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    No. Players should be taking a wage cut no doubt about that though.
  2. I would be stunned if we somehow benefitted from this, really can't see a null and void.
  3. Would be very surprised if they just voided it. Will either call it as it is or postpone until the games can finally be played.
  4. Not like a cold where your body develops immunity though, as far as they know you can get this virus more than once. So you could get it now and then catch it again during the peak.
  5. Backed him fully until Hearts but no more I'm afraid. We have tangibly improved since last season which itself was a massive improvement from the year before but I do now think he has taken us as far as he can.
  6. JC10


    Not sure how people are able to judge that he's not good enough for us? Unless of course they've been watching Shrewsbury and Hibs games.
  7. Glad were at home first. Go over there with a lead.
  8. Would rather avoid them, I don't think the potential high of knocking them out would be worth the low.
  9. I doubt the board had budgeted for us getting this far so would be nice for the prices to stay the same as the last round. Likely be an increase though.
  10. Would imagine if we did draw the tarriers that both clubs would agree to keep allocations as they have been.
  11. The wee cut to the sie when the right back is about to tackle him is sensational
  12. Robertson is inspiring, if people weren't going to make noise tonight then they certainly will now.
  13. They will win their appeal and all will be forgotten about
  14. We doing another one on Clancy/the different standards of refereeing we face or will that be the board quiet for a while now?
  15. JC10

    Leagues over

    Handful of points difference doesn't make it over at all, there's a Long way to go. My worry is our form and that we might potentially drop points in more than 1 game the next few weeks.
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