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  1. Like deciding wether ye wid rather yer next shite to be a hedgehog or a pineapple .....
  2. He's a decent right midfielder at best but hopefully a squad player next season when we bring on quality additions (I'm optimistic).....
  3. I've always believed Ronaldo is a homo and will come oot efter he retires..... so doubt this is true
  4. In those circumstances the SFA rules are if they are wearing a rangers tap they will be banned for the rest of the season ..... players from all other clubs who are found guilty will be receive a small fine and labelled over exuberant...
  5. They are a strange breed of animal that should have been kept as 2nd class citizens in this country unfortunately the good nature of the hard working Protestant gave them opportunities in the ship yards,politics , educational positions and other positions of influence and now sadly we are surrounded by these taig reprobates .... they breed like rats and have infiltrated every aspect of Scottish life they are the scourge of our country the bitter bigoted hateful and shameful kind that have dragged our nation into the gutter religiously, politically and it a wee bit of banter? No it's hate for all things Rangers , British , Protestant. They have no grasp of true history they are poorly educated and I for one do not entertain their nonsense. Can you debate with them ? No will they ever accept our way of life ? No. So I say fuck them they are the scum of the universe . apart from that I'm naw fussed by them.
  6. Imo He's a fenian bastard and I hope he dies a slow and painful death tbh .
  7. Why is oor "front 3" still on that park atrocious ......
  8. 2nd place is now gone. hopefully very few of these players will be still here in the summer and PC has some money to spend . Tbf Motherwell weee like a totally different team today and outworked us most of the game . At the end of the day naw good enuff 3 points were required and players failed again.
  9. I'm thinking on 98 SC semi at piggery we won 2-1 then won the league game at Ibrox 2-0 the following week. Albertz scored great solo goals in both games .... if my memory serves me right lol jonas thern with the screamer at Ibrox too.
  10. Last time we played them in Scottish cup semi then at home in the league back to back was 18years ago....ffs we pumped em twice!...Same again Rangers 👍🏻 Will do me WATP.
  11. da fuck is this pish....?
  12. This 100%. this generation of Inbreds are more vile and hate filled than ever before ...
  13. Guys a fucking balloon . He's a Youth coach nothing more. Consigned to history as a mistake let's move on .
  14. Surely they will not make us play at pittodrie 3 times this year considering we are both going for second place? That would be scandalous although not shocking with These Spfl Cunts.... I was under the impression that we would definately have tarriers hertz and sheep at home after split and other 2 teams away.