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  1. Me and my old man finish work half 4 , straight to sheils road subway park and ride , onto cessnock , chippie fur the tea oot the cheapest chippie every on paisley road west then wonder round the stadium , the usual mid week game ritual 👍🏻👌🏻
  2. Think you'd get wan Nae bother to be honest
  3. He'll be getting a fortune I bet
  4. Steven Millar Rangers archive page on Facebook will have it and probs put it knyk to DVD for you for a small fee
  5. Auctioneers
  6. I thought the rush was an absolute certainty , was surprise they ran out of strips to be honest thought retail would have knew what was coming
  7. I was the same mate I wasn't then sure if sd was getting the 50% or rangers gettting the 75% collecting at sd so I didn't bother proceeding , roll on Saturday
  8. king told people in Las Vegas 3 weeks ago this was coming , the first time they discussed it wasn't at 3pm yesterday as some people suggesting ,the surrounding concourses of the shop i.e. The Copland sandy Jardine corner should have been floor to ceiling with boxes of strips ready for the announcement yesterday , never in a million years should our retail staff allow our official shop to be sold out at 11:30am on the Thursday and bears now needing to wait till Saturday to get one , shambles
  9. Been to a few Q&As of his , sound and very funny lad is all I've ever seen
  10. Class tweet from Ipswich
  11. Hopefully that fella toiling up the stairs gets the heads up this can be done 👍🏻👌🏻