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  1. Capucho When eurogoals used to be on eurosport years ago, capucho always looked class.told aw ma mates about how good he would be but was absolute garbage. Pelters followed!
  2. What A Fucking Support We Have

    Am the same mate.first full season going on bus to away games regular. We ve had terrible results and performances but by fuck, iv also had the best memories that will live with me forever. Met great people and celebrating goals like today at easter road and pittodrie, cant think of a better buzz. Surely only going to get better when we put up a better challenge. Away days are unbelievable with the best fans
  3. Cummings

    Couldnt understand the absolute wankfest when he signed and certainly dont understand it now. Not good enough
  4. The Dalcio Gomes

    Never got a chance imo Clearly has ability
  5. Jonathan Johansen

    Joe gardener

    We re on 68 points bud
  7. Major investment?

    Im guessing the exact figures wont be mentioned for obvious reasons
  8. LET'S GO!!

    Nah theyve no chance mate.a born winner will see through the gutless bastarts
  9. LET'S GO!!

    If these clowns dont take the chance to fight like fuck the mora n show our new manager what they have then they deserve to get punted. Am buzzin by his passion already.surely these players must take it into the game
  10. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Still confident we will fuck it up sonehow
  11. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Fuckin bunch of wimps
  12. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Cummings no gd enough to play up front himself.fuckin rotten n lightweight
  13. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Surely some cunt will do brown
  14. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Just waiting on news to say deals off
  15. A reality check....

    And you wonder why the fans dont seem to be united at times. One result doesnt change the fact we are a fuckin shambles from top to bottom.