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  1. Should have bit their hand off for it. I don't think we will get offered that again.
  2. If i was selling them yes it would add something. Obviously. The negative is the player himself and his disgusting arrogant attitude. He's a fucking nobody who has scored a few goals in Scottish football. He's done fuck all else. No success, no medals, no trophies, no European record, nothing.
  3. Been here 5 mins and won or achieved fuck all yet. Something tells me this isn't going to end well and should have sold when the £8m was on the table.
  4. Tenerife Bear

    Transfer section closed

    Squad is coming together nicely. My hope is this - We sign Cummings for the agreed £600k. Sign McBurnie on a bosman. And look to sign 3 or 4 really top drawer bosmans for the summer. Also at least enquire how much Goss would cost although i suspect he is most likely out of our league. And work to get rid of - Hodson, Niko, Herrera, Wallace, Miller, Alves, Bates, O'Halloran, Rossiter(if we still can't get him fit this season) and Dalcio. 10 out and 5, 6 or 7 quality ones in. Positions needing strengthened imo - LB, CBx2, CAM, LW, 2xATT. Do the summer as well as we done last month and we will be challenging for a treble not just the league title. The future is intrigue and excitement. Especially if we can close gap at top this season and win the Scottish which will ensure Murty keeps the job. Next season Rangers as it stands (strongest 11 imo) - Foderingham Tavernier John Alves Cardoso Dorrans Jack McCrorie Murphy Candeias Morelos
  5. Tenerife Bear


    Not in Scotland i'm afraid. Not these days.
  6. Tenerife Bear


    He plays for Protected FC, what did you expect? They are untouchable.
  7. Tenerife Bear


    2 kids should have absolutely 100% played instead of them.
  8. Tenerife Bear


    Last nights line up was full of dross. Guys who need game time in a game it didn't matter who played, we were going to win. Andy, like the rest of the team need minutes on the pitch to pick up their match sharpness. You could tell he hasn't kicked a ball in ages. That said watching guys like Hodson, Kranjcar and Halliday playing up there gave me flash backs of the worst banter years under McCoist in the 4th tier. Embarrassing. Sooner the summer clear out starts, the better although Andy himself won't be going anywhere. He is here long term with his pal, the gaffer.
  9. Didn't play against them mate but did play against Barcelona in Espanyols 4-0 demolition of them last season, scoring a hat trick and Barcelona tried to sign him the day after. Was scenes. But the wee man was holding out for the Rangers.
  10. According to Norwich fans he's better than Musonda.
  11. Tenerife Bear

    LAST time we had a hero??

    Weir shouldn't have been anywhere near a backroom job here. In any case, i thought we were talking about players. And McCoist is a cunt.
  12. Tenerife Bear

    Murty - defend the lead

    Murty a clone of Walter....Jesus we've heard it all now.
  13. Tenerife Bear

    LAST time we had a hero??

    People picking current players is funny. These guys have won fuck all. In all seriousness, all of ours is probably Davie Weir. Captained us to 3 in a row as the club burned down around him. A real heros role at such a stage of his own career. An on field winner.
  14. Tenerife Bear

    Jason Holt

    This. He's pish. He literally does nothing but run about and look busy. No quality whatsoever.
  15. Tenerife Bear

    Jamie Murphy

    Average start at best. Expected far more give the fan fair he arrived to.