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  1. Director of Football.

    I think Warburton is way to stubborn to let anyone tell him what to do, even if it's advice he needs to listen to unfortunately
  2. Let's make the city blue today

    Goes without saying but let's rock the city today and tonight and make sure the Tim's know we are going to be pulling them off their high horse and back Into the gutter where they should be. Also be safe, it's never nice to see or read a fellow bear get injured by one of them
  3. To be honest I didn't know Hay was that much of an Irish name, I don't have any Irish in my family. I certainly didn't aim to make any enemy's on here, after all we all just want what's best for the club.
  4. Garner Tomorrow

    I hope halliday gets on form for us as well, you think he would relish the chance to help us get the win as a rangers supporter
  5. Thanks, I do. Understand why people would think I'm one of the soap shy because of the name, I never really thought about it until after I made the account. I usually just use the same username for everything
  6. It is just the opinion I have at the moment, it could all change after the season or even after tomorrow. I just want to say I never said I agree with everything the board and warbs has done. I just don't think I'm at the point where I think they should be getting chucked for it yet
  7. Okay thanks, sorry for the horrible spelling today, I'm using my phone as I'm in a hotel for the game tomorrow
  8. Sorry I don't keep tabs on the Celtic players that lived over a 100 years ago
  9. I joined a couple weeks ago, I dont know where you are getting the 5 years ago stat. My first post was only about a week ago
  10. Haha, so you are t aloud a different opinion from others on here without getting shit for it. The fact that some of you think I'm one of those scum is enough for me to leave I guess. It's ashame I was enjoying the forum for the most part. We don't have much fans up in my area so I thought this wouldve been a good place to engage with other rangers
  11. What's the point In having a poll if you just get names and shamed, I leaned more towards yes because the answer "No, it disgusts me" didn't seem like it warranted it. I feel like the board (maybe not so much the manager) is doing as much as they can for the club. That's just my opinion on the subject, don't want to get into any arguements
  12. Win or bust for Warburton and Weir

    You have got it spot on
  13. We have just went through the all the lower leagues, we don't have the money ey or players to complete with Celtic yet. I think we need to just settle for European football this season and try build our funds up
  14. The old firm and hogmonay

    I think everyone thinks there home city is shite