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  1. Stuart Taylor

    Vignal or thommo might get an instant promotion 👍🏻👌🏻😂
  2. Hivs Tickets

    No point in selling it out to be quiet or moan like fuck let’s rock place
  3. Acceptable second half of season?

    Got to beat them , I’m for the first time in 2 seasons going into the ibrox tie fully expecting us to win
  4. Hivs Tickets

    Looking forward to the meltdoon from the corner when cumdog sticks wan in the net
  5. Safe standing

    I posted earlier in this thread save money revamping a section of the ground and put the 9k signed up for CCS away scheme in the one stand
  6. Safe standing

    That’s due to the results , every atmosphere is determined by the fixture and the result , we’re just back from parkheed which has a standing section and totally out sung them , why ? Coz wee wee all over them and they were shitting themselves
  7. Safe standing

    Atmosphere that game takes care of itself though and that’s the reason for this being installed I’m being told , nothing at all to do with ub wanting down the Rangers end eh
  8. Safe standing

    Why no have it in the bromloan front and put the seats down when they come , ub stays where they are and no one in the other stands who don’t want to be put out their seats has to move
  9. Puma hoodies

    Try pro direct mate online they sell team were might get them there
  10. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Would like to see the same interaction with the club and players with the different class every week support like there’s been with people who chose a life in USA ahead of Rangers
  11. Safe standing

    Just put the 9k lads and lassies signed up for CCS away scheme in the one stand , save a fortune revamping the stadium and solve the atmosphere issues
  12. Harry Forrester

    Losing and the last minute of the game probs the difference
  13. Harry Forrester

    Had flashes mate definitely, didn’t want to mention it but the non pass was unforgivable though 🙈😂😫
  14. Harry Forrester

    When he first broke into the team regularly in championship he looked excellent, still wee flashes here and there in spl , outside of the foot cross for Kenny to score a header at ibrox sticks out in my head , hard pushed to find any other player in the spl that could execute that the way he did , attitude stinking though
  15. Harry Forrester

    We were all desperate for gers to sign him especially after the Dundee cup game under Warburton , spl he was lazy and poor , he’ll look back and regret his attitude at Rangers massively one day , had the chance to make something of himself at one of the worlds biggest clubs but couldn’t be arsed
  16. Heart and hand podcast KT

    Bang on mate 👍🏻👌🏻
  17. Kevin Thomson, Gregory Vignal and Stuart Taylor

    He Robbie keans anybody that spells his name with a P just giving ye the heads up OP
  18. Away Tickets Up To The Split

    Partick twice this season not had other games since promotion eg sheep , Hamilton Ross county , the good old system again
  19. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Aye your probably right mate , we’ll probs be in a ballot and get an email week before if we can go 🙈😂😂
  20. Jean-Alain Boumsong - Video

    Flew to training in Newcastle every day then back to France again due to a family illness I remember reading
  21. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    You think it might just be friends and family ?
  22. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Great idea , will definitely go along to watch games once stand is completed
  23. Ian Black

    Threads about Ian black , cowardly deliberately crocked jelavic , constantly gestures to bears for hearts including blessing himself at us at tynecastle , when he played with us , shite player , mouthed aff at bears from pitch constantly , bet on us to draw with east Stirlingshire , all round cunt of a lad
  24. Ian Black

    On 6/7k a week with us , wee Jobby hated him , another master stroke from McCoist