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  1. Sorry - but am I missing something

    I was always brought up with high standards, through the 9IAR ERA where winning was almost a weekly occurrence. I'm far from better than anyone, but, no matter how bad we've been, im still, as you said probably more hoping.
  2. Sorry - but am I missing something

    Aww your anger is fleeing out now. Repressed memories above, was it. Jog on ya rhodent.
  3. Sorry - but am I missing something

    I always expect us to win, no matter where and when. You seem awfully angry we even got a point today. Your wee record humped was it 🖕
  4. Sorry - but am I missing something

    There's nothing at all wrong with it. I just still expected a win, as I always do. Just all seems like a lot of folk - as they're entitled to do - are celebrating it almost like a cup win.
  5. Sorry - but am I missing something

    I can agree with that 🖒
  6. Sorry - but am I missing something

    I totally get that, it just seems all very much over the top? I know we do, but why let any standards slip now? It's been a fucking shite season, and every little helps - but this reaction to a point..
  7. Clint Hills goal vs the Filth

    Does he have a car because his bus pass expired 16 years ago?
  8. Yes, they're miles ahead in the league, and are our bitter rivals. But we've came away today with a point - which means 2 points dropped. Now don't get me wrong, i went as mental when big Clint scored as anyone else, but, we still didn't get the job done. We played very well at times, and Waghorn should've finished both chances, but never. There are folk on here starting congratulatory threads, and posting on Twitter and Facebook about getting it up the taigs for stopping their run and us getting a point. No matter where we are, ahead or behind, we should not be celebrating a fucking draw. That reeks of a small club mentality.
  9. Was it a penalty?

    I'd have said so, but from Madden's view point, it looks like Hill flicks the ball away and then Griffiths goes over. You'd be wanting/expecting it at the other end of the park.
  10. That was a definite pen, but, I see those things as a change in luck, that was badly needed. Still glosses over some terrible performances out there - which, is also a positive as it means we can get better. On to the next game, and for Pedro to stamp his mark.
  11. Well, IFAB say differently. Furthermore, based on the rulebook, Madden has had a good game. Can understand the frustration, but he's done well.
  12. That doesn't mean it wasn't a foul.
  13. Download modbro app for your phone.
  14. Jeff Stelling on Soccer Saturday

    We have some cunts in our support. Do you get so offended in life that easy? Away and take a fuck to yourself.