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  1. Alves doesn't get it

    Agree mate but since Bates is here I’d go with him instead of alves
  2. The ibrox crowd

    Bang on this
  3. Alves doesn't get it

    Probably need to go with Bates or Cordosa celtic game coz no doubt Bruno will pick up an injury killie or Motherwell
  4. Alves doesn't get it

    I’d rather a big honest lad trying his best mate than an imposter
  5. Alves doesn't get it

    I’d go with big Bates instead of this shitehouse at least big Bates is honest and will put himself in where he might get hurt , wonder what injury alves will pick up the killie or Motherwell games to miss parkheed
  6. Bruno Alves

    Nah it was bang on mate he’s a big shitehouse
  7. Bruno Alves

    Meant playing wise , thought we were getting a top drawer player that would boss the spl but it’s ended up a shambles
  8. midfield

    Jack did well at the goal apart from that he was away back to as bad as he was before the two Aberdeen games , bossed they two games , dreadful the rest of the season
  9. Bruno Alves

    Joey Barton the 2nd this cunt , get him to fuck in January
  10. Alves doesn't get it

    Hope he’s away in January, he’s played at the highest level and is one of the worst centre half’s we’ve had
  11. The ibrox crowd

    It’s getting worse by the season, coming off the back of being there Wednesday to that yesterday the difference is unbelievable, it can be the best and worst atmospheres around unfortunately it’s 99% of the time the worst
  12. Hats Off To The Media Team.

    Trousers aff to Alice
  13. Alves v Hill

    Hill all day long for me
  14. Candeias

    He’s poor to mate but thought he tried a bit , candias didn’t try a leg
  15. Candeias

    Bang on mate , he was a disgrace last night