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  1. Derek McInnes

    May..? Get him to fuck...
  2. Derek McInnes

    I'm not saying it's right...just the board will take pelters if they go for another manager that is 'doesn't understand Scottish football' Mcinnes is the easy out...
  3. Derek McInnes

    yeah probably right
  4. Derek McInnes

    The board don't want another gamble....they fucked up with Pedro and want tried and tested in Scotland....no more gambles but agree about mcinnes...if he wins his first few games it will all be forgotten
  5. Derek McInnes

    I don't understand this thought process.....'they are not world beaters' We know that but by fuck they are a had shoulders better than everything in Scotland...Brendan did cut it down south - to say otherwise is nonsensical. We throw away needless points cause we are not good enough and don't have that mentality....where as celtic do have that - even playing shit they find a way to win (Very Walter like). Pedro did well with recruitment but with only a couple of errors - what we need is a goals, guile and physicality. to think Warburton was screaming for a holding mid and Mcrorie was there all along..
  6. Derek McInnes

    How many managers have never been sacked ? We wouldn't have considered Mcinnes after he was at Bristol - It's nearly impossible not to be sacked in management - even Fergie was sacked by St Mirren - Guardiola & Wenger are the only ones i can think of.... So picking an out of work manager is not really an issue, i'm not saying mcinnes isn't a man that can do a job but we haven't go the money to waste - £1M would get us Maclean,Moult, walker and Crawford in January.....that would be better than spending it on Mcinnes.
  7. Derek McInnes

    People are absolutely delusional if they think any manager will win the league with half the funds of the main opposition...makes no odds who you pick, the problem this year we need to at minimum be best of the rest and hope celtic fuck up to close the gap. The best manager in the world cannot create miracles - so picking Mcinnes to steady the ship and beat the rest is one thing...paying £1M for the privilege that could go to the playing squad is mental. Surely we can have a UK manager that can steady the ship without impacting the playing budget.
  8. This petition to get rid of Robertson

    Find it hard to blame him...he won't have any real autonomy - figure head and day to day running is all he will have.
  9. Neil MCann

    when was he the Dunfermline manager? I would say saving Dundee from relegation was an amazing achievement- i would also say that it would have been easy to say no to Dundee as it's more likely harm his reputation.
  10. We would have beat hibs if Beaton didn't have an absolute nightmare, so won't blame the team or manager for blatant incompetence. We will win today by at least 2 goals..in Pedro we trust
  11. if you hate being negative...then stop doing it.
  12. Greatest Moment as a Rangers Fan

    edu's last minute winner.....what a feeling
  13. Pena

    What a thread :) Imagine he is half fit, his touch a bit off, and played poorly yesterday......the cries would have been Dud, followed by negative comment after negative comment...then the manager would be getting it in the neck as well. He obviously isn't ready so why play him ? if we are getting ready for the first game next week.....i would rather we bed in the players he is going to play than try and get the fringe players fit during the game time. Mind we did that with Kranc at the start of last season...played him even if he was rotten...to get game time. that worked out well...
  14. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    can't actually believe the poll results... ffs season hasn't started yet. Progres was obviously too early and TBH the result is the players fault not managers'. Since then we have incorporated Alves & Dorrans and the other lads have settled in...and still folk are whinging when this is as strong a team as we have looked in years. Proof will be in the next few weeks but a good start and building momentum will do wonders.
  15. Scotland u16's

    ahh yes sad times !!