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  1. Cedrick


    Probs on 1k over they’re and 12k here which can change attitudes
  2. Jig been a wankpeice all his days , hero status coz he stayed in lower divisions , what other mugs would pay an absolute journeyman 15k a week , super ally seeing his pal alright as per
  3. Cedrick


    I was trying to play it down , he’s shite
  4. Cedrick


    He’s shit scared so he’ll never make it here
  5. Cedrick


    Makes it even worse , imposter of the highest degree
  6. Definitely improved , gave them a lesson in December expected to kick on , not materialised , to many avarage players that brings the inconsistency which prevents us from going on a championship winning run , my biggest problem with Gerrard is the midfield, the player he was and eg he thinks the sun shines out Ryan jacks arse , the middle of the park needs addressed with at least 3 players that can create and score goals , if the budget doesn’t stretch to this he needs to spend hours transforming the current midfield on the training ground
  7. Cedrick

    Maurice Edu

    Miles better than any midfielders at the club now
  8. All we need is Marco Negri to model it
  9. We need more than one centre mid that attempts to have a look forward
  10. It’s the same pish every game throws his arms towards the channels to tell absolutely no idea who to push up , just say it in the dressing room before the game
  11. We are behind the team but more not often than not of late they’ve let us down , we’ve improved and next year is the biggy for Gerrard, it’s up to the board Gerrard and the players though, the support can’t do anything else , how many times have you read on here or all over social media in the past few years bears saying “battle fever on” etc ,then they’d tow us 5v0 , fuck all we can do about it it’s up to the employees at the club
  12. 😂, our centre mids do my tits in ,why wouldn’t you want to try a great pass or score a goal , they’re all exactly the same , then we add another neat and tidy never gonny hurt anybody in Kamara for good measure , it baffles me the player Gerrard was these players still go square or back game after game which tells me he’s not roasting them to fucking try something positive
  13. 30 sec clip at half time on the screens of Albertz doing more positive things than all our current centre mids put together
  14. Gerrard needs to hold his hands up and say you’ll need to go back down England at the end of the season wee fella , we don’t create 6/7 tap in opportunities a game and he brings nothing else
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