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  1. Extremely harsh yellow and then red but we'll take it
  2. JC10

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    corners hitting the first man, should be a booking.
  3. Don't see the choice of defenders really having an impact on the result, more concerned about how we'll create anything without Kent or Candeias.
  4. JC10


    He's been consistently good for us this season but had a terrible game tonight. We move past it.
  5. JC10


    No way anyone is actually being serious about him getting a game
  6. If Morelos was playing we'd be winning this comfortably. Missing his movement and link up play
  7. what's the point in a sub on 85?
  8. JC10

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Supposedly emails have only went out to those on official flight and not to independent travellers? Assuming this is right as my mate on 2 points hasn't got anything
  9. JC10

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    As expected got nothing as i'm on 0 points, hopefully get one in the home end or some of those allocated one don't end up taking it.
  10. JC10

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Booked Manchester to Vienna Tuesday -£90 Budapest back to Manchester on Saturday - £40
  11. JC10

    Semi final allocation

    Payment taken for the 2 tickets on different days when it's always just been in the one go before, no doubt be sat at opposite ends
  12. JC10

    Moscow Away

    Any idea what allocation we're getting?
  13. JC10

    Moscow Away

    Chances of a ticket for this if you're on 0 points?