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  1. You made up two points but I’m the mongo haha get to your bed ya daft tit
  2. Fair points mate. Just think it dilutes the point when clearly over exaggerating, we all know the keeper was off his line, he certainly wasni 12 feet off his line though 😂😂. I’d just rather look at our own shortcomings than try to blame the ref, appreciate not everybody thinks like that. Especially days like today
  3. Im not arguing either or they points. Just arguing the keeper isn’t 12 feet off his line which is what you said. As I say today is sore for all, but it’s down to us.
  4. Chill mate I’m just saying he’s not 12 feet off his line and Julienn isn’t a yard offside. I’m not saying he’s not off his line and he’s not offside but no point in exaggerating to make your point. Today is gutting everybody but we only have ourselves to blame.
  5. If it makes you feel better mate no worries. He’s not 12 feet off his line though and the offside isn’t a hard off. Not saying the decisions are right but it’s weak to invent situations to suit your agenda. I’m more concerned we couldn’t score from open play and couldn’t do the business in another big game
  6. Well it was because it was given. We have offside goals go in our favour. I think it’s a bigger issue we didn’t score in a game we clearly created far more chances. I love Morelos but he just does not do it V them at all, he looks terrified
  7. I get that mate and it’s galling but we missed a penalty and countless chances. We can’t say we didn’t have it there to go and get....we just didn’t have it in us to go and get it.
  8. It’s irrelevant who deserved to win. It’s important who went and got the win. And once again it wasn’t us.
  9. Not in my opinion mate. None of them are the captain. None of them are tasked with dragging the team up and getting us over the line, only one is, and he’s failed time and time again. Not a bad footballer, but a pitiful captain.
  10. I don’t consider the championship and the ramsdens cup as achievements but fair play if you do. It explains your acceptance of mediocre shite in fairness.
  11. I actually agree we didn’t “deserve” it but it happened and we allowed it to happen. I honestly think this could leave lasting damage, what must the players be thinking that we dominated them and once again they got the better of us? They’ve had us on strings for years and today is the day it should have ended.
  12. Sorry that you’re upset, but let’s be honest Sutton is spot on. Not just based in today but he is not a Rangers captain, never in a million fucking years. He is a serial loser.
  13. To be totally honest mate you probably aren’t wrong. I’m fucking sickened by today and am taking out on the wrong cunts. I just can’t believe we have let it happen again.
  14. Aye mate that’s the type of thing to get hung up about as we further consolidate our position of being Scotland’s nearly men
  15. I wasn’t referring to you with my post above but I don’t believe you aren’t sick or the current circumstances. Being Celtics bitch for the last decade is galling.
  16. Ok. Time to log off I think. The cunts desperate to justify today with the fact we ran them close either have never understood what it means to be a Ranger or have forgotten, rough times, 2 points behind (god knows how many come Jan 1st) and one cup final lost. At least you think the gap is closing though. I imagine you were one of them laughing and singing leaving Hampden today. Sickening.
  17. Anybody but the expert loser. Jack the obvious choice.
  18. What’s your point mate? “We are on a journey” doesn’t make today any more acceptable, doesn’t make the title any more likely, is the point in “the journey” not to win trophies?
  19. Based on what? Not trophies won In the last 18 months anyway.
  20. In the grand scheme of things results matter, performances don’t. The history books say celtic pick up their 10th trophy in a row, not celtic pick up their 10th trophy in a row but Rangers play really well.
  21. It makes cunts feel better about it though mate. It’s easier to say shit like that than look in the mirror and say we have handed them yet another trophy by not being good and clinical enough. Each to their own, the Rangers support has changed.
  22. I find it hard to identify today as progress as they pick up their first trophy on a way to a 4th treble. Fair enough if you think losing a final is progress.
  23. Fair enough I take that point. You must be sick of us “not doing enough” the , I know I am
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