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  1. The commentator, Tom Miller is an embarrassing cunt. If you can get by that then aye, the content is pretty decent.
  2. The SLO says game on, so only a matter of time until game is confirmed off.
  3. Having watched us throw away the league and the cup In a month, and only last night losing at home to Hamilton being led by an inept manager and even worse players, I struggle to give a fuck what Mark Dingwall posts on Facebook.
  4. The club have had nothing but backing. From the sold out season tickets in an era that celtic are utterly dominant to packing the place out for europa league games. These super fan war crys are boring me to death. Nobody has stopped supporting the team, it’s time for the players and managers to reciprocate the effort and passion and get their fucking fingers out their arse.
  5. About as funny as his wank of a brother.
  6. Few on this thread would rather put their desperation for staunch points above being honest with themselves. There is no danger we make up a 4 point gap in the next 3 months, absolutely not a chance. We don’t have it in us. Boys that understand the game can see that clear as day.
  7. Yes. It simply has to be. I like Gerrard a lot but you don’t get 2 years at this club not winning a thing whilst celtic win everything in site.
  8. Not for me. Thought he missed a couple of obvious bookings in the first half, and overruling his linesman at that corner was bizarre I thought.
  9. Not saying OP is but never understood why folk get so affected about when others leave. We have no idea of their circumstances, and who cares really?
  10. Papes were able to rearrange their league cup weekend game. We couldn’t. No mass conspiracy 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. I like Kent and I think he’s a very good player but I’ve yet to see him hit the heights of last season since he returned. A wee change maybe not the worst option and always have the option of him from the bench.
  12. Europa League is irrelevant really. I would actually like to have at least two weekends in the new year where we haven’t played on a Thursday but the taigs have. The league is all that matters.
  13. I agree. Falling further behind them with a trip to Easter Rd & then the piggery to come would be a monumental disaster. Win at any cost Rangers and show us you’re up for it
  14. Nobody said he was shite. Literally not one person on this post. It’s easy to say “he will score against them” but he’s had 11 games now. The time we needed him more than ever was yesterday. I hope to fuck he does it at the piggery but one thing is for certain, he won’t get as many, or any better chances than we had yesterday.
  15. I know mate I seen the full highlights this morning and retracted it. What I seen last night it looked like Helander was playing them on, realised sober this morning with full highlights he wasn’t. Morelos has played against them 11 times, scored 0, missed countless chances now including a penalty - as I say I love him but he has to break this duck soon.
  16. Not his biggest fan but thought he did fine yesterday. Clearly tried to leave one on Eduoard and we know what happened, performance wise fine though in my opinion
  17. The day after another big game loss and you’re desperate to call another fan thats admitted he was wrong and hurting a liar. You need help pal 😂😂😂
  18. Lol cool mate, I’m a pape because I was raging last night. I never “ fucked off” I went to my bed. No everybody lives their life constantly on the internet. You enjoy your day, somehow I don’t think you’ll have much bother doing so 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. Don’t try to create a problem where there isn’t one mate. We all get fucking raging at Rangers and yesterday was no exception for the majority of us. We have enough cunts looking to put the boot in without trying to do it to one another.
  20. @SeparateEntityMyArse @Rfc52 Too much drink last night, emotions running high, but no excuse to call fellow boys that were standing with me in Hampden hurting taigs, apologies 👍🏽. Had only seen a short video of their goal and looked like Helander got back in between the two men but watched the highlights this morning and that isn’t the case. Last nights rage led to me just looking for an argument. it’s demoralising this though, how we never got the job done yesterday I’ve no idea. Our star man loses all composure against them, they’re in his head. So onto Thursday as we need over this quickly
  21. It was a video I seen and just giving my opinion. As I say tarrier behaviour to desperately try and blame the ref rather than just say we don’t have the balls to go and win big games. Whatever makes you sleep tonight I suppose,but you’re acting like a fenian.
  22. It’s a video clip but Helander is in between Julienn and Eduoard. I’m not saying it makes today any more acceptable but It’s embarsssing when cunts are desperate to blame it on the ref rather than just saying it’s down to us
  23. I thought that aswell but have a look on twitter to see the angle from the other side. Fuck it it doesn’t matter now but he’s playing him on. Some cunts will always look to point the fingers at others though
  24. I’ve just seen another angle of their goal and Helander is playing him on. Find another lie to justify our loss or you could always try and look at our shortcomings for our loss instead of trying to blame the officials like a pape?
  25. You said keeper was 4 yards off his line haha. Just say he was off his line, making up blatant lies to justify our loss is tarrier behaviour bud
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