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  1. Arfield assist Aribo goal 😎 a wee bit reverse physiology
  2. Potential banana skin this one, come on Rangers right from the first whistle lets get into them. early goal would be nice
  3. The goalie was the best keeper ever to put on a Rangers top. He was up there with the best in the world in the 90’s. he also always played out his skin v them which I just loved. he also knew how to play the sash
  4. Fuck it, see that people have already been discussing this now.
  5. Excuse the dumb question here mate, how can we end up on same points as Porto but they end up above us if it goes head to head? We have drew won and beat them surely that means that we have the better head to head?
  6. This match has the potential to be a season defining match. If we win this we must be favourite to qualify for the next round. Add that to being joint top of the league and In the first cup final of the season would just show how far SG has taken us in such a short space of time. if we win tonight then I would say we are truly back were we belong and finally have a team that can complete on all fronts. I know the comments will come but we have not won anything etc etc and I dont disagree but SG done well enough in his first year (rookie year) by building the foundation to achieve great things. The level of Rangers foot all club has dramatically risen over the past 2 years and that’s because the board went out (although a risk) and brought in a natural leader / winner. Come on Rangers let’s get the 3 points tonight and put Glasgow Rangers back on the fucking map where we truly belong πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 2-1 Rangers
  7. Let’s stop fucking about and get the first goal
  8. Brilliant corner by Tav and great header by Herlander Yes!!!!
  9. I think fair result in the end πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ They should of scored with the double chance near the end. Hats of to McGregor that double save puts us in contention to qualify in my books. Win our two home and we are through πŸ‘
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