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  1. As disappointing and shite as last nights result/performance was it's essentially a friendly, we don't have to look further than Papes Vs Red Imps last year to know this will have given us no indication of how we will perform this season. Im more disappointed cunts are referring to Candeias as candy-ass. Worse than Murderwell, scumdee and Hivs absolute patter merchants
  2. Our very own John James, magic
  3. Wasn't talking about the forum re papering over cracks. Today's result says tie done, into the next round. However we all know just how poor it was again, a win granted, but performance was poor again, like most of the season.
  4. I don't think doing better than two boys who have performed well below par all season says anything to be honest. He's lightweight, doesn't take his chances and loses it a lot. I hope I'm wrong about him but feel he gets this preferrencial treatment because people want there to be a player in there. Don't really think he's Rangers class & i haven't seen anything so far* to suggest he is.
  5. Paper over the cracks for another week. In the hat for the next round but it's clear as day 4-3-3 is getting us nowhere fast. Josh Windass as well btw, surely can't be the only one that thinks he offers us nothing. Other than the element of our support who will blindly back up every player, I'd like to think most bears would agree despite the hype around him it's quite clear he's not up to much at all, and not the only one.
  6. The moment Houston the grass received his screenshots ✊??
  7. Absolutely spot on mate. This cannot just be accepted. I have went back and forth with Houston all day and he's tripped himself up a few times to myself alone, this offended stance of his is so blatantly a cover up to having a go at this forum. Now i have this Robert Marshall commenting asking what id have done but is giving me no feedback on why he found it acceptable to try and destroy his owns livelihood. This needs pushed as both have tried to destroy fans of our club and that simply cannot just be left to be forgotten about.
  8. Ive been commenting back and forth with Houston for a few hours today. Pretty quickly it was obvious his beef wasn't with the comments but this site as a whole. It sticks in my throat cunts like this have any kind of authority amongst our support, more so the cunts that pander to him and take the moral highground. The stock response I received from his followers were "you're defending them!!!". I wasn't, I was taking issue with a fellow bear happily sticking his own in the shit for nothing other than a pat on the back. My advice to the people that run/moderate this page is keep doing what you are doing, as a support as a whole if we can weed out these fame hungry Wankers that put the club second behind their ego our rise to the top will come much quicker, and be much sweeter ??
  9. He said that to me too as his IP address was banned, a few comments later he linked me up to the threAd, I asked how that was possible? No reply
  10. Trying to keep up with the facebook comments but worse than the clown Houston are the tarrier panderers jumping on his band wagon caling for bans from Ibrox! When did our support get so fucking soft, well done the bears defending their own!!
  11. This. Although he does seem to be getting better of Houston!
  12. You dont think MOH or Forrester offer anything but you would play the absolute bombscare Tavernier in midfield despite him doing not a stroke there against Celtic and generally being hopeless, wow.
  13. We are always in good voice there and never outsung, hardly a famous home support. Wont be an easy game but lets not get our excuses in early pretending its Galatasary away
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