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  1. That was a definite pen, but, I see those things as a change in luck, that was badly needed. Still glosses over some terrible performances out there - which, is also a positive as it means we can get better. On to the next game, and for Pedro to stamp his mark.
  2. Well, IFAB say differently. Furthermore, based on the rulebook, Madden has had a good game. Can understand the frustration, but he's done well.
  3. That doesn't mean it wasn't a foul.
  4. Download modbro app for your phone.
  5. We'd have put another keeper in mate. Suicidal to play without one.
  6. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    How the hell are we affording Jol, let alone FDB too.
  7. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    Oh aye he's gonna go 352... fucking moron. Agreed molsy. The formation and style works. The players can do it (we've seen it)
  8. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    If you Google your email address (shows on your profile) links you a chapel in Spain, a nursery in York and some fuck off cross in Mayo. Ergo declan ?
  9. Second Statement

    He'd be decent on the other flank with McKay
  10. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    Whats the odds on us minus 5? I'm going 7-1
  11. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    At least @ my name would ye declan.