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  1. Theulstervolunteer

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    "He tilts to the left .....he tilts to the righhht......!"
  2. Theulstervolunteer

    Happy Saturday

    This is obviously the way forward for our politicians and z list celebs....it's easy really.... "Just back form feeding the homeless and curing leprosy in my beloved Glasgow when some guy in a orange top called me a fenian bastard why O why in modern Scotland ....? Scared to leave the house now ..." regards Sean mcpopery
  3. Theulstervolunteer

    Happy Saturday

    Also love the "coming back from the hospital" part ....oh what's wrong James? all ok ? Bloody OO picking on a sick man ...it's a disgrasss I tell ye !....I hope it's AIDS the wee cunts got
  4. Theulstervolunteer

    Happy Saturday

    Stands infront of terrorist republican banners..... cries like a wee bitch when someone calls him a bad name .....😂 Never mind being a fenian.bastard What a pathetic spineless wee bastard he is ..... utter embarrassment for a man
  5. Theulstervolunteer

    World Cup 2022 dates confirmed.

    Enough Money can buy you anything in life ...
  6. Theulstervolunteer

    Great Night For Scotland

    Anti- Englishness is a form of bigotry ...😎
  7. Theulstervolunteer


    People who say progres is a slow process weren't talking bout me I'm a P.I.M.P.....😎
  8. Theulstervolunteer


    I thought most fenians just hid behind their sofa on the glorious 12th turns oot some of them are participating in this thread .... still whatever keeps them busy and stops them from pumping one of their relatives I suppose ...
  9. Theulstervolunteer

    Andy goram

  10. Theulstervolunteer

    Gerrard addressing physicality

    Nicky Law doing what he does best here..... scratching his arse ....
  11. Theulstervolunteer

    Rangers related picture thread

    Brylcreem loyal .....
  12. Theulstervolunteer

    How Many Rangers Players Were World Cup Winner Class ?

    Big boab Malcolm ..... if he wis black , brazilian and didny sell ice creams ....😎
  13. Theulstervolunteer

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Basically insinuating that the boy has an issue with the his clubs fans and there a no chance it's their fault even though there has been video evidence of the racist abuse doing the rounds online.... you literally couldn't mark this cunts neck with a blowtorch ...he truly is a sanctimonious fenian bastard.....as for the "fan award" I've got a certificate for swimming 100 metres in school so Michael phelps might be in twubble so he is..... ffs out of all the rip roaring clatty fenian tramps they have had running their teams over the years Rodgers the slimey ,greasy ,creepy cunt is the worse .....
  14. Theulstervolunteer

    Gerrard Your The One / The League Flags Coming Home

    When yer toes curl due to the cringeyness of it all......😬
  15. Theulstervolunteer

    Can’t see a thread on here about this piece of shite.

    Dying with AIDS would be too good for this anti Protestant bigoted cunt just another to add to the list of mongrels that are the scourge of this country....