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  1. Sorry not buying it. One player maybe but surely to fuck we can cover two out of three crocks
  2. What I'm saying is, if your star player is a risk, it might be a risk worth taking. If three ordinary players are a risk, tell them to take the day off
  3. Who's we?
  4. Yes, that's the chap I'm referring to
  5. Three defenders totally fit at 3pm but then not fit enough to finish the game ? Fuck off. If they were that unfit they shouldn't have started. Pedro hasn't got a scooby
  6. Even with injuries, not for me. Rather have Murty
  7. A Few weeks ago I'd also have said any win will do. However I think we're better than that now. I want to see a good performance and a comfortable win. Especially after last nights result.
  8. If he was trying buy a house or a car of DM you can bet there would have been checks to ensure the funds were actually there
  9. That thanks to his involvement the shares are really worth fuck all.
  10. The last line is more like Dave "thank fuck"
  11. Jeezo. He can't take anything he just has to make an offer. It's up to you whether or not you take the offer.
  12. Nobody is being forced to sell at 20p or any other price. When an individual or group of individuals acting in concert take 30% of a company they must then offer to buy all the remaining shares. DK tried to get round this by claiming that he and the 3 Bears acted independently. The TAB have seen through this
  13. It felt like a win so I've got no problem celebrating it as such. If there's a downside it might that DK might think everything is now rosy and there's only minimum investment needed. However that's a worry for another day. For now let's just enjoy
  14. Came on to say that. Felt like a win should have been a win
  15. HIm and King will make a good double act. A bull fighter and a bull shitter