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  1. Semi final ballot

    I’m not saying they do just wondering how it works
  2. ***Feedback Thread***

    Got Motherwell tickets from @southdown 1916 earlier , absolutely bang on hassle free as per , top class 👍🏻👌🏻
  3. Semi final ballot

    Hows there always ten or so rows of a the UB behind the goals together then ? The only explanation can be if there isnt an allocation set aside , a UB lad and his 4 mates (friends and family max 5) come out the ballot, it flags up on the system they are a UB member or flags up BF1 and Rangers TO then put them behind the goal and it continues like that till ballot is completed and that’s how they have there own section ?
  4. Semi final ballot

    We’re only allowed 5 friends and family maximum thats how I’ve always thought the ub must have a hampden allocation set a side from our ballot by the club , there’s always a good few of them together , if I’m wrong I stand corrected , don’t think i am though
  5. Semi final ballot

    It flags up on the ballot system the lad/lass is a ub member when his/her name comes out in the ballot ?
  6. Semi final ballot

    Always a fair amount of them in the same seats every hampden game , find it hard to believe that’s not a set a side allocation to be honest
  7. Semi final ballot

    And ? I sing I still need to go into the ballot
  8. Semi final ballot

    Got to hope Motherwell win the other semi , they show a bit of sense and take the allocation they know they can sell unlike yer hibs and sheep of the worlds where S/T holders are entitled to 200 tickets each just to get half hampdens allocation , Motherwell get to the final and so do we , all the bears signed up will get a ticket
  9. Rangers Legends this Saturday

    Think coz they’ve had to go down the apparent celebrities route has tarnished it a tad , great coz but should’ve just been ex players , grado will be getting changed next to and passing the ball to Jorg Albertz lets just take that in for a minute lol
  10. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    Having himself , it puts me off him, performances no where near merrit the attitude
  11. Semi final ballot

    Whit ?
  12. Semi final ballot

    Rest of us are only allowed to sit 5 together friends and family
  13. Semi final ballot

    Don’t think some of the younger generation are in the ballot instead they are handed an allocation coz there in the exact same seats behind the goal in hampden every time we play there
  14. Semi final ballot

    How should he ? You signed up he didn’t
  15. Rangers Legends this Saturday

    Do lots of events to raise money for the Rangers charity foundation myself and the game is a great cause but can’t help but feel peeved that myself and thousand of other bears have devoted our life’s to the club followed the team around the world boy and man when all we needed to do is audition for river city to get a chance to live the dream