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  1. ? who the fuck writes this shit for the daily record ... they could get a job in "The ministry of truth" in George orwells 1984.... utter nonsense ...
  2. Basically insinuating that the boy has an issue with the his clubs fans and there a no chance it's their fault even though there has been video evidence of the racist abuse doing the rounds online.... you literally couldn't mark this cunts neck with a blowtorch ...he truly is a sanctimonious fenian bastard.....as for the "fan award" I've got a certificate for swimming 100 metres in school so Michael phelps might be in twubble so he is..... ffs out of all the rip roaring clatty fenian tramps they have had running their teams over the years Rodgers the slimey ,greasy ,creepy cunt is the worse .....
  3. This is news in modern day Scotland ..... sectarian shop assistants ! Someone call the authorities .... I wish they would have smashed The fenian cow in the face with it at least that's worth getting sacked for ...... they truly are horrible horrible cunts....
  4. You've just beat yerself in an argument thermo
  5. Surely got to stick to get UB right next to the away end now too make sure the cunts can here a few of our songs....
  6. To sum this thread up most of the support are happy about this move ... there is number of folk (mainly those who pride themselves on attending every match home and away and some who just prefer the away matches) are upset about it which Is understandable ... but it is what it is right now opinions will differ .... it is also not set in stone for ever and ever it may change again in the future. Imo it's a good move but I'm also one of them nutters who have decided that Im not going to an away game again due to what's happened in the last few years so that's easy for me to say .... It will all make sense when we clinch the title at home to them in the split next May ... tickets like gold dust...
  7. Really?... the tarriers statement reeks of a petulant response to ours ...I doubt very much it's in their favour to do this and for us to release the statement first... think about it .....
  8. Will be a Bit awkward when they sell ye a season book including tarrier games then tell ye they've changed their mind ...
  9. I think it should be a 50/50 split for the atmosphere and kindness all in the name of sporting integrity of course....after all fellas it's only a game eh keep that religious banter going with they rascals from the east end ......
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