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  1. Bluenose-11

    Jason Cummings

    You’re more surprised we are extending our own existing players contract when he’s been scoring goals on loan than you are we aren’t going to spend a fee on a boy that came here on loan and contributed the sum total of fuck all? Jesus 😂
  2. Bluenose-11

    Holt & Halliday

    Wish wee Holty all the best. Maybe not of the required standard but he gave anything. Good luck wee man
  3. Bluenose-11

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Yes mate. Looking to be unveiled about 4pm is the aim
  4. Bluenose-11

    ***Rumours thread***

    Sorry mate should’ve said, just a Croat twitter group. Said we are already in negotiations.
  5. Bluenose-11

    ***Rumours thread***

    We are apparently looking at Nikola Katic. Croatian centre half, 6 “4, 21 years old and plays with Slaven Belupo.
  6. Bluenose-11

    Twitter Celebrity Z lister Aberlourbear

    Are you that Davotelli boy? He’s the biggest throbber on twitter haha
  7. Bluenose-11


    Madness we are allowing this loser to walk back into his previous position. From first team players (there are plenty) to coaching staff we should be ridding anyone with this loser mentality, not welcoming him back. Nobody can rip away a feel good feeling like Rangers
  8. Bluenose-11

    Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    This boy is garbage. Wanted by a large percentage of the support based on who he supports, similar to the Docherty situation. Hopefully we don’t go near this guy.
  9. Bluenose-11

    Ovie Ejaria

    The signing makes no sense to me. Either hes a starter, which I really hope isn’t the case going by the comments of sunderland fans / the fact he is a 20 year old youth player. Or he’s here as a squad player. In which case we’re strengthening an area we are already heavy in with a loanee and totally bypassing our own youth academy while doing so. Both are equally bemusing. Concerned.
  10. Bluenose-11

    Jamie Murphy starting for Scotland v Peru

    Wrong mate. I have a hatred for this mindset we seem to have adopted since 2012. Everybody wants us to sign staunch, regardless of ability. Halliday isn’t the only one he’s just by far the worst hence he gets the brunt. Don’t worry I think Hodson and Docherty aren’t much better. Nor are Dorrans and Murphy. I don’t think we sign the majority (if not all) if they’re foreign. Let’s be honest they aren’t being signed on ability.
  11. Bluenose-11

    Jamie Murphy starting for Scotland v Peru

    I wasn’t referring to here mate. I don’t spend nearly enough time here to remember people’s online usernames anyway. I just meant in general. Supporters bus, twitter, boozer, the same people that seem to want Mcburnie are the same people that would have the team littered with the losers we currently have in our squad just because of who they support.
  12. Bluenose-11

    Jamie Murphy starting for Scotland v Peru

    The clowns that call for boys like Halliday and Docherty to start, just because they support us, but are infact utterly gash 👍🏼
  13. Bluenose-11

    Happy Birthday Mr Gerrard

    Surely we aren’t going to have grown men wishing Gerrard a Happy Birthday in this thread? Suuuuuuuurely
  14. Bluenose-11

    Jamie Murphy starting for Scotland v Peru

    Nor me, mate. It annoys me because if he was a young Turkish boy that had scored 9 goals for Barnsley we wouldn’t be batting an eye lid. Cult hero already, sign of the times unfortunately
  15. Bluenose-11

    Jamie Murphy starting for Scotland v Peru

    Oli Mcburnie too To think some of the Halliday brigade are desperate to sign him. No thanks, the boy is fucking woeful!