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  1. RFC16


    No got a clue what that is but in red lion. Thanks for all the informative responses ??
  2. RFC16


    No.looking for any info on a meeting point for Rangers fans in vienna ya dick
  3. RFC16


    Wheres everyone thinking of meeting tonight? Better going to the red lion or is there like a central bit in city
  4. Is that right enough mate? Wasnt sure and i was actually in 2 minds about buyin one
  5. Apologies didnt realise that mate.suppose if hes playin thurs got to play mora but who knows
  6. Haliday should be knowwhere near the team.get a grip
  7. Me.got one point.dont know if i should be nervous or not!
  8. Emails out for day trip or actual ticket?
  9. Actually annoys the fuck out of me that this has happened. Almost like a twos up from them
  10. Not good mate. Is a bit steep but it is easiest option
  11. Deadline tomorrow 9am. Hopefully find outabout tickets soon after. Anyone heard about numbers of people registering for this game?
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