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  1. Alfredo Morelos Video

    Two things are for certain 1) the lad knows where the goals are 2) the lad loves a knee slide celebration
  2. David Bates

    Certainly performed well and is starting to look more comfortable playing each week.
  3. *** The Official Partick Thistle v Rangers Thread ***

    Our crossing is terrible real amateur level stuff
  4. *** The Official Partick Thistle v Rangers Thread ***

    Shite start Rangers
  5. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Where and when is the game? a remember when the official match notification gave you all that useful information.
  6. Murty press conference

    Talks very well and I must admit I am starting to think if he does well that he could be in line for a crack at it again next season. Its is and always will be a results driven business and if he does well he will be here longer but its important to remember he is only two or three games away from the sack. Rangers fans will accept nothing less than challenging for the league no matter who is in charge. For now I am fairly impressed and he has challenged in the big matches since he has been here. Good win at the weekend and if that continues I will be happy to see him stay. Keep up the good work Murty
  7. Jason Holt

    The last two managers would of dropped points today. Not the best game second half but we done what we needed to and that’s all that matters. well done Cummings on scoring the winner ⚽️
  8. Murty

    Can not fault Murty for his results against top league teams. He has shown in the games against celtic, Hearts, Aberdeen and Hibs that he is capable of reaching the heights that Rangers demand. If he keeps this form and washes away the rest of the dross in the league then I feel we will certainly close the gap this year. If he was to close the gap to within say 5 points (hopefully challenge) and win a cup for me that would be enough to give him a 2 year contract. Never been his biggest fan but you can not argue with his results against the top teams stop dropping silly points and he could be the man next season.
  9. Tav

    Sounds like a new all you can eat brothel
  10. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Take Warburton out of the picture and say that both clubs made the agreement?
  11. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Please don't shoot me down here Hibs refused to sell any player to Rangers ....... fact. Warburton agrees to pay only 500K for Barry McKay on the agreement that Cummings would be sold back to Rangers Stranger things have happened.
  12. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    I know its a bit off subject but I never realized that big Duncan Ferguson only played 14 games and score 2 goals??
  13. Tonight’s Goals

    Fuck arguing with that referee
  14. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    If you think Bates is the standard of a typical Rangers centre half then your expectations of this club are way off the mark. Our players need to be playing at a consistent level every week. The problem with players like Bates he will give you a 9 out of 10 performance once every 6-8 games and the rest will be somewhere around 5-6 out of 10 for the rest. your seriously deluded if you think Bates should be our starting center half over the next 3/4 years
  15. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Watched the last 20 mins and never seen too much to be overaly impressed with. Ath Min has only the youngsters out and it’s the start of their pre-season and Rangers are mid way through we should be taking a few more goals from them. For me we we have a massive scull needed and the likes of Herrera, Bates, haladay, cardoso, the Dalcio, Hodson, niko K, all need to be shown the door. None of these players are making the squad better.