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  1. Hearts Game Sold Out

    Is it no just a fiver or a tenner you get discounted?
  2. Windass

    The thing is , still got very small part of me that thinks windass is a great player but he bugs the fuck oot me! Think overall your prob right but he needs to show it much more When its no goin well he contributes very little but like at easter road can score out of fuck all.frustrating
  3. Windass

    He wouldnt get abuse from fans if he actually put the boot in and wasnt a shitebag Look at holt. Was throwing himself into challenges last night.no got as much ability as windass but il take him over windass any day of the week
  4. Hiy av gave windass benefit of doubt for ages now but its gettin too much now. No good enough
  5. Cummings played well holding up ball etc but was isolated and not going to score lots of goals in this system Windass utter pish
  6. David Bates

    Hes actually no bad at passing when there are options When theres fuck all on he tries long ball but goes to noone. Great 2nd half
  7. Tav

    Fuckin stupid.just as bad as beermans against them
  8. Set Piece Specialists?

    The dalcio
  9. Emails for ayr out

    Got one.unbelievable
  10. I quite like our style atm

    Thought first half we were excellent. Although, it shows that perhaps windass just isnt good enough. Everyone did their job well but again windass was only very average.when we were strugglin in earlier games this season he stood out as we were pish but going forward i personally dont think he is good enough. Also, to a certain extent the same applies to morelos.really poor at times but give him benefit of the doubt as he has more time on his side and hopefully develops into a better player
  11. Whats this big obsession with halliday these days? He was rotten his last season here, rollin around the floor every week.he got absolute pelters on here. Yet he goes away, hardly kicks a ball, comes back, scores in a friendly, now people want him starting in a massive game vs sheep. Fuckin hell
  12. Away Tickets Up To The Split

    Only st johnstone
  13. Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    Even if get a ticket, would be a struggle for a bus probably