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  1. Steven Gerrard

    Should make him player manager if anything, could probably still piss playing in the SPL
  2. Hibs confirm allocation cut

    Your doing it coz you can’t turn your back on your team and its at the back of your mind what if wee win and you’ll then be absolutely raging with yourself you didn’t go , all the very same reasons I’m doing it to 👍🏻👌🏻😂
  3. Reading he’s in the running for Hull player of the year
  4. Champs league semi final and these Bayern fans hardly even celebrating their opening goal, give me a pitch invasion at firhill and Dingwall any day of the week before this nonsense
  5. Neil Warnock Rumours

    I’d take all of the ops above
  6. Club statement

    Bang on mate
  7. Club statement

    Good statement , hibs are trying to create a rivalry and unfortunately due to our poor team it is now a big game , this fixture used to be a non event against an absolute also-ran of a club , about time next season it gets back to that
  8. Allan McGregor

    Hopefully that’s what it was , even Sunday looked poor
  9. Allan McGregor

    I’d take him , not been mention much on here but I think Alnwick has looked absolutely dreadful anytime he’s played , especially cup semi final against Motherwell
  10. Steven Gerrard

    I’d take a punt on Gerrard for 2 reasons he’ll have clout bringing decent players in and opposition won’t be swanning around with no one tackling or pressuring them
  11. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Agree , don’t think Alnwick’s looked very clever at all when he’s played , especially the Motherwell semi final
  12. Morelos warm up today.

    Haha suppose you have a point , I should have a few days off to think about what i done 😂😂👌🏻👍🏻
  13. Morelos warm up today.

    I like the buffalo one our best players in my opinion but he just gives me that impression at times
  14. Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    I think Michael O’neil the norther Ireland manager would be a good appointment for us , don’t think he’d be a gamble
  15. Dorrans

    Let’s see what he does next week when it really matters
  16. Morelos warm up today.

    He sees cumdog as an enemy not a team mate
  17. Candeias Goal

    Great cross and cracking header
  18. Tarrier Tickets

    You turn your back on us , you’ll regret it if wee smash them
  19. Union bears

    Would rather silence than!!!!(banter 😂)
  20. Alves

    On the beech in Portugal no doubt , he’s on a par with Ian Black for shitehouseness
  21. More good news (not really) - Pena

    Boo this cunt to fuck , remember the blowing his nose in shorts incident when he arrived back in Mexico
  22. Rangers Songs

  23. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    I take my hat off to all the lads on this thread still with the energy to try pick a team and formation
  24. Favourite Rangers Kit

    Can’t get past the fear of all the shite that was in it to admire the top
  25. Favourite Rangers Kit

    The Adidas wan the year wee just about got to the champions league final was my favourite