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  1. We ended up lumping high balls up to Defoe,which is not his game,Morelos on the other hand would have given the two centre halves that day a torrid time!!.
  2. Always remember him on Question of sport,he failed to identify an ariel photo of ibrox,he was stunned and said “I can’t go home tonight, my dad will kill me”!!!.
  3. I don't think Uefa even know,it's all a shambles!!.
  4. You must look after your own customers first, it doesn't spoil the atmosphere, never change it back, I would give them BR1 and BF1, I know that's a bit more, but then you would hardly see the cunts on TV!!.
  5. I think it's a cracker,fuck having to humf it about tho!!
  6. He's a right moany bastard,never off the back fours case,Goram was the same,Klos on the other was as quiet as a mouse!!,3 great goalies!!
  7. What a great headache the gaffer has in terms of team selection,we've not had this for years,long may it continue!!!
  8. Fucking great support,well done,no surrender!!
  9. What a diffrence a settled team makes our midfield today were outstanding,we'll be lucky to hold onto kamara this summer!!!!!?
  10. Yeah,wished If done thru the gers,anyway all signed up,intae these rancid bastards the morra!!!
  11. Just got letter thru the door from premium credit,went for the 4 month option,it's saying I have to sign in online and return a signed copy of the agreement, first payment should have been May 1st,now it's the 16th,then the 1st June July August,wished I'd tapped my auld man and just payed up front!!
  12. This 110%,the McNeil applause was a once in lifetime thing,if we clap them onto the park on the 12tj may,we will have fallen below the standards we once had, the majority of their fans sing and dance about our downfall and would have happily seen us go bust!!,would they do it for us at the San giro,not a fuckin chance!!
  13. This all day long,started going to ibrox 83/84,we were pretty crap,apart from the odd cup,but I loved the whole experience,souness changed everything,I/we were on cloud 9,I only hope 55 feels like that for the younger bears!!!
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