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  1. They will win their appeal and all will be forgotten about
  2. We doing another one on Clancy/the different standards of refereeing we face or will that be the board quiet for a while now?
  3. JC10

    Leagues over

    Handful of points difference doesn't make it over at all, there's a Long way to go. My worry is our form and that we might potentially drop points in more than 1 game the next few weeks.
  4. I think a few of them will stay with Saracens tbh, some loyalty if they've been through the youth setup perhaps.
  5. Might see a few English aracens players move to France at the end of the season and be ineligible for the national team.
  6. Some amount of support for Leeds especially for a Monday night.
  7. Going to start seeing the gesture at under 10's games now apparently.
  8. Perfect releasing this after a win as well so it doesn't seem like sour grapes.
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