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  1. Mcleish

    Rae is a disaster and should be nowhere near our management team.
  2. Ethan Hamilton and Scott McTominay

    Underwhelming as fuck.
  3. Scottish cup draw

    Do we need to enter? What's the point?
  4. Rangers In Name Only

    Never said they were.
  5. Rangers In Name Only

    No they don't or this board would have been hounded by now. Fans don't really care. the stadium is still full. We still cheer lead shite like Wallace and Holt. Our fans are completely gone now. We will never be back on top on Scottish football. There's no ambition, no hunger, not enough fight in us and not nearly enough expectations placed upon the club. As i say, not enough people care sadly. We are effectively finished.
  6. Derek McInnes

    Smith touted McCoist as well, McCulloch has already ben sacked from his first gig, opinion irrelevant, Laudrup knows nothing about Scottish football and is simply touting the media party line, Advocaat had McInnes as a player and also knows nothing about the current state of Scottish football or Rangers to accept his opinion and McCoist is an enemy of our club these days. None of those people opinions on the next manager mean anything to me. I cringe when they were touting someone who has had such an easy ride of it for the gig. It's lazy, like they don't really care or are just downright clueless.
  7. Rangers In Name Only

    The fans need a figurehead. Much like they got to out the spivs. We now need a man we can all trust, to go after this current board. Is anyone brave enough to stand up and be that man to fight these Rangers minded spivs?
  8. Rangers In Name Only

    Sounds pretty much like our club did indeed die and this farce these days is a mere tribute act. Isn't that what our haters have been saying? We are the lifeblood of this great football club. It's upto us to force change if that is what we so desire, sadly fans are to apathetic. Brainwashed into accepting mediocrity. A new generation of fans have accepted celtic are untouchable.
  9. The AGM in the next week or so

    Will be a wee jolly. Ask about signing Novo. Praise and thank King. Ask for Murty full time. Agree we're going for 55. Then home.
  10. Derek McInnes

    So was Juup Heynckes......4 years retired. Boom, straight back in and 8 wins out of 8, flying again, rejuvenated. At 72, a dinosaur as you would call. McLeish was brave enough to take jobs at clubs in absolute crisis, to judge his managerial career or reputation on it no working there is just stupid. That Egyptian club goes through managers like Harry Forrester went through wee burds in Glasgow. Another 2 managers already since Eck left only 18 months ago. 15 managers in the last 6 years they've had. 15! And Ecks record there was still better than McInnes' here, at a far higher level than Scottish football. McInnes is only still in a job because he's had it so easy with no Rangers, Hearts, Hibs or Dundee Utd to challenge him. His position and reputation at Aberdeen is false. He will be found out and out a job as soon as we get our act together. He's had zero competition and no pressure. McInnes is not a step on the ladder, he's the fall from the ladder. The crash. The burn. Possibly the end.
  11. Derek McInnes

    Why do you think Ancellotti, Strachan, Bilic, Allardyce, De Boer, Guidolin, Luis Enrique, Mazzarri, Blanc, Rijkaard, Tuchel and Pardew all haven't got a job. To justify McInnes over McLeish simply because AM is out of work is retarded. We take McInnes, Aberdeen hire Strachan or McLeish and they have strengthened whilst we delve into another pending crisis. And we pay them for the luxury. Count me out thanks.
  12. Derek McInnes

    Alex McLeish is the obvious choice if it's budget shite accepting 2nd again. A CV and managerial career which blows Derek McInnes away. A higher win ratio whilst managing at a far higher level against better opposition. There isn't even a debate to be had. I am as fair and honest as they come and i do not see one single benefit to anyone settling for Derek McInnes. He's done the very bare minimum at Aberdeen, all the while the countries other big clubs have either been out the league or suffering their worst states for decades.He's had to beat the Ross Countys and Kilmarnocks to finish 2nd, not the Hearts and Hibs. He's had one season against the very weakest and poorest Rangers side to ever play in the top flight with a manager who didn't even see the season out, a club in complete crisis. Derek McInnes has done nothing at Aberdeen. Nothing over and above the minimum expected of him. Fuck sake even Billy Davies has a better CV than Derek McInnes. Bobby Williamson. Who i want is irrelevant now, myself and this disgrace of a board do not share the same ambition for our football club. 3rd? Try 4th. McCall was their first disaster. Stuart McCall fuck, there's another one far more applicable than Derek McInnes. He done a far better job at Motherwell with a fraction of McInnes' resources. Derek McInnes shouldn't even be mentioned in the top 10 of potential replacements. McInnes is being championed by tarriers and a Rangers hating press, that should tell us all we need to know about Derek McInnes. They want another bitch in charge at Rangers. Another dud. And some of our own fans are happy to gift wrap what they want. We really should expect and demand better.
  13. Derek McInnes

    Appoint McInnes and we are finished.
  14. Sack the board

    And bring in who? No one likes us, no one is interested in us, no one anywhere in the world worth anything is interested in helping us. We have nothing. That's the sad reality.
  15. Windass.

    A despicable coward. Never want to see him wear our shirt again.