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  1. Kyle Bartley

    Would be a great signing for us
  2. Mexican wave

    Only Mexican wave I want to see is when Stevie G puts Pena and that other lump of wood on a plane back to Mexico
  3. Behind the scenes with Stevie G

    Was a little taken back by the appointment but watching that has given me a chubby and I am jumping on the band wagon. Amazing to see the support out in numbers highlighting to all what a fantastic club we are. It time to bring the standards back up in this amazing club and I am for one now happy that we have someone of Stevie Gs stature leading our team. It’s a results driven business but I am going to say that we have a winner leading by example and feel that if we get the players that he wants in then we will succeed 👍 good of luck getting the dead wood to perform if you can do that we you will be a legend but failing that MA need to move on the rotten core and bring in winners
  4. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I am sure Gerrard was watching that today and said fuck that. It’s gonna take +20 million to compete with celtic. He must look at that squad and say I don’t see a single player that would get a game for them which means he needs to clear out 20 players and bring in 20 more. Why would Gerrard want to take on this mess of a club as his first assignment as a football Manager? They way we are going we are going to be lucky for someone of Gerrards stature to be linked with our management position. I think we can all now actually see how far from grace we have fallen and how far the gap is with celtic. Club is rotten top to bottom and we have a squad full of losers and journeymen.
  5. I have said this a million times 100% agree with this. It’s men v boys at the moment. looking at it now our recruitment has not been good enough. We are totally fucked at the moment our club is a shambles from top to bottom.
  6. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Is this how far we have fallen from grace that the best we can recruit is an ex world class player with absolutely no experience whatsoever. This is mental and I believe this is a fame too far for our club. For me its got to be the Belgium 🇧🇪 guy with the mental name, Steve Clark or I would even entertain someone like Warnock. I believe the time for gambling is over (Pedro, Warburton) it did not work. I want someone that has past experiences of actually winning stuff or someone that proven to bring some actual fight to this club. We we are all talking about signing this player and that player but I believe the biggest recruit of the season needs to be the manager.
  7. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Brilliant cross and even better finish
  8. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Holding midfield is where I would play him. I am unsure why people think so highly of Bates if people believe that’s the standard of defender that we need to get back to where we belong then it’s clear our expectations as fans have serious been lowered.
  9. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Is this an actual question? Bates could not lace McCrories boots
  10. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    I don’t think our star has been anything special still not a high enough tempo for my liking
  11. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    No atmosphere whatsoever
  12. More good news (not really) - Pena

    We should be looking at ways to legally sack the player
  13. Contracted players

    There are two separate points going on here. I am certainly not naive about the size of the job ahead to get us back to where we belong. You look at that list of players and it’s scarey to think about the quality of player we have and the amount of dead wood the club is currently carrying. My point relates to the fact that our past couple of managers have been unable to get the best out of our current crop. With a better man manager who could get the best out of our squad then I believe that this season we had a chance to catch them. It’s not to say that they would not of stepped it up a gear and took it to another level that we could not reach but based on the high standards they set last year with a better manager to believe it we could of challenged. Only positive I have for this season is that we have managed to score goals and create chances where in the past couple of season in top league has been a struggle. Our defending at times has been well below the standards expected and that’s down to the recruitment and coaching with the various management teams we have suffered.
  14. Contracted players

    If Murty was only 1 win away from closing the points to (I think within 3) if we have won the 3 - 2 match whilst still losing 7 home league matches then yeah if we had an manager with identical managing abilities to Rogers I believe we would of won the league and would currently sitting on 75 point or more.
  15. Contracted players

    Based on Celtics total points this season I believe he would. Totally agree that it is looking likely that a total rebuild Is needed but how many time are we going to need to do this? My understanding is that's why Mark Allen has been brought in as we are trying to build a culture where the club has a stable structure and managers can come and go but the general foundations of the club will not change. I hope that with MA here now in place prior to a new manager coming in that we are able to close the gap next year and not simply rebuild and sack managers every 12 months.