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  1. The table

    Haha hope so mate
  2. The table

    If they invest in decent defenders we’re totally fucked altogether
  3. Murty should be let go now.

    Not much can be done with very avarage players , this is it for us for the foreseeable, win 2 lose 2 draw 1 and so on , windass will score then will contribute nothing for 3 games , Murphy will beat a man score then won’t touch the ball for 2 games etc , this is just how it is with very average players
  4. Type Of Past Players Back

    Miles away from only needing 2 or 3 players to title challenge , Rangers players that can’t overcome teams that are nothing but origanised and hard working shouldn’t be Rangers players
  5. Parking near ibrox

    Sheils road subway park and ride a good option I use often , sometimes just walk it to ibrox and back to from there and don’t bother using the subway part of the deal ,15 minute walk or 3 stops in subway , come out the carpark turn right 100 yards and your on the M8 west bound £5:20 I’m sure it is
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Definitely 👍🏻👌🏻
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That big black boy for Motherwell puts one of our players out for months every game unpunished, farts on brown , straight red
  8. Too many handwringers

    Great cause mate but it’s a shambles who’s playing , I know if went up to the front door of ibrox or the training centre and asked can I come in I’d be told to get to fuck , yer in river city or a kid on wrestler in ye come lads , Rangers all over they though the fans are just income
  9. I doubt we have the mentality as a club to go forward

    The standards of the people within the club has dropped dramatically, go into the stadium now there are chips out dressing room doors marks over the walls , paintings squint in the corridors ,they are all stupid wee things but also indicators of the standards now , things like that would never be allowed in a Walter Smith etc era
  10. Too many handwringers

    you’d think it was different people in ibrox today compared to last week and no £££ spent on an area to stand is going to make a difference to the atmosphere against teams like Killie and Hamilton etc shocking atmosphere today , the game was shite but the half hearted attempt at the blue sea of ibrox is always an indicator that nobody can be arsed
  11. Too many handwringers

    Frightening that , couldn’t believe it
  12. Bruno Alves

    into last stage of the season and still waiting on him tackling somebody , big imposter shitehouse , absolute cheat of a man
  13. Too many handwringers

    Standing today at half time listening to some cunt that pretends to wrestle saying he can’t wait to play at ibrox next week , great cause but if any of us bears who’s devoted our life’s to the club went up to the front door and asked can I play on the pitch or come in and and look around we’d be told to get to fuck , absolute joke , I like the Rangers charity foundation and participate in many of their fund raisers but they’ making a cunt of themselves and the support with this nonsense
  14. Too many handwringers

    Went from deafening last week to silent this , exact same cunts to
  15. Cummings is not good enough

    Dropping the buffalo was ludicrous