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  1. Bluenose-11

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Davis has been pish in every game he’s played for me. Wouldn’t be rushing to start him but understand he needs minutes.
  2. I fully agree. Utter nonsense based on one result essentially. We are miles away, still.
  3. Bluenose-11

    Baz Bowski’s Humble Opinion on Scottish Media

    Facts are facts mate, if you come then great, but don’t look for a well done off every cunt
  4. Bluenose-11

    Baz Bowski’s Humble Opinion on Scottish Media

    I genuinely think that twitter goes to these clowns head. The wee laddie element of our support have made boys like him, Gregco, Lloyd Cross etc think they’re funny as fuck. The northern Irish boy Jay far the worst. Wants a pat on the back for travelling from Belfast every week, you choose to make the trip ya entitled wanker 😂
  5. Bluenose-11

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    No. Docherty and Pena were signed when we were in the Premier league also, incase you didn’t know 👍🏼
  6. Bluenose-11

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    Runs around a lot and tries hard. Unfortunately doesn’t have the ability to match. Will be a useful squad player once we have a proper right winger though
  7. Bluenose-11

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    Yup. You’ve made my exact point. Even retired for 3 years and well past his best he will be better than the aforementioned. Whole point was the standard of shite we have been subject to still won’t be able to lace Gerrards boots. Thankfully we are in the process of ridding the useless wasters 👍🏼
  8. Bluenose-11

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    Fair point. It was more in reference to how a man that has retired for 3 years will still show up the level of chancer we have brought in as Rangers players
  9. Bluenose-11

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    Hence why I said on the books. We don’t need to see how bad they are again, Pena included 👍🏼
  10. Bluenose-11

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    The only embarsssment would be he’d show up the chancers we still have on our books in the same position. Pena Holt Docherty to name three.
  11. Bluenose-11

    Smell the fear.

    Usual overreaction after winning one single game from us. We dropped 7 points to Aberdeen & Hibs in December. We have a long long way to go and could do without giving them the motivation of pish like this.
  12. Bluenose-11

    Thats not a huddle

    Fuck sake we do not help ourselves. Union Bears pish. Delete delete delete 😂
  13. Bluenose-11


    The cunts that are desperate to jump to Taverniers defence deserve the trophyless seasons they will get with him as captain. Puts in one good ball every 2/3 games and that’s good enough for a Rangers captain? As I say, the losers that accept that deserve every single shitey result we get, and there’s been plenty with him as captain
  14. Bluenose-11

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    I think we are coming to slowly realise then players and side we have are nowhere near as good as we think. Hibs twice, a trip to St Johnstone and the Tarriers at home could see this league done and dusted before the year is out. Europe was a breath of fresh air. Domestically we look the same sluggish poor side we did last year. Brutal times.
  15. Bluenose-11

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Lol. Are you no the boy that thought Lafferty would be our number one striker? You’re well equipped to judge delusion in fairness