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  1. Boy in work said him and 5 others had booked Belgrade as well
  2. If we’re seeded in the playoffs would we be away 1st leg/Home 2nd?
  3. I’m not overly concerned if they get a big sum for him. They’d be losing one of their best players and I’m not convinced they’d get a decent enough replacement, given they’ve struggled to find a right back when it’s been a problem position for them.
  4. You surely keep the points regardless of whether you join up this year or not?
  5. Hoddle sitting there stewing after the ex ref says it was a pen
  6. Not debating that we’ve got a stronger chance now, just think many are getting a bit ahead of themselves.
  7. Picked these coasters up at Greenwich market today
  8. Based on what? They’ve just won the treble but we’re now somehow favourites?
  9. Cunts are delusional if they think this makes us favourites next season
  10. JC10

    Nice Tav stats.

    TaVerNIer OnLY ScoREs PeNaLTieS
  11. Group stage qualification is a necessity. If we want to win the league we need more/better players and for that we need more cash.
  12. I’ve never really seen it when we complain about Walker as a commentator, didn’t think he was that bad. today has turned me, absolutely awful commentator
  13. Great idea Eileen, wouldn’t want to watch it anyway.
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