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  1. He’s better than Newcastle , on his day he’s top 5 epl
  2. Hardly missed a game 8 & 9 in a row , Bears being bears though, he must be shite and slaughtered coz he’s was a low feel along with Gary bollan , cleland didn’t put a foot wrong , bar the tackle in Turin 😂
  3. Does it nice as ye like 70 yards fi the shitehoose
  4. Hearts support would probably rather go doon so celtic win it , kid on support they cunts
  5. No danger I’d sign him permanently for 5 million
  6. Baffling mate , speed we moved the ball up the park for Kents goal never been seen since the winter break , everything that got us success has stopped
  7. The re run of the game at parkheed is on sky the now , baffling what’s happened to that team , can go off form but the effort and work rate is nowhere near what I’m watching just now anymore
  8. Cedrick


    Fair enough mate He’s not went off coz who’s came on though
  9. Petrov was Copland end after scoring a header I’m sure mate
  10. Cedrick


    Poor from Gerrard especially when Goldson wasn’t mentioned after the Hamilton game , your last 2 sentences are Tav hate filled pish though
  11. We’ve done really well this season In Europe but one thing I have noticed not taking anything away from us is how much the quality level has dropped throughout the once top European leagues , we couldn’t get near a top Dutch or Swiss side with the likes of laudrup and Gazza in the team , our current side have more than been a match for every European opposition this season with obviously a much lesser standard of player than the 2 mentioned above
  12. Geordie end was a cunt to get oot when it was terracing
  13. They’ll be awarded the title and hearts won’t be relegated ,absolute certainty and Rangers will say ok thanks for letting us know
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