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  1. Beckham. A great player but never at any time in his career close to being the best in the world, but he was by far the most famous.
  2. That is the circle that they cannot square, awarding the title to celtic by extension relegates hearts. As simple as that. That is the hook they cant wriggle off and you can be sure if ross county, for instance, were bottom just now the final placings would've been awarded already. Hearts however have a bit of clout and WILL take them to court. If they reconstruct the leagues to get round this then its transparently just a decision to appease celtic and get the money divied up. I suspect they will try and go with this.
  3. Which we the supporters have paid for, time for them to give something back cos by fuck they haven't given anything to the club on the park this year.
  4. They could easily. But you can bet they wont, not by choice anyway unless they are embarrassed into it.
  5. Reckon youre not far off with that timescale for the general lockdown, certain areas of the country will see it relaxed before others. Cant see mass gatherings being allowed for quite a while though, more like the end of the summer. Not a hope in fuck this season will get finished.
  6. You would like to think when this is done that the country will see the true worth of what a person actually does. Footballers getting more than twice the average yearly wage in a week is wrong plain and simple. Footballers live in a bubble and think if they donate a few thousand to the NHS it makes them good guys when they will pend more on a handbag for the wife. Pricks as you say.
  7. Pragmatic and quite big on taking a moral stance if they think its the right thing to do.
  8. Im one of the lucky ones who is still working my normal hours and my income will not be effected by this situation, I will be renewing. Its completely unrealistic for the club to expect the uptake to be same as normal with the way things are. Its also morally wrong not to be cutting wages of the players and expect people whos jobs are in danger to fund £20,000 weekly wage packets. You might expect the players to volunteer a cut if they know the club is struggling. but they are footballers and footballers don't do that as a rule. One thing is we should all remember that when at the other end of this crisis players spout shit like what an honour it is to play for the club and such great supporters.
  9. Before new year we could have got that kind of figure for him, especially right after the Feyenoord away game. After the way hes been after the break I struggle to see anyone paying that for him. Hes only worth what a team is willing to pay and theyre not daft, with his attitude they will know that he isn't as big a loss to us as he should be. if we were offered anywhere near £20 million we would be insane to knock it back.
  10. Distilleries are still open as far as i know, some of them at least. Poor show if breweries aren't. The country will go stir crazy otherwise.
  11. Looked at that team again last night, you see the players in it and wonder how they were so bad. That midfield we had should've been the best in the country, they were better than we have now for sure. Even the centre halfs would walk into todays team, Mclelland was a cracking player who should've captained the team for years if he hadn't fell out with the club and Patterson was going to be a future Scotland captain until he came to us and it went to shit for him. We were maybe light up front, we never had a consistent goalscorer for sure. For whatever reason we seemed cursed, we could sign any amount of good players and it wasn't going to work. Maybe im looking back with rose tinted specs but those were good players and should've achieved far, far more.
  12. Looking a good bet there could be no CL or EL next season, there is absolutely nothing guaranteed here. UEFA, the SPFL and whoever can make all the plans about what they would like to do if they want. At this moment they are irrelevant.
  13. Looking back when you see some of the players we had in the team at the one time its a wonder we were as poor generally as we were. Bett, cooper, russel and prytz all on the books at the same time. And redford was more than decent as well. On our day we could be really good, we could beat celtic as often as not and hardly ever lost to a really good Dundee utd team. We were so inconsistent though, we could lose to the bottom teams and we could never beat Aberdeen.
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