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  1. Fair enough when you compare there scores against each other 👍 I felt like jack and Davis were more in it first half and faded out or were less effective second half. Thought Borna had a solid game defensively but never created much going forward. Goldson never put a foot wrong and was either a 6/7 solid enough display. Hats off to big herlander he had he had a great game, even if he looks a little slow at times though he covered the space well.
  2. McGregor - 10/10 Tav - 6/10 Goldson - 7/10 Herlander - 8/10 Borna - 7/10 Kamara - 6/10 Jack - 7/10 Davis - 7/10 Arfield - 8/10 Ojo - 7/10 Morelos - 8/10 First half was tremendous but that tempo was always going to be hard to keep up. Game could of been over by halftime but well played to each and everyone of them they have it their all and that’s an important 3 points and £500k in the bank. Felt subs should of been on a little earlier but no complaints. Nervous last 10 mins but always going to be the case in these types of games with only 1 goal. Well done Rangers WATP 🇬🇧
  3. Brilliant first half made enough chances to win two matches need to keep same tempo up second half and kill the game off. 3 points are there for the taken
  4. Might of been already mentioned but is the game on Rangers tv?
  5. I remember I few years ago when he was banging them in at Dundee plenty wanted him on here 🤔
  6. It’s all about opinions mate 👍 i was more impressed with his attitude to winning the ball back and trying to drive us on. Anyway let’s be honest worsts performance of the season by far. Real chance to lay down a marker and we chocked. I often praise the manger when get gets it right but today he defo got it wrong. Will be interesting to hear the post match interview
  7. We could play another 90 mins and we would still of not scored. wrong team selection for me but to be honest I don’t think it would of done any difference. I hate singling our players but really starting to take a dislike to Ojo looks completely disinterested.
  8. ruthless !!! fucking toothless, absolutely fuck all going forward. Aribo is having a nightmare and defo and arfiled are not doing any better. celtic defense is there for the taken and we are holding back at Ibrox. get Morelos on and a couple of wide players and lets take the game to them. Not fucking good enough
  9. Apologies for starting I thread on this subject but need some advice about my travel arrangements for tonight’s match. I have just managed to get a ticket for tonight’s game and was wondering if it’s possible to park your car near ibrox? I have called Rangers and they have told me all the stadium parking is sold out . As I am already in Glasgow city centre would I just be better leaving car here and getting a taxi in and out? Can you get taxi ok after the match? admin please just delete this tread once it’s served it’s purpose. thanks to @Billy1984 for the ticket 🇬🇧
  10. Is anyone has a single ticket for sale tomorrow please pm me 👍
  11. This is 100% what was expected from St Miren so no surprises. If this is what Rangers expected and this is the performance given then we have not improved at all. Much more attacking threat needed second half don’t see why defo and Morelos can’t both be playing in these games. Also let’s get king on and have a look at him.
  12. All the best for you and your wife mate
  13. I The game was on a knife edge after they scored two , well played for the fight and character to go and pretty much kill the tie with the 4th goal. Everyone would of taken this result pre kick off
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