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  1. Blatant hand ball on the line against PSV Eindhoven in the ueafa cup at ibrox , linesman ref and that fanny behind the goal all missed it or in my theory was told not to miss it coz the next round was the quarters and the final was in Dublin , we were getting to close for UEFAs liking , 2 years after Manchester I'm sure the game was
  2. The big games the atmosphere at ibrox takes care of itself , I don't see the full stadium rocking against your Hamilton's or Ross counties just because a section of people are now standing , the atmosphere at every stadium in the world depends on the fixture
  3. i thought Alves was brought in to deal with games like Saturday , he was nowhere to be seen , was really disappointed in him on Saturday , maybe spl to physical for him to
  4. Stokes should been off for the tav incident then at least a 2nd yellow in the jack incident
  5. Seems to be only the lads in that stand that seen it
  6. Sat in the Sandy Jardine front I said to my mate jacks off as soon as I seen it
  7. Remember he done this before , then our team won the league at killie on the last day of the season and we spent the full game cupping our ears singing let's all do the Lennon ripping the cunt right out him , why did we get the chance the chance to rip him ?? Coz our team beat his , it's the only way ,if we'd won 4v3 yesterday this statement would never have been released , just like our songs haven't offended anybody the last few seasons coz the taigs are winning , first time we win the league again the songs will be an issue , we sang the famine song for 3 seasons but coz wee scudded them 4v2 at the glitter dome when Pedro Mendes scored it was band
  8. Only people that can do anything about it that won't involve arrests is our players and sadly they rolled over and took it , thought with big Alves previous reputation he'd have cemented stokes , didn't go near him
  9. Rid neck this ,got exactly what he wanted , ignore the wee prick , the only people that could help us get to him was our players but sadly they let hibs run over the top of them
  10. I thought big Bruno was brought in to police games like yesterday , after the stokes incidents , he should have and I thought he was there to cement him fairly or otherwise,stokes will either be hurt or react and get a second yellow , I was really disappointed with big Bruno yesterday , he'll probs not go near the lego muncher like we all hope he would
  11. Me to mate , that's who we look to to pull us through, expected much more from him to be honest
  12. Good first 15 and that was it , not buying the red changed it this is fucking Rangers no way should we be dominated like that from a diddy team like hibs the from 1 each on even with 10 men , Gers teams of previous years would have trounced them today with 10 men at ibrox , about time we got back to that mentality and quickly , sitting in and being dominated and bullied by fucking HIBS is as far as I'm concerned totally unacceptable and not the mentality of our great club , we won the UEFA cup semi final with 10 men fur fuck sake
  13. Watch big Alves at the 1st where the fuck was he going 😳