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  1. Sevco penalty given by RC educated Clancy after a foul by Darren O'Dea... Quite clear that Miller, McCann, O'Dea and Clancy sat in their local lodge on Friday night discussing how to ensure a Rangers victory.
  2. JC10

    Mcgregor Kick

    Imagine the outcry if it had been Morelos who'd done that. Stupid as fuck from our most senior player
  3. Likewise, protects tav and let's him push forward
  4. A trip to Germany would be nice. Reasonably easy to get to, not that expensive for drinking/staying and the police/locals aren't thugs.
  5. JC10

    Prices for Group Stage?

    Pretty sure that's the way it worked last time so I would assume so
  6. JC10

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    Can't even just single out the centre backs either, every one of them was immense
  7. Katic and goldson absolute warriors at the moment
  8. This ref is a disgrace
  9. That 2nd yellow is never a booking
  10. Working for me it's just blocky as fuck
  11. JC10

    Have the board backed Gerrard enough?

    It's hard to say, we have no idea if there were/are other players he was after.
  12. JC10


    Thought we were signing Alex 😥