore their tops are hardly spotted now.I don't think we are going to see hundreds of thousands heading from Scotland over to Barcelona or Paris every other weekend in 10 years time. When boys get to a certain age they will want to start going to football with their mates and that's when they get hooked and truly start supporting a team. I thought a few year back under ally that we were in danger of losing a generation, boycotts were onand the football was shocking, the experience of going to Rangers games was a bleak one,i thought why would any young lad want to spend money on this? over the last few year though I have been encouraged with the proportion of young people who are going, particularly to away games. Fair play to them .
  9. Nasri & Song

    Absolutely no chance of this happening , that aside it seems unbelievable that a player of Nasris quality cant find a club. As you've said Op it must be something to do with his attitude so that being the case even if we could afford it we would be better staying clear.
  10. Steve Clarke

    Would appointing the right manager not get back that winning mentality? Fail to see your point here to be honest.
  11. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    When you compare their midfield to ours yesterday its amazing so many of us, myself included, were so confident before the game. With the players we have missing there is a severe lack of strength in that department which will make coming 2nd nigh on impossible.
  12. Anything less than the Scottish cup

    Not an excuse but for us to win anything we would need our best team available and we are too soft in midfield with the players we have missing, with them we maybe would have a chance. Also coming 2nd now looks a very tall order with the fixtures we have to come.
  13. Steve Clarke

    Gladly. Why not steve Clarke? Is it because he showed up your heroes yesterday?
  14. Completely contrary to what I posted earlier in the week I don't think we can come 2nd now, either with or without him, if we can still get anything like 7 or 8 million for him then it would be madness not to cash in.
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Listened to Thomson and that lot on sportsound, exactly what you would expect. Brown can do no wrong.Thomson was actually sickening to listen to.He came out with there being this one time he was playing against him and he basically got bullied by him, sounded as if hes in awe of him, has the man no self respect?