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  1. Offside and then the player had two hand on herlander so he could not jump
  2. I understand that over one leg anything can happen but I am not at all nervous about these ties. Would I of preferred a home tie, of course but if one thing SG has got 100% spot on in his time here it’s been Europe. These teams are nothing compared to the teams we have faced and I believe that this is the strongest we have looked in recent years. Any team drawing us in the Europa league will be disappointed.
  3. Although he looks slow at time’s his reading of the game is second to nome. Has not put a single foot wrong and has looked solid since he arrived.
  4. Decent performance, second half was much better than the first. Thought Borna, Herlander, Goldson, Barker we’re decent enough but MOM for me was easily Kent. Itten never saw much and he had plenty put into his area but not a negative will take time. Roofe got better as the game went on but again never saw too much from him. a worrying (at half time) Saturday ended up decent. Good solid 3 points and it puts that little extra pressure of their game tonight.
  5. Wow can’t believe the negativity from our fans prior to a ball being kick. Defo going to stay off the form during the match lol I am happy with the starting 11 and don’t think we will have any issues today in the big pitch and hope that the two new boys hit the ground running and get on the score sheet.
  6. Why can’t we play like the last 15 mins for the whole game? Absolutely toothless against a ten man defence. Nothing more frustrating Thant seeing Kamara or Jack playing it back to one of the center halves. Absolutely zero drive in the team to take us forward in our attacks.
  7. Airfield is a Livingston lad he will be well up for this today.
  8. I don’t think there will be any issues today. We are Playing extremely well and look sound defensively. Although we are not clinical yet in front of goal we certainly make enough chances to know we should score a few. looking forward to this one, we welcome the chase
  9. Thought he was excellent. Tom done a great job also
  10. Decent first half Anwick has kept them in it. Still need to be a little sharper in front of goal we have made at least 5 decent chances.
  11. Gerrards European record has been outstanding. Two seasons in a row we have went from round one to at least the group stages. There was slim to no chance that we were getting anything out of this tonight. It’s been some run but it’s time to refocus fully on the league. hold your head up high Rangers another amazing European run.
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