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  1. Should have bit their hand off for it. I don't think we will get offered that again.
  2. If i was selling them yes it would add something. Obviously. The negative is the player himself and his disgusting arrogant attitude. He's a fucking nobody who has scored a few goals in Scottish football. He's done fuck all else. No success, no medals, no trophies, no European record, nothing.
  3. Been here 5 mins and won or achieved fuck all yet. Something tells me this isn't going to end well and should have sold when the £8m was on the table.
  4. Decent performance and good result. McInnes proving yet again why calls for him to come here were ridiculous. The guy is a clueless idiot. Goss, Tav and Fod were all outstanding. Morelos should have had at least 3 goals, arguably 4.
  5. Strange one. It's a dreadful bench. Would have been good to have his pace later in game.
  6. Murty looking very sharp with tin flute and new scare cut.
  7. Walter Smith has been mentoring Murty somewhat. He used to say, when a player, any player, refused to sign a new deal and it looked like he was leaving the club, he was done and would not play again for him and had to be sold as soon as possible. I am positive Murty will do the same with Wilson. He may have kicked his last ball for us. Cardoso has been in the public choking for this game, is he starting? I suspect he is bursting to make a proper fist of the chance to play for us.If not tonight, his chance will come. Unlike a few others.
  8. Nonsense. It's actually very easy and can be done in a few different formations. In any case when did the coward become an integral player for us? He won't be anywhere near our strongest 11 when everyone is back fit, hopefully not here at all.
  9. Tenerife Bear


    Easy to say you are staying when no one is interested. If a big offer comes in he will be off. To think otherwise is just silly.
  10. Decent second period there. Some nice play. Bates flawless again. Buffalo deadly.
  11. Halliday and O'Halloran are going to be like new signings. So excited to see them in action.
  12. This is as close to European style/type football as we have been in years and will be for some time. I'm excited about it. Might be a meaningless friendly cup but Rangers are playing ffs. We're in it to win it obviously, but we could quite easily lose every match. Standard of opposition is excellent.
  13. We deserved to win. Played them off the park in their own midden. Almost gutted with just a draw. A bit more quality in the final third and we take 3 or 4 off them. They will no doubt panic in Jan and go out and sign a few has beens or washed up superstars to cement the title. Could be a season of could a been!
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