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  1. Bluenose-11

    Are we on the verge of finding our best 11?

    Kent has been arguably our best player the last few weeks. I like young Middleton but replacing Kent would be poor tbh, if one of the wingers was to be rotated I’d be having Candeias before Kent all day. But as I say, I rate them all and it’s a good dilemma to have
  2. Bluenose-11

    Katic and Barisic

    Barisic been pish imo, definitely not one of most important players.
  3. Bluenose-11

    Steven Naismith

    Naismith is a rat bastard. Lafferty is also a rat bastard. Yes he has luckily found his way back here, but that doesn’t change they are both similar rats that couldn’t want to get out of the club quick enough. Thankfully, it looks like Lafferty will mostly warm our bench.
  4. Bluenose-11

    Acting like tarriers

    Wild that cunts have time to argue with strangers on the internet
  5. Bluenose-11

    After 7 games last season

    Gerrard deserves criticism, we have been poor more often than not in the league and rotated too much but who gives a flying fuck about Pedro or how many points he had. Irrelevant comparison
  6. Bluenose-11

    Acting like tarriers

    Tarrier behaviour is right. I’ve noticed over the last few years the younger element of our away support are largely wee fannies. I see the brother of the bird that Halliday is chucking it up was calling Ejaria a spear chucked AGAIN today before he deleted it from his social media. More ammo for these wanks
  7. Bluenose-11

    Think We've Been Expecting Too Much Too Soon

    I don’t want to come across as being an auld cunt but this thread is utter pish. We are expecting a Rangers team and thus far we are yet to see it away from home. Fuck Europe, the league is our bread & butter and we have been lacking more than not. Worrying.
  8. Bluenose-11

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    It’s also abundantly clear Morelos and Lafferty can’t be in the same team. Both posted missing today, Lafferty nowhere near the races and Morelos not far infront. Dreadful, big big changes needed away from home or this is over soon..
  9. Bluenose-11

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Yes I agree and as I just said in another thread husband inclusion has to be down to something they have said. Abysmal centre half..
  10. Bluenose-11

    Joe Worrall.

    The decision to include him recently HAS to be down to Forest putting pressure on. I see no other reason as he’s a huge liability and not even close to Katic. I hope not to see the clown again..
  11. Bluenose-11

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    No points papering over the crack. Another away game we haven’t taken maximum points. Another away game we have set up wrong. I love Gerrard but he isn’t immune to criticism and he has to hold his hands up today (not just for the performance). We were woeful and didnt deserve a point. Get the boy from Forrest back down there ASAP, fucking woeful.
  12. Bluenose-11

    What chance we got???

    What does “what chance have we got???” mean? How is this in any way relevant to us 🤔
  13. Mental there’s 17 pages because that beg Gregco tweeted 😂
  14. Bluenose-11

    Is Barisic the new Papac

    Average for me. Do appreciate he hasn’t been here too long and I expect him to get much better. No doub. I am surprised he’s as high up the pecking order for Croatia as he is though, which hopefully suggests he’s yet to show his best
  15. Bluenose-11

    Jamie Murphy

    He’s going to be Hazard on here by the time he comes back 🤦🏻‍♂️