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  1. Theulstervolunteer

    Your lifetime Rangers squad

    Goram Klos McGregor Richard Gough Davie Weir John Brown Majic Bougherra Arthur Numan Davie Robertson Gary Stevens Alan Hutton Barry Ferguson Ian Ferguson Paul Gascoigne Neil McCann Ian Durrant R. De Boer Brian Laudrup Gio Van Bronckhorst Ally Mccoist Mark Hateley Dado Prso Michael Mols
  2. Theulstervolunteer


    This is bizarre 😂😂
  3. Theulstervolunteer

    Stevie & Flanagan Press Conference

    Coz Stevie Gs a p.i.m.p 🕺🏻
  4. Theulstervolunteer

    So here’s what we know so far

    FFS man 😞....
  5. Theulstervolunteer

    *** The Official Motherwell f.c. vs Rangers f.c. Match Thread ***

  6. Theulstervolunteer

    Playacting Last Night

    Play acting, foul throws , kicking Rangers players all over the park and the cunt of a ref stood back and let it happen ... it was excruciatingly frustrating at times last night ...
  7. Theulstervolunteer

    Parking at Rugby park

    😂 aye that pitch is a disgrace..
  8. Theulstervolunteer

    Parking at Rugby park

    Done this today was spot on 👍🏻 Good shout mate . Cheers again.
  9. Theulstervolunteer

    Parking at Rugby park

    👍🏻Cheers pal
  10. Theulstervolunteer

    Parking at Rugby park

    👍🏻Cheers bud.
  11. Theulstervolunteer

    Parking at Rugby park

    Any advice on best place to ditch the motor during game tomorrow ?...
  12. Theulstervolunteer


    He wears boots 3 sizes too big and on the wrong feet by the looks of him but I like him....🤩
  13. They want to mix it up a bit it’s always the same shite story they use .... apart from hivs who were hit with sausage rolls from the hospitality that one was a good yin a few year back👍🏻....
  14. Theulstervolunteer

    Young sheep fan, not hit with Vodka bottle

  15. Theulstervolunteer

    How did Kenny Dalglish and Danny McGrain do it?

    What I now say with regards to players playing for them or even people who got to support them is simple ... If you want to go and surround yourself with a club and people who are anti Protestant anti British and sing songs glorying the Ira then that’s fine just don’t expect any respect from me or any other level headed sensible individual and don’t go crying “bigot” or “sectarianism” when this clear obvious fact is pointed out to you .... usually the response is something like “ aye but Rangers fans do this n that” or “naw ats naw wit it’s like “ etc etc ... the truth will set you free 👍🏻😂...