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  1. Have you ever been in Redcar ?? its dying from the centre outwards, the pubs are cheaper than Wetherspoons, the kebabs are shit, so some one is shitting you
  2. Hermes should be able to track the drivers who delivered the " damaged goods " and sack them also make them pay for the tops that were damaged.
  3. The Dark Continent "represented as Africa" The continent's name, Dark Continent, most likely comes from the real-life identical term or expression used before the late 19th century to describe Africa (particularly sub-Saharan Africa) due to its interior being considered mysterious and dangerous at the time.
  4. I will try for a waist up picture , a sea of blue pictures from waist up will be fantastic, show
  5. Thats great, my son will checking every game on the television looking for himself, boasting to his mates , i better get a good photo of him??are we doing waist up or just facial ??
  6. Thats fine if they can withstand the weather conditions, remember its Scottish weather, when we can have 4 seasons in one day .
  7. Ok, i have bought my season tickets (my son as well ), i have bought the new top, now to have my face on my seat i have to pay £10 for every home game, which i already have paid for my seat, which i can,t go to. This will cost me another £300 plus , European games,, League cup and Scottish cup games, depending how far we go in tournaments . The club is not at fault for the empty ground , they are at fault for asking more money from us, when some of us can't afford it .
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