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  1. MurrayWilson

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    I reckon we will win this. No particular reason why I think this, I just do. Before todays game I had a feeling we would drop points and go through on Thursday. Rapid aint a great team, we saw that in the first game. I think at least a couple of the teams we beat in the qualifiers wee better.
  2. MurrayWilson


    If we had scored first its a different game. They had something to hang on to same as Aberdeen did and just sat in. Unfortunately we don't have quality enough in midfield to break that sort of team down even with an extra man. That was always going to be the reason we weren't going to win the league. Taken as a whole we have improved on last year, some might disagree but there you go. We wont be able to improve the squad much in January, its the wrong time of year usually to find quality. What we need to do is identify now the player who will make that difference and go for quality over quantity in the summer.
  3. MurrayWilson

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    That's about the size of it. No doubt we have improved but we struggle badly against any team that sits in, it doesn't even have to be a good team. We need more quality in midfield to break these teams down.
  4. MurrayWilson

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Im far from happy about it, we should've been expected to beat a team like Aberdeen with the motivation of staying top but a lot of our players aint good enough. Especially in midfield. We don't have enough class to break a team like that down. Its pish but there you are.
  5. MurrayWilson

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Im afraid it was always gonna be 2nd place we were battling for, just don't have enough good players in the right areas yet. And youre probably right about sunday.
  6. MurrayWilson

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    To be honest this was as sure as night following day. There is no way this team were ever gonna stay at the top for long, they've improved on last year for sure but are way short of being league winners. When they need to break a team like this down they just haven't the players with the ability to do it.
  7. MurrayWilson

    Our Form

    Surely now no one can doubt that we are heading in the right direction, we may not win the league this season but the improvement from the last 2 seasons is there for all to see. Unbelievable to think only about 5 weeks ago there were people on here who were comparing gerrards results up that point unfavourably with pedros. And I think they meant it.
  8. MurrayWilson


    If you think that was good wait till we hear Michael Stewart later on sportscene. I predict now he will be near to tears with his high pitched twats accent. Always worth a laugh is Michael.
  9. MurrayWilson


    Ive seen him once playing in the flesh and was quite impressed. You would think he would only get better playing with better players. Of course he could turn out to another nicky Clarke, equally he could be another Boyd. If we could get him relatively cheaply its surely worth a punt. That's the first ive seen of last nights game, by fuck that could've/should've been 8 or 9. It looked like Ayr were playing a team from a league below.
  10. MurrayWilson

    Dundee United

    On one of the international weekends I went to Ross county v Ayr just for something to do. Id heard a bit about Shankland and wanted to see if he lived up to his reputation. County won 2 1 with him scoring Ayrs goal.I know its a lower level but he looked a real handful, he seems like one of those players who knows how to suss out time and space to be in goal scoring positions. He has that knack a real goalscorer has , the instinct that you cant teach.
  11. MurrayWilson

    Borussia Dortmund, Champions League - September 1995

    That was one of Gazzas best games, he was up against Sammer and Moller , two great players and he showed that on his day he was still a match for the best. The away game is about the coldest ive ever been at football, I remember there were still boys drinking outside in minus 10 instead of going to a bar. Always amazes me that.
  12. MurrayWilson

    Europa League rival watch

    Rapid beat again at home today. Surely its time they did the decent thing and just gave us the entire ticket allocation for their game against us, seeing as they are pish and will be unlikely to sell them to their own lot.
  13. MurrayWilson

    Protest at Hampdump last night

    Its both. They say fuck all about what Saudi arabia are doing in yemen. That's muslim on muslim though and that's presumably ok.
  14. MurrayWilson


    That's the trick for any winger, if you can do that at pace then you are set.
  15. MurrayWilson

    No Surrender Liam Neeson

    Channel 4 to a tee. A weirdos channel, made by weirdos for weirdos .Just look at channel 4 news.