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  1. Murty Speaks

    If the worst outcome does happen I would hope that the Rangers songs would be blaring through the speakers until all Ceptic fans have left the stadium. Rangers need to do everything they can to make sure they don't enjoy coming to Ibrox.
  2. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Repeating the line from the song over and over again to drown them out should do the trick 54 titles we're still going strong 54 titles we're still going strong ........
  3. Goss

    Good passer, good going forward, should also improve our dead ball options. Still a question mark over him defensively although hopefully Murty can improve the cover around him by playing McCorie beside him. Against Hibs he let McGinn go past him and score. In the second half against Hibs he also gave a Hibs player a free header around the penalty spot which they should have scored with to make it 0-2. Agree that he's done well and been a good signing so far but need to see how he performs against the top teams before attempting anything permanent.
  4. Big test for Murty today

    Agree that hibs won the midfield battle in the first half leading to us looking wide open numerous times down our left side. Having said that, Rangers had more of what I would call chances in first half so we could have been winning. Rangers controlled most of second half so Murty and the team must have changed something even if subs didn't come on until later. Aimless crosses and bad delivery in the final third was the main issue in the second half. I reckon Rangers would have gone on to win the game if it wasn't for a stupid challenge by Tav.
  5. Songs that remind of you a Rangers memory

    Good to watch, and further proof that Ceptic didn't invent the huddle. And I thought that people had never stood in a circle with their arms around each other until Ceptic invented it a few years ago. Don't remember ever hearing it at Ibrox but Blue Heaven by Fats Domino always makes me think of being at Ibrox.
  6. Next Manager? (Options)

    After Warburton and Pedro experiments the next manager has to be a safe option. Reckon McLeish is that man although pretty sure Gus Hiddink could get us back to the top so he wouldn't be much of a gamble. At this stage in his career I would expect the Rangers job would be interesting to Hiddink. Rangers is a one of a kind club and it's just come through a situation that is unlikely to happen again so to be the manager that takes Rangers back to the top is a one-off opportunity that might interest Hiddink.
  7. Papes on BBC just now

    If some totally independent body had decided on Rangers punishment then it would be understandable for Ceptic to say they have won the title fair and square over the last few years, but in reality they were heavily involved in influencing what Rangers punishment was. Conflict of interest doesn't quite cover it. It was a clear attempt by their club to maximise the benefits they could get out of Rangers problems. That's why there's no doubt to me that the titles are tainted. While the fans need to keep promoting the tainted titles argument, I agree with an earlier poster that the main focus needs to be on stopping them getting more.
  8. Kevin Thomson class interview

    Shocked at how one sided that German documentary is. Definite propaganda win for them and looked like a deliberate tactic by the film maker. Rangers talking about business and making money versus Desmond White talking about them doing a lot for charity (they are never shy about mentioning how much they do for charity - would be good to see the figures). Even the clips of the game mainly showed Rangers putting in hard tackles on Ceptic players. Also didn't realise how anti-rangers Cliff Hanley was. And to finish the documentary making Waddell look like a numpty - when you think of the foresight and input he eventually had in redeveloping Ibrox.
  9. SPFL are set not to reopen EBT case

    I agree with you Ronnie that the enemy don't seem to realise where this could end up and it is creating a poisonous atmosphere. Even if you're not up for the fight just keep going to games and supporting the club. We can't afford to lose support.
  10. More Daily Record lies

    I don't know readership figures but would expect the Daily Record is the biggest selling paper in Scotland. For Rangers fans not to engage with the Record means that the other teams and Ceptic especially have a free reign. You only have to look at the Hotline letters in the Record over the last few days and it's wall to wall Ceptic views. Rangers fans need to be involved in all aspects of the mainstream media to promote the club and defend it where necessary. Withdrawing from the mainstream media leaves a free playing field for our opponent and allows them to continue to demonise our club and culture. Any neutrals reading the paper will only get negative views of Rangers and this could lead to a decline in our support over many years. I always remember the Record being fairly positive towards Rangers when I was younger and agree that it now seems to have gone the opposite way. I realise that it's difficult to engage with parts of the mainstream media that seem to be trying to hurt us but if we don't I think it will hurt us more in the long run. To me it's as if someone is trying to take our ball and we should be fighting to get it back, not just saying we will get another one. Was just watching a Frank Skinner program on Mohammed Ali. One of Ali's friends who was ringside at the rumble in the jungle was saying how George Foreman complained about everything after the fight - ropes were too loose, etc.. Ali's friend said that was the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete. The great athlete didn't complain and look for excuses. This made me think of Rangers and the way Bill Struth influenced the club and might explain why Rangers are still more likely to go down the dignified silence route. The fans need to be the ones who defend the club in the mainstream media by engaging and seeking employment within it. But I could be wrong.
  11. The thumb spitting over Ibrox tunnel

    Exactly. Contact septic well before game and say this behaviour won 't be accepted. Hire stewards that make it impossible. And if their fans get annoyed about this then be sure there are enough police to back them up. And we need enough of our fans to be there at the end so that the police can say letting them do this risked serious public disorder. Winning small battles like this helps turn the tide.
  12. How to Increase Ibrox

    We need to be careful if changing Ibrox that we don't take away from the intense atmosphere it can generate. I'm not really sure how sound waves work but would imagine that the vertical sides on the Copland, Govan and Broomloan stands help to push noise out onto the playing surface. When you start messing around and opening the corners up it becomes more of a bowl where less of the noise gets to the players. It then becomes less unique and more like other stadia. Having said that, I would love to see the capacity of Ibrox increased somehow. This would give more space for people who decide to go to the game without planning in advance. The down side is that if the stadium is bigger the club might sell less season tickets as supporters would be able to get into most games without committing to a season ticket. The club should be able to think of a way round this by giving more incentives to buy a season ticket though. It could be something as simple as having to pay an extra £5 or £10 for a game if you pay at the gate or buy a ticket on the day of the match. On a side note related to stadium redevelopment. I have always thought that it would be great for Rangers to make Ibrox more visible as part of Glasgow. Ibrox should be visible in the classic view of Glasgow looking down the Clyde towards the Finnieston Crane, armadillo, science centre. It should be part of that view and known to people all over the world as part of the Glasgow skyline. The only way to do this is to build something high. Instead of having one arc as Wembley does, what about two arcs, starting at each corner and crossing over hundreds of feet above the centre circle. Once we bring in blue grass in the future it would be like a giant St Andrews cross when looking down from aeroplanes. Would be a great feature to get tourists to Ibrox even just to get the view from the top. It would need to have a smart design and be well made to last for years. Also would need to be sure it didn't limit us with any future stadium redevelopment. Maybe David Murray could put something back into the club by building this for us. I huv a dream.
  13. Barrie McKay supposedly rejects contract extension

    Wingers are often tagged as inconsistent or moody but I reckon that's because being inventive and creative and beating defenders is the most difficult part of the game to do consistently. Think Mckay would probably be more effective just behind the main striker but not sure who would consistently do a job on the wing in his place. At the moment balancing the team with the players we have is more important than playing Mckay in the position he would look best. Unless Rangers are offered crazy money for him he needs to stay. Doubt even Warburton would pay enough to make it worthwhile getting rid of a player with his potential. Also, the standard of the SPL is as low as it's ever been, but it is still the highest standard that Mckay has played. I would expect him to get better with more experience in the top league.