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  1. Bluenose-11

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    I think we are coming to slowly realise then players and side we have are nowhere near as good as we think. Hibs twice, a trip to St Johnstone and the Tarriers at home could see this league done and dusted before the year is out. Europe was a breath of fresh air. Domestically we look the same sluggish poor side we did last year. Brutal times.
  2. Bluenose-11

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Lol. Are you no the boy that thought Lafferty would be our number one striker? You’re well equipped to judge delusion in fairness
  3. Bluenose-11

    The Curse of Daniel Candeias

    You think Candeias is Rangers class? Yes or no?
  4. I actually agree that Tavernier is no captain but for all these posts to emerge the day after we get a hard fought point against Villareal to go into our last group game with a chance of topping it is bizarre
  5. Bluenose-11

    The Curse of Daniel Candeias

    The real curse is playing him so regularly. Runs about a lot but does very little else. Hardly takes his man on for a winger. No even sure he touched it before he was sent off. Murder again...
  6. Bluenose-11


    Tried hard
  7. Bluenose-11

    Gerrard & Rossitir PreMatch Presser

    Pleasing to see the media being treated like that but we aren’t half getting carried away. Results >> Supporter pleasing soundbites
  8. Bluenose-11

    Steven Gerrard - We`re on our way................ to 55

    These war cries are as embarrassing as the Baku monstrosity you’ve suggested in the title...
  9. Bluenose-11

    Please Tav

    I want my right back to be able to defend. Tav takes a good penalty and that’s where his qualities end. Tierney is miles and miles better than Tavernier, ridiculous to suggest otherwise and then to try to back it up with who has scored more goals haha.
  10. Bluenose-11


    Halliday lol. Another perineal loser. If you can’t see what Ryan Jack gives them you’d be aswell watching another sport mate.
  11. Bluenose-11


    Based on how utter shite Docherty was any time he had a Rangers top on his back last season I don’t blame him for sending him on loan. Looks like he’s doing well down there, I imagine he will as it’s level. When you buy from Hamilton you get a Hamilton player ??
  12. Bluenose-11

    Raging, Gutted, Angry, Emotional and Bewildered....

    I’m sick of walking out whatever stadium it is, after big games, feeling the way I did yesterday. I want SG to succeed badly, but I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the element of our support that will hear no criticism towards him. Starting 11, subs (lack of), tactics, post match interview would all have seen another manager rightly slaughtered yesterday. Our domestic form is pretty atrocious and the performances havent really been much better and European achievements are papering over the cracks that are now becoming very obvious. Depressing times....again.
  13. Bluenose-11

    Please Tav

    Obviously I hate Tierney but to suggest Tav is as good as he is is utter nonsense. Tierney is levels above. Tav is a banter year’s signing that has someone ended up captain. An out and out loser.
  14. Bluenose-11

    Steven davis

    Lol. Another one that couldn’t wait to get away from us and leave us in the shit is the man to save us from another season long disaster???
  15. Bluenose-11

    Optimism gone

    Only positive of this latest reality check is it might stop cunts singing that shambolic “Baku” embarrassment ??‍♂️