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  1. JC10

    Kit Launch

    If those are real the white kit is nice, the black one is meh.
  2. Had recently turned 18, think I was in PJ champs for the whole of the group stages. Memorable moment was Suarez handball and the rage after the penalty miss, people taking a morale high ground and calling him a cheat etc. If that's a Rangers player I'm 100% wanting them to handball it off the line.
  3. I would be stunned if we spent anywhere near 5m on a player in the current economic situation
  4. The Test on Amazon Prime is a good watch
  5. We will not be spending any money on stadium redevelopment in the near future
  6. If we don't have any games until next year we are surely going to really struggle financially?
  7. Can someone please summarise what the fuck is going on here
  8. JC10


    No. Players should be taking a wage cut no doubt about that though.
  9. I would be stunned if we somehow benefitted from this, really can't see a null and void.
  10. Would be very surprised if they just voided it. Will either call it as it is or postpone until the games can finally be played.
  11. Not like a cold where your body develops immunity though, as far as they know you can get this virus more than once. So you could get it now and then catch it again during the peak.
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