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  1. Typical, that the cowardly sfa decide to announce this now Sporting Integrity? Games a bogey if this is allowed to happen
  2. Good call ,can’t see Tyson avoiding that big right hand for all 12 rounds ,even though he is a lot fitter this time
  3. Haha big mental John would rag doll the lot of them if he wasn’t banned for that !
  4. I don’t think going to Dubai helped us at all , We seem to have more injuries and be struggling to be fair
  5. 10 ? Wtf.! Start over ? That will never happen or be allowed to happen why you are even talking about this ? Ffs
  6. Totally agree I thought McCracken was poor and didn’t know what to do either There was no tactics of sort if any Joshua needs to freshen it up, ie new coach , new approach
  7. Exactly, Ruiz is fat etc but the guy has only been beat once In my option he beats AJ again better boxer and he can take a punch unlike AJ who looked lost in there wanted out ASAP spat his gum shield out and walked away from the ref Ref knew he was done and called it right in my opinion plus AJ’s corner trainer did not have a clue thier tactics advice were piss poor to say the least
  8. Tyson fury is the best and most talented heavyweight boxer at the moment regarding Joshua , Wilder ,Whyte etc Where as Wilder who’s not naturally gifted but can put anyone one of them to sleep IF and WHEN he connects is why he is the main man at the moment in my opinion , but saying that I think Whyte could cause him some problems if the money men ever let it happen
  9. I hope Daniel Jacobs gets a result against golden boys wee drug cheating cash mule canelo Alvarez on May 4th triple GGG beat him the first time and he should never have been able to box again after his failed drug tests
  10. Spot on they know its coming. But the media wont highlight the banners, songs etc, cowards
  11. Agreed, I can see them going for Clarke in the future if he can be arsed with the hassle,can’t see the little bigot getting it again as they wouldn’t give him money last time and hopefully after the hibs gig he’s done,he is the worst thing ever to happen in Scottish football
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