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  1. D-day for Pedro

    Lets see what pedro is made of.up against it, he needs to get tactics spot on to stop them playing. If he can come up with a gameplan and a victory, will be a hero for time being. Cumon pedro this is it!
  2. Alves

    Tav in a back 3?? Surely to fuck no
  3. Alves

    Fuckin guttin.up against it as it is without losing your star defender. Makeshift defence now.fear another hammering 😣😣
  4. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I think its down to how we defend.need to have a good shape with the back four and two sitting midfielders. Hopefully press higher up pitch and no invite them on to us as dont think we re good enough to sit back and soke up pressure Think cardoso is bang average so far and although bruno looks class on the ball and looks as if he is strolling it, ive no been impressed with his actual defending. This should be a game he thrives in Cannot concede early.then we never know what can happen.must get in their faces and keep discipline.definetly can score a few against these cunts
  5. If we get another going over, i cant see how he can still be in a job come monday
  6. Partick Thistle emails (league/cup)

    Cant think of fairer system tbh
  7. Partick Thistle emails (league/cup)

    Its the same every time the emails are out . Id like to think id get the cup game but again , if its spread out over season it could just be classed as another away game
  8. Partick Thistle emails (league/cup)

    Just had motherwell so far.1 out of 3 prob about right
  9. Ross County emails

    Be few casualties after boxing no doubt
  10. Anywhere to watch the games in Cancun?

    I went past 2 years and couldnt find anywhere for games.in the main strip theres nothing for watching football. Closest you would get is hooters but its always like your south american stuff thats on or american sports
  11. Pena

    Wrong thread.
  12. Pena

    Strongest team got to be put out.only 2nd game of season apart from europe Pedro is another embarassing defeat from imo the bullet.well he should be. Surely he kmows its a must win.few goals up then change it