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  1. We would have beat hibs if Beaton didn't have an absolute nightmare, so won't blame the team or manager for blatant incompetence. We will win today by at least 2 goals..in Pedro we trust
  2. if you hate being negative...then stop doing it.
  3. Greatest Moment as a Rangers Fan

    edu's last minute winner.....what a feeling
  4. Pena

    What a thread :) Imagine he is half fit, his touch a bit off, and played poorly yesterday......the cries would have been Dud, followed by negative comment after negative comment...then the manager would be getting it in the neck as well. He obviously isn't ready so why play him ? if we are getting ready for the first game next week.....i would rather we bed in the players he is going to play than try and get the fringe players fit during the game time. Mind we did that with Kranc at the start of last season...played him even if he was rotten...to get game time. that worked out well...
  5. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    can't actually believe the poll results... ffs season hasn't started yet. Progres was obviously too early and TBH the result is the players fault not managers'. Since then we have incorporated Alves & Dorrans and the other lads have settled in...and still folk are whinging when this is as strong a team as we have looked in years. Proof will be in the next few weeks but a good start and building momentum will do wonders.
  6. Scotland u16's

    ahh yes sad times !!
  7. Watford v Rangers

    Jack has been really good in every pre-season game - especially the french cheats - have you watched all the games mate ?
  8. Scotland u16's

    perfect mate
  9. Scotland u16's

    For some reason i thought you were the font of all knowledge when it came to youth teams......no idea why i thought that !
  10. Scotland u16's

    ok makes more sense...!
  11. Scotland u16's

    Aye fair play !
  12. Scotland u16's

    I am a huge follower of Mullholland and what we are doing at youth level. Scotland stuffed Qatar 7-0 ....and long gone are the days when we say the word minnow...cause in football terms that's us....so great result. So to the problem? There isn't one Gers player ? I would have thought this is the age group we would be looking at coming through as it has had no interference from Sinclair etc and has 100% of the new regime and training and positive ( no bad egg) attitudes. @Essandoh any thoughts?......PS below is 'performance Schools'....it really surprised me. Scotland Under-16 squad: Goalkeepers Jack Newman (Sunderland) Robbie Hemfrey (Motherwell) Defenders Jamie Hamilton (Hamilton Academical) Liam Morrison (Celtic) PS Finn Ecrepont (Ayr United) PS Ben Cameron (St Mirren) Cameron Logan (Heart of Midlothian) Kane Patterson (Tottenham Hotspur) Liam Miller (Sunderland) Josh Grigor (Heart of Midlothian) PS Midfielders Connor Smith (Heart of Midlothian) PS Adam Kettings (Motherwell) PS' Dylan Forrest (Celtic) Jensen Weir (Wigan Athletic) Reece McAlear (Motherwell) PS Forwards Michael Sparkes (Celtic) Scott Cusick (Celtic) Andrew Winter (Hamilton Academical) Karamoko Dembele (Celtic) Cole Starrs (Motherwell)
  13. 'Five Captains'.

    So you don't know what kind of leader he is off the pitch ? Before games ? At half time ? How he conducts himself On the training pitch or How he encourages team mates who are injured? .......A rangers captain to you is someone who points and screams at his team mates when they are playing shit... well with high standards like that Halliday could be your man.
  14. ***Official Rangers V Marseille thread***

    This thread ...hahah full of positivity until they scored...enjoyed reading the comments, it was actually supportive...then they scored...ffs the comments suddenly were pure negative ...haha all the guys waiting for us to fuck up came out of the woodwork ! Tav was fucking amazing, and he does what his manager(s) tells him.....so with Candias ahead of him he defends more and looks solid....when told to push up he leaves gaps....not rocket science. My MOM. We have a team here boys we need a walker/naismith type player to play where Miller is but it was good to see that our saviour last year looked like the weak link tin the first half. Jack and Dorrans work well, and Kran is a player you carry, but when he is on it wow ! For me he should come on though as a sub. Thought we were very good today ....as i have said give Pedro a chance and we will see results..although still a couple of players shy really.
  15. 'Five Captains'.

    ahh so the captain is the guy who shouts loudest...ok seventies boy