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  1. It’s time to move on and we should be accepting nothing less than 10M
  2. Fucking come on 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  3. Up to page four and not seen a single post from a Rangers fan hoping to win. For me I can’t see it but I hope more than anything that we manage to pull off the result of the season and qualify into the next round of the Europa League. would it buy SG more time? Of course it would. Would it give the manager more funds to spend? Of course it would. Would it give Alfredo an other opportunity to be the Europa league top goal scorer and raise his value? Of course it would. I for one can’t wait for the match 🇬🇧
  4. We would be totally fucked over the past two years if it was not for him. European runs would of failed before the group stages, Maribor instantly comes to mind. as per all goal keepers he is suspect with some goals But that’s all part of the job. Wish he would command his box a bit more and dislike his petulance but small price to pay to have the beat keeper in Scotland between the sticks.
  5. Totally agree but my point is give him the opportunity to make the changes. The wheels have well and truly fallen off and we will see what he is made off. If no changes are made and he keeps the players that we all highlight as the problems then he will need to go. We have seen enough progress to see he has (before xmass) had a team capable of beating them and competing on all fronts. Does he not deserve the opportunity to make the changes? I think he does.
  6. If there is a spit in the changing room who do you back? Manger or the players? For me I have seen enough under SG reign to see that the gap has closed. That’s simply down to him and his back room staff. I agree if we go and hit the reset button again we will be another 3/4 years without success. We all knew we were getting a rookie manager and mistakes would be made. Anyone who thought it was all going to be Rosie is mad. I missed the first half of last nights matched and really only seen the last 35 mins. Did he play two up top or still the 433? For me he needs to stop doing a Warburton and pushing through (A) and realise that a different game plan and type of player is needed for the Scottish league. For me the proof is in the pudding as he needs to start making whole sale changes in playing staff or formation in the league as our season is 95% over and we only have Europe to left. The way the teams been playing I would not be suppressed in the slightest if we beat the Germans or take a total skudding. IMO we back SG to the hills and allow him the time to get the imposters out and to come up with a game plan / tactics to win the league.
  7. He is Steve Davis the snooker players love child 😴
  8. Ross Wilson’s value will be seen come the summer. way I am feeling now is let’s sell our gutless assets and rebuild with some leaders. Unfortunately winners are expensive so if RW does his job properly then he will bring some strong characters and leaders in.
  9. Got his chance to lead the line finally........ powder puff performance
  10. I have just witnessed our entire squad give up. our season is over who gives a fuck about Europa League when they are going to win a quadruple treble. We are totally fucked, you can’t teach what we need to get over this slump. We don’t have any winners or leaders in our team and something has definitely went on behind the scene as no team can go for challenging on all to this in 10 weeks. absolutely abysmal to say the least, Gerrard for me is now on a shaky peg and i honestly don’t see it getting any better between now and end of season.
  11. Holly fuck that’s unbelievable 😡 how the fuck does a referee and two lines man miss that? thats cheating at the highest order and it can’t go unpunished. Rangers better get the finger out or the season is over
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