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  1. Cedrick

    The pitch

    Potentially Booking a spl stadium for a game of 7 a side with your mates across the pitch is fucking ridiculous
  2. Cedrick


    He played really well end of , no need for the rest of your post
  3. Cedrick


    He was excellent today
  4. Cedrick

    Motherwell family section

    Reading all the stories they’ll stop you , the kid can’t make it , you can’t get in ??? Fucking joke , there will be no offer of the £28 adult ticket price back of course after the entry refusal
  5. Cedrick


    Klopp and Liverpool give “absolute shite” plsyers 4 years deals right enough , bit naive here and there which is to be expected with a young midfielder but he’s a very good footballer
  6. Cedrick

    Jamie Murphy

    The let down in the team every time he plays
  7. Cedrick

    Motherwell Emails

    Be lucky if any fans get a ticket
  8. Cedrick


    When he came on I said to lad next to me , 13 minutes of chaos ahead now 😂😂😂big mans a riot , get him in behind though nobody’s catching him
  9. Cedrick

    Killie tickets posted out without emails being sent

    Emails through now , some kind of error
  10. Cedrick

    Killie tickets posted out without emails being sent

    Wonder if some of the original successful people put the ballot knocked it back , I’ve emailed CCCS to ask what the script is , could miss payment or hunting about for a ticket and you’ve already got one
  11. Cedrick

    Coulibaly Vs Maribor

    Pay the money now
  12. Cedrick

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    Strange eh
  13. Cedrick

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    My mate had the same , no email but received a ticket today , wonder if killie have gave us half main stand or something coz there toiling to sell and gers have done another ballot ? Dono
  14. Cedrick


    Pay the money now
  15. Cedrick

    Atmosphere tonight

    Nothing better in the world than ibrox rocking like that tonight
  16. Cedrick

    Rangers Pools

    Fuck knows , got a direct debit amount email from Rangers pools then a direct debit amount email from football pools which is double the amount , fuck knows how this works , hunting about for the cancellation button already 😂😂needless to say can’t find it
  17. Cedrick

    Ticket Office Advice?

    Ticket office all over that
  18. Cedrick

    Nacho putting beast in his place

    The thing arseholes like that prick forget footballers are athletes and if it was to kick off they could throw run of the mill folk about like an empty paper bag
  19. Cedrick

    Jamie Murphy

    Not for me , flashes here and there against Hamilton etc at home isn’t enough , always looks almost scared to me , wouldn’t have signed him full time , personally i don’t think Gerrard has either , Mark Allen all day long this signing
  20. Cedrick

    That “challenge” on Jack

    Fucking disgraceful, cowardly act from behind , which would have made it worse for Ryan as he didn’t see it coming , we do look more physical and stronger but as we’ve said many times before there’d be repercussions for May if that was a team of days gon bye , shocking challenge
  21. Cedrick


    He was immense today
  22. Cedrick

    Fighting against the cheats.

    Refs sending Ball , May , cunt who emptied Kent off , not booking artfield not sending the buffalo off not booking Goldson if it’s on record right enough eh 👍🏻👌🏻🙈
  23. Cedrick

    Fighting against the cheats.

    Who do we report them to ? Corrupt bastards higher up the tree , pointless
  24. Cedrick

    Fan Engagement Survey

    Into a different ballot to get killie and livi away twice as your away allocation