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  1. This country's got the cheek to complain about England going on about 1966
  2. Tavs in the 4 I would have kept
  3. Aye come in knock out stage
  4. Spot on mate couldn't stand black before he signed and disliked him more when he played with us ,absolute wee jobby of man
  5. Ortiz is back waitering in salou
  6. I don't think signing any player from the current spl teams outwith them will win us the league to be honest , hope I'm wrong , but we need better
  7. Haha class this ,Imagine the scenes if we actually become good
  8. He's strong as fuck to , opposition bounce off him
  9. I wouldn't sign anybody from Aberdeen Motherwell etc standards absolute dross and never winning us the league
  10. 2 out of 10 games decent we need players 8 or 9 out of ten games to play well
  11. He was ok I suppose but bears were blinded ability wise with him standing on on a seat and singing against them , he became pele after that ,he was avarage at best back then in a good team , but he might have improved immensely I don't know , if he's still at the level he was back then I think we need better to be honest
  12. Hope windass goes , done one decent thing all season and thinks he's the ticket and ssshhh's the bears , no be sssshhh us when he's back on £300 a week with Accrington swifts or whatever pish he came from
  13. I'm no one for being vocally negative towards the team , lost the place last night at him shitting it , fucking disgusting
  14. Newcastle tournament best preseason I've been to , wee filled the Gallowgate end , some atmosphere, would mind going down there again
  15. That will be my move to another part of the ground away from the absolute bellends around me fucked then