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  1. After for 1/2 for this
  2. The very reason I was a bit disappointment in Gerrards no complaints about the officiating comment in his post match piggery interview, Clancy booked a cunt twice seen who it was and shat It to send him off fur fuck sake , the club should have been ramming every single incident down everybody’s throat every day from the game at parkheed until now , as per rising above it gets us nowhere
  3. Done well in parts , be very surprised if he starts Wednesday and no chance he’ll start at Tynecastle, took his youth bombing forward game into the first team which shows plenty of confidence
  4. Before a balls kicked Flanagan is an out and out defender , he will hardly get forward and the times he does he will have nowhere near the the quality of tav , we’re all fully aware of this so no point whatsoever roasting the lad about it
  5. Five pager of panic already at the potential loss of apparently a few weeks back a shite player and worse captain
  6. No idea about feasibility so don’t laugh 😂, if it went ahead would they need to put steps in the tunnel ?
  7. Due to the performance, couldn’t hear them on tv last game either, the 2 we won were class
  8. Had my home ticket when the Broomloan wasn’t full of season ticket holders hence why we got tickets for parkheed , there’s two sides to it mate , I’ve enjoyed the games at ibrox it’s not dampened the atmosphere at all , we’ve had to also endure standing through some humiliations at the piggery to , so obviously some lads will feel hard done to missing 2 of the biggest games in Europe when we’re now competing in them and winning them , during they humiliations we were all at parkheed because the demand wasn’t the same at ibrox , as I said if we came up in the first season under warbuton and the demand and new ticket allocation was in place then , fair enough absolutely no complaints
  9. We should get 7500 there and they get 800 ibrox 👍🏻Best scenario 😂 I’m sure they’ll go for it
  10. The other side of the coin though mate , why should 6200 bears not see us winning at parkheed after all the humiliation we’ve went through there coz we’re decent now and the new season ticket holder fancy’s the Gerrard reign , there’s arguments on both sides , I’m (as selfish as it may be) of the thinking I like many others went there and cup finals under Pedro and Murty and suffered absolutely humiliations, now we’re in a great place we’ve no chance of parkheed and thousands missing out on cup finals , if the current set up was in place from the first season back in the top flight due to the demand then fair enough but i think the current set up is a boot in the stains to the bears that went through the last few years
  11. Especially when we stood thru the games Alnwick was playing left back for the first ten minutes etc and ending up absolute drubbings , the numbers demanding season tickets now didn’t fancy it then though
  12. Didn’t need to cut their allocating just needed to beat them that’s the only way to put a stop to their pish
  13. Ticket Office will be blazing if livi’s at home
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