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  1. Nah, the commentators would’ve mentioned it if it was.
  2. De Boer for me but reading this thread and being reminded of Prso scoring 4 for Monaco in Champions League before signing or us made me go and watch the game, some top players in that Monaco team. Rothen scores the first too.
  3. Bluenose-11


    Shambolic signing. Didn’t even look very good when he was apparently fit. We just seem to stumble from one of these signings to the next.
  4. I read the 130 page thread on Follow Follow about it over a few nights nightshift and it doesn’t even scratch the surface. She runs her mans twitter account, and despite the fact she’s plead guilty to upto 17 different charges she’s posting stuff like this tonight and is maintaining “the truth will come out”. Despite. Pleading. Guilty. It’s fucking terrifying how calculated some of it is.
  5. The guy that she stalked was only mid twenties aye, I think Steven and Margaret going by the photos are mid 40s-mid 50s. But aye you’re right, the guy Steven is looking into contacting the club to see if anything can be done about their season tickets but appreciates it’s unlikely - although a fair chunk of her offences took place in Ibrox I seen him say it was worth the question. The book should be an interesting read anyway. Just pish to think an older couple have been driven away from supporting their club because of two absolute lunatics & they’re strolling about that Louden like butter wouldn’t melt. Didn’t think it was possible to think any less of the prick Marshall.
  6. Aye I agree with you mate. However they’re an older couple, I think now it’s got to this stage that would be daft but you’re right, it’s a leathering they’re needing.
  7. Sorry that doesn’t provide much context. The couple she was stalking, Steven and Margaret. Steven lost his mum on Sunday and had to sit and listen to that in court yesterday. Said they were laughing and joking without a care in the world. He’s written a book about this and it’ll be published in June. Two vile scumbags and as mentioned above, Marshall wants work and address details for bears joking about Jay Beattie. Yet allows these two cretins in his pub, despite them making two season ticket holders move their seat THREE times through fear before having to give them up completely. Disgusting.
  8. Adjourned to May 10th mate. Awaiting a social work report. Utter farce. They’ve been posting all over twitter about Moet again. RUbbing the poor cunts face in it, the boy lost his Mother on Sunday aswell. Galls me they walk about that Louden without a care in the world.
  9. Haha. You’re the one taking joy in a team we can’t beat in a meaningful game, getting beat in an irrelevant game at tynecastle. Silly cunt 😂
  10. I’m fully grown mate. Continue to celebrate other sides mediocrity whilst we are still a laughing stock ourselves, as I say, you ain’t got a clue about Rangers 👍🏼
  11. The exact pish response I extected. Theyve knocked us out both cups this season, beaten us twice at ibrox, yet you want to have a laugh at them losing at Tynecastle. Long suspected you were a young tit with no clue what following Rangers means, thanks for confirming 👍
  12. What’s your point mate? Do you not find lording it over Aberdeen that hearts beat them embarrassing? Is this where we are now?
  13. Fuck Aberdeen-, why would we be looking to brag about Hearts beating them? We might be in front of them in the league but they’ve embarrassed us in both cups. This post is the kinda tin pot post I expect from sheepshaggers 👎
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