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  1. Blue Dutch 1690

    24hrs of meltdown

    Need to change our name to the bipolar people. Up & doon more often than a hoors drawers. It will all change again on Sunday when Rangers beat Hearts and celtic draw 0-0 with St Johnstone.
  2. Blue Dutch 1690

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    In a sense I agree that it is celtic that we must overhaul. They are still the strongest squad in the league and have the funds to improve it in January. Hearts will drop points but not enough to be overhauled by Rangers, they currently have the best defensive record in the league while our defence is shakey. Nevertheless, fate dictates that Lafferty will score on Sunday.
  3. Blue Dutch 1690

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    For all his height, Lafferty has never been good at cross balls. He tends to wait outside of the back post to get the ball dropping to his feet, rather than attack it in the air with his head. Never going to work with the Livi defence. Very poor performance today.
  4. Blue Dutch 1690

    After 7 games last season

    Why do BBC Scotland continue to big-up Gerrard with its "Promoted Livingston stunned Rangers to consign Steven Gerrard to just his second defeat in 18 games as manager of the Ibrox club." headline? It would appear that everything is rosy.
  5. Blue Dutch 1690

    Rat Nevin

    Nevin is now a Hibby dontcha know. The 'pundit' that irks me the most is yon taig publishist Paki Bonnar who is only used by the BBC to provide biased coverage of his employer's games.
  6. Blue Dutch 1690

    Justice (half) Prevails

    As it was Gollum, I was surprised McGregor wasn't red-carded and then getting it recinded by appeal. We were lucky. As for Rogic, football is still a contact sport and too much has been made of the Jack challenge.
  7. Blue Dutch 1690

    Gareth McAuley

    No doubting the alegiances of both Lafferty and McAuley but are these really Gerrard signings?
  8. Blue Dutch 1690

    Lafferty shoehorned in the starting 11

    Did Gerrard do his homework on Lafferty before signing him or was it a decision made outwith his hands. For all his height, Lafferty is not a target man, cannot hold up the ball and invariably gets his feet tangled up under him. He needs to be played through the middle and not wide left (or right). Not sure Lafferty and Morelos will be the best strike force, maybe it is either or. Hearts were playing Lafferty as first substitute and maybe Gerrard should do the same.
  9. Blue Dutch 1690

    Next Four Games

    The only problem is ourselves. Win all the home fixtures with none of the away fixtures difficult. If Hearts are still unbeaten when they come to Ibrox then we burst their bubble.
  10. Blue Dutch 1690

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    The media hyped up the team to where they were considered equal to the taigs. Maybe Gerrard believed the hype but we were beaten by a better side.
  11. Blue Dutch 1690

    Gaffers reaction

    Gerrard has still a lot to learn in management and will likely lose more games during the season. My main gripe is that he was relying on the defence keeping a clean sheet, in which case why play Lafferty as the headless chicken. I am still hurting as I expected so much more from the team.
  12. Blue Dutch 1690

    Murty is sorry.

    Let's not forget that he was appointed on a short term basis after Pedro was axed and then extended by the board until the end of the season. He should never have been put in a position by the board that he was clearly not experienced for.
  13. Blue Dutch 1690

    Murty until the end of the season

    Murty has my full support but should never been appointed in the first place. The Board is a joke. And to state that Murty will be in charge of recruitment come January is a strange decision by Mark Allen.
  14. This current Hearts team is nothing like the team that romped the championship. An easy home win by 3 goals.
  15. Blue Dutch 1690

    ***** The Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread *****

    My thanks to Graeme Murty. He managed more today than Warburton in half a season. The only way is up.