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  1. Aware it’s not the case in every single transfer from a small club to a big club. However in relation to this diddy I think it’s quite accurate, he will never make the grade at Rangers.
  2. When the built boy is Greg Docherty I wouldn’t say so mate. There’s a reason he’s only played about a dozen games in nearly two years. In fairness to the boy it’s not his fault he’s miles below the grade to be a Rangers player. You buy from Hamilton you get a Hamilton player..
  3. Being built, athletic and box to box doesn’t matter much when you’re absolutely shite and probably the worst passer in the squad. Not that there would be much in a toss up with Kamara. The Hamilton or the Dundee player, sadly
  4. I had high hopes for Aribo but he’s offered absolutely nothing. You know it’s a bad situation when boys are wanting Docherty in the team 😂 🤢
  5. Wild the folk that go with 4-4-2 thinking the gaffer will just randomly decide to try a completely new system one day 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Slow morning when “look what someone said on Facebook!” threads are being started 😴
  7. Disgusting rat bastard but are we really going to contact the employers of every person that writes something sick about us on the internet?
  8. I didn’t think the boy that made a cunt of it would be outdone within a matter of pages 😂 Well player sir.
  9. Until the club have the balls to tackle this it’ll continue to happen. Those than listen to their shows, follow/engage with them on Twitter are giving them exactly what they set out to achieve.
  10. Greeting about the ref for Kilmarnock away. Jesus. Is this where are now? We turn up and do our bit the ref doesn’t matter a fuck
  11. If Barisic isn’t the starting left back we need to go out and get one. Halliday fine to step in now and again but we can’t go into the season relying on him at left back.
  12. Unnecessary box ticking nonsense this imo. Pandering to groups of folk that claim they want treated equally whilst screaming to be treating differently. Utter pish.
  13. I see 100x more “that just proves that ‘Tav can’t defend’ is a myth” posts than I do of folk actually saying Tav can’t defend 💤
  14. Kent as captain haha. Where do these fucking mongos come from 😩😩😩
  15. Holt Rossiter Dorrans Docherty Lafferty Grezda Barisic Herrera at an absolute minimum.
  16. Nah, the commentators would’ve mentioned it if it was.
  17. De Boer for me but reading this thread and being reminded of Prso scoring 4 for Monaco in Champions League before signing or us made me go and watch the game, some top players in that Monaco team. Rothen scores the first too.
  18. Bluenose-11


    Shambolic signing. Didn’t even look very good when he was apparently fit. We just seem to stumble from one of these signings to the next.
  19. Haha. You’re the one taking joy in a team we can’t beat in a meaningful game, getting beat in an irrelevant game at tynecastle. Silly cunt 😂
  20. I’m fully grown mate. Continue to celebrate other sides mediocrity whilst we are still a laughing stock ourselves, as I say, you ain’t got a clue about Rangers 👍🏼
  21. The exact pish response I extected. Theyve knocked us out both cups this season, beaten us twice at ibrox, yet you want to have a laugh at them losing at Tynecastle. Long suspected you were a young tit with no clue what following Rangers means, thanks for confirming 👍
  22. What’s your point mate? Do you not find lording it over Aberdeen that hearts beat them embarrassing? Is this where we are now?
  23. Fuck Aberdeen-, why would we be looking to brag about Hearts beating them? We might be in front of them in the league but they’ve embarrassed us in both cups. This post is the kinda tin pot post I expect from sheepshaggers 👎
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