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  1. Who’s talking about supporting other teams? A tongue and cheek end of season post and you jump in like a keyboard warrior giving it big licks 👍 I don’t come on this site to trade insults to follow bears. I am actually disappointed in myself for biting to your initial abuse. I must try harder to stay out the way of the likes of you on here.
  2. If Hearts win the cup final and stop the treble treble and Aberdeen don’t make Europe then for the first time in my life I will be happy we got beaten.
  3. He is the upgrade of Lee Hodgson
  4. My son was born at Xmas and wanted a signed top for him for the season when was born. It’s away getting framed at the moment and he can keep it throughout this life. It was donated to local Livingston kids football team by Scott’s Arfield. It was on Facebook and stuff so certainly went to a larger audience. I ended up paying £330 for it.
  5. Smart bit of business toying him down to a longer contract. Can’t help thinking that Gerarrd is part responsible for that. Previous players like McKay were solder far too cheap. It’s time to hold firm with our valuations and ensure we get good cash flow and possible future transfer fees when our better players leave.
  6. Brilliant news for us if he goes. Fingers crossed it confirmed soon. i would imagine Clark would be their first choice and seen that popcorn teeth might be set for a return. either way brilliant news for us if he goes.
  7. If we make one signing next season please let us tie this lad up on a long term contract
  8. Admin please relocate if not in correct section. I have recently bought a signed top with this seasons squad. I am in the process of having it framed and I am struggling to find any official squad photos for this season on line. I am looking for the official full first team squad picture can anyone help.? I will also have space for a picture of Ibrox so if anyone has a good one please send me the link. Thanks in advance 👍
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