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  1. Canny mind of being ruled out of Forfar coz I got Peterhead the season before
  2. I think Kamara was rested for Sunday , I’d have went with last night’s midfield on Sunday but Kamara will be a definite starter now , ojo instead of Stewart was baffling
  3. We all need to be at it or we toil , situations like the second half last night when we’re having a stinker nobody can pull something out the bag individually to win us the game
  4. To back your theory , he’d heard the length we all went about Kamara’s turn for Arfield’s goal last season and make no mistake he went after Kamara in the game at ibrox this season , Kamara shat it and hid , the better more mentality stronger player we had back in the day would have made a cunt of him even more
  5. Agreed 👍🏻👌🏻
  6. At the same time it’s all down to the demise in quality in the Scottish game , he’s roasted in Europe and they wanted shot of him when we had the likes of Mendes Ferguson in the middle of the park
  7. Played one at parkheed last season I’m sure , I see what your thinking though , crossed my mind to 👍🏻
  8. We rise above it though mate , our club describes it as that , our support see it as rightly so , constantly shitting the bed
  9. Easier to apologise than take the wrath off everything connected to celtic for giving it
  10. No chance we’ll win at parkheed so theres really 5 points in it , drop anything else up until then I can’t see a way back after the break
  11. Up there with one of the most baffling selection decisions in my time following Rangers , Miles ahead of worrall last season , great start to this season , dropped again for inferior players
  12. Katic was brought on to try and score from the corner
  13. The collapse was solely down to the players
  14. What can he do about a player giving the ball away from the side ?
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