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  1. Agreed, I can see them going for Clarke in the future if he can be arsed with the hassle,can’t see the little bigot getting it again as they wouldn’t give him money last time and hopefully after the hibs gig he’s done,he is the worst thing ever to happen in Scottish football
  2. Cooperson

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Who in their squad had a bit off Gazza about them? None , zero Very good squad but no impact players
  3. Cooperson

    Who will win the world cup ?

    Fuck off to the world cup thread then
  4. Cooperson

    Who will win the world cup ?

    Same, wouldnt mind England either
  5. Cooperson

    Who will win the world cup ?

    Who then ?
  6. Think Croatia could win it Not seen anybody that has impressed me to be honest
  7. Cooperson


    Enjoy your toast and avocado
  8. Cooperson


    Kill yourself malcolm
  9. Cooperson


    Haha fuck the pope good night BJK they all knew
  10. Cooperson


    Nae bother Sir, arrow junkie tree apple king master Im out good fuckin nite
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    I know been on ot all day big fella. But as big Clint the eastwood says A good man knows his limitations
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    Ha ha fuck it, am away to my bed . Its late over here have fun ya cunts 😁 BJK
  14. Cooperson


    Haha cheers dude 👍 FTP
  15. Cooperson


    Not a fan of this new var system at this world cup personally. It does sort of balance its self out though ( ish ) Decision wise. For instance the aussies where unlucky against the frogs via ,var. But the aussies were lucky against denmark via, var But after watching that prick neymar cheating i actually quite like it now. Without it he would have got that penalty . As per usual cheating fucks The Brazilians, South Americans and even some Europeans have been cheating for years With this technology it sort of, and i mean, sort of , stops the diving cheating bastards