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  1. Central Midfield

    Annoys me when lads start questioning jack after a loss he’s just as bad when we win , doesn’t win the ball , doesn’t stamp authority doesn’t create doesn’t play a forward pass doesn’t score goals , aye but he’s neat and tidy , what the fuck does that even mean ? He’s never a Rangers central midfielder in a million years
  2. Spot on this 👍🏻👌🏻
  3. Embarrassing this , big Shite bag
  4. Central Midfield

    Haha Nae bother 👍🏻👌🏻
  5. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    I’m a flag bearer Wednesday hope I’ve calmed doon or my flag could find its way up a few plsyers sphincters
  6. Central Midfield

    Being sarcastic dorrans and jack play that deep their centre half’s? or mis read my post ?
  7. Central Midfield

    We must have the only 2 centre midfielders in the world that won’t create a single chance all season , there was hope dorrans had turned the corner last week but he was back to normal today , Ryan jack shouldn’t be near Glasgow Rangers
  8. Central Midfield

    I’d rather Nicky law than Ryan jack
  9. Central Midfield

    Unbelievably Signing of the summer Ive read , the signing of the summer has contributed absolutely fuck all
  10. Central Midfield

    Bang out mate , contributed absolutely nothing in a Rangers jersey
  11. Windass

    His chances have definitely ran out now
  12. Alves press conference

    Shitebag mate
  13. Alves press conference

    Looked better against St Johnstone last week but away back to being bullied today ,moult ragdolled him all over the pitch , to watch our young central defender get his nose smashed and do fuck all about it is unacceptable, the petulant kick out on the ground is how cowards deal with things , men like souness McCall Ian Ferguson sorted things out in 50/50’s , can honestly say this has been the most disappointment in a Rangers signing I’ve been , couldn’t wait to see him play for us,thought it’s exactly what we needed , he’s not tackled anyone yet , always in the back of my mind is he going to put his body on the line or us with the World Cup coming up I don’t think he is
  14. Central Midfield

    Ryan Jack is absolutely fucking woeful and has contributed nothing all season , the difference in Dorrans last week with holt along side him was unbelievable
  15. There seems to be de ja vu on this forum

    Was at the Rangers charity foundation Pedro Q&A ,he’s anything but a prick , not up to the task as the Rangers manager but “prick” get yer self to fuck
  16. Braehead Clan ice hockey

    Class that mate , clan won’t be getting many sell outs way there playing , woeful this season so far
  17. Anybody on here goes or been to see the braehead clan (glasgows ice hockey team) ? I'm heading into my 4th season going after stumbling across them one night while in braehead shopping centre , excellent night out , get a beer while watching the game to , usually get crowds of 3 and a half thousand and face off usually 7pm sat nights so I head straight from ibrox if both gers and clan at home , thoroughly recommend it if you have never been
  18. Ian Black was a decent right sided kabadi player
  19. Quick question

    What’s the burd accusing you of and your trying to think of an excuse for ? 😂😂
  20. Wee Barry admires Lennon

    Canny be doing with that Si Ferry, interviews are bollocks in my opinion
  21. Easter Road allocation

    Bang on mate 👍🏻👌🏻
  22. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    His goal at the piggery one of the mentalist goal celebration I’ve been involved in with the bears , for that experience alone I thank him
  23. Jorg Albertz

    unreal the amount of goals he scored or created against the manks , loved the big man
  24. Easter Road allocation

    If this is the case, then the police segregation is the reason the taigs need the full Bromloan rd line is blown out the water