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  1. If a group stage game gets cancelled because of severe weather (currently typhoon season in Japan), it's called a draw with no rescheduling.
  2. Though this deserves it's own thread, fixtures here -https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/matches All games on ITV. Scotland's fixtures: 22/09 - Ireland at 08:45 30/09 - Samoa at 11:15 09/10 - Russia at 08:15 13/10 - Japan at 11:45 Expecting Scotland to get through the group then get pumped by New Zealand or South Africa in the quarters. Backed an all Southern Hemisphere final at 11/4.
  3. I wonder what time we'll find out that FARE are attending.
  4. His charity raised over £1million to help towards research. Hero.
  5. Lived there for about a year until July. Directors Box in the city centre is fine to watch the games and they have all of them on but it's just a generic sports bar type venue.
  6. Feyenoord struggling to sell their allocation according to the DR so we may get some handed back.
  7. Pretty sure we did something similar for our champions league games in the UEFA cup final season?
  8. The board probably realise that if appointing Gerrard went tits up they would be hounded out after the Pedro disaster and Murty Mania 1 and 2. Gone all in.
  9. JC10

    Sheyi Ojo

    Whole team was rotten bar maybe Davis. No point picking anyone in particular out.
  10. Hopefully avoid any long distances, Astana etc
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