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  1. Their goalie kept a clean sheet which is literally his job. Our best player her another “one of they days” in a huge game. Stop taking utter pish
  2. Matters not one bit in terms of reality, another trophy for them. At least it’s the first game in 8 years we dominated though eh......
  3. We missed a penalty man along with countless other chances. We shouldn’t have lost that today yet we did. They have winners amongst them, we don’t. If you think that’s a coincidence fair enough but the last ten trophies read celtic 10 Rangers 0, that’s all that matters.
  4. You can’t think it’s a coincidence we continue to lose to them in big games. If you do fair enough, but in the bigger picture it doesn’t matter. They beat us when it matters again. That must sicken you like it does me
  5. Sorry bud was 33 minutes not 45. Which of course makes it acceptable we handed them their 10th trophy in a row.....
  6. Sorry we played against 10 men for 33 minutes. Don’t let that get in the way of you justifying the taigs winning 10 trophies in a row though 🥴😂
  7. We are starting to accept and justify results like this. They were utter pish today, utter pish and we still couldn’t get over the line before them. We now expect it.
  8. If it is Tavernier it’ll be the same shitey trophyless seasons we are becoming used to. Not raging today is specifically his fault but he’s never a Rangers captain, never. Sutton was spot on with his comments.
  9. We played against 10 men for a full half and didn’t score. If you think we didn’t shit it you’re as big a loser as the cunts on the park today, take me back to the days where a cup final loss was never acceptable, far less justifiable. Clueless cunts like you are part of the bigger problem 👍🏽
  10. Photos of Jullien being offside and Forster off his line to justify another big game no show, is it any wonder they have dominated this country for the last decade. Time to be honest, we shit it
  11. Not claiming to be ITK but a mate has a couple of mates in the club and he has said the game is in doubt pending pitch inspection at 0900am.
  12. Panic merchants? We have a good side going forward but every goal we lose comes from a mistake. The collapse on Wednesday and the two goals we conceded are both unacceptable. Not getting a stonewalled or missing sitters is irrelevant when the point is the centre halfs are a bombscare.
  13. You’ve managed to give me that award and trump me in the same post with that absolutely howling patter 😂😂 I love Gerrard. As a player and now as our manager. I just don’t think two failed seasons could be justified by the managers playing reputation, obviously you do, just chill mate 🤞
  14. Think we all know what’s coming on Sunday. It’s hard to see how we don’t get another riding off them.
  15. Wasn’t in the mood to listen to pishy sound bites last night and even less so this morning. Nothing justifies that collapse. Huge game on Sunday, I like SG but he needs to turn these losers into winners and produce trophies or he won’t be here in 6 month
  16. It’s genuine madness. I’m no sure if it’s boys scared to criticise, or boys that have watched us play second fiddle so long they forget where the standards should be and just accept this pish. That tonight is never acceptable, hope to fuck they go and prove us wrong on Sunday but I can’t see how we don’t concede 2/3 at a minimum. We’re miles behind mentally.
  17. Why is there always an element of the support desperate to justify shitebag results with “perspective” pish. 2-0 up against a diddy team is not and never will be acceptable, big advantage taigs Sunday, we’ll see if we have the men for the fight or if we are facing another long spineless trophyless season.
  18. 4LadsHadADream confirmed 3-0 Rangers. Tav Docherty & Stewart. Also says a host of scouts at the game with Docherty the main focus, expecting permanent and loan bids for him in Jan.
  19. They’re probably judging it on every league appearance he’s made this season. He was good last night, absolutely. Just didn’t understand the starting of a thread to highlight justified negativity as the actual game was still going on. I wouldn’t think jumping on the internet to try and pull boys up was on many folks minds during the game, just enjoy the win mate 👌🏽
  20. Laughable (but quite happy) he doesn’t get in that Scotland team. Immense again
  21. Good hour against Ross County and boys are firing out threads mid game trying to call out others for quite rightly being wary of him starting. We are a different breed 😂😂
  22. Bluenose-11


    Never really been impressed by him as a player. Wouldn’t expect to see him here past the summer.
  23. I remember Lloyd Cross regularly insisting Halliday was a far better CM than Jack. The problem with social media is it gives every clueless cunt a voice 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  24. Why do folk want to see 3 at the back? We tried it and we were all over the place. Now boys want to try it away to the best team in our Europa group, haha Jesus wept.
  25. Why mate? He’s never had a good game In our shirt to my memory. He wasn’t good enough last year, or the year he came in. No idea why some would give him a game now, hopefully cut our losses in Jan.
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