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  1. Derek McInnes

    threads fucked.....
  2. Derek McInnes

  3. Spectating with the Enemy

    Eh?..... are you Jim white ?.....
  4. Now you can't wear a belt to a footy match

    The cry was no suspenders .....
  5. MoH

    Fenian bastard....is he naw?....
  6. A good 2 points dropped

    Eh?... fuck you on aboot ?....
  7. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    That's last 5 mins wis like yer worst nightmare coming true.... I'm naw even angry .... bust oot laghing tbh if ye don't laff you'll greet..... fucking circus.....
  8. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    My gut feeling tells me that he will soon be revealed as another media peadophile ..... like all peados he thinks wearing a green and grey scarf is an invisibility cloak.....
  9. Boab Malcream

    What really is the point in this article ? Is it to somehow ridicule an ex gers player for doing a job?.... to point out he's a doing a job that may be regarded as not glamorous as being let's say an overpaid player on an ebt etc etc... the guys making an honest living doing an honest job for family as far as I see maybe the taigs in the mhedia should do an article on how after chucking fitba their hero Jimmy Johnstone let down his family and drank himself into a piss stain.... or how the greatest ever manager ....you know the peado harbourer got a job working on the celtic pools since he wasn't respected enuff to be given a board position by the tarriers at the time (maybe never went to the right school) to qualify for the position. ....... fuck the mhedia fuck the Sun and "FTP" to quote big Bob himself.....
  10. Football is fucked

    Football is big business and like all big business it's been economically globalised to benefit the few elite to the detriment of the masses like big business it's corrupt to the core FIFA/UEFA are just another Wall Street like criminal money burner....footballs a sport that we encourage our kids to play to be fit healthy competitive and enjoy.... the higher up the game you go the more deceitful and corrupt it becomes .... I don't watch the so called big events World Cup/ euros the gross over the top champions league pish.....footballs whored itself out to marketing and the greedy money makers....the level of debt in the game is not sustainable and WILL eventually implode totally destroying the game ..... the title of the thread is spot on ....Football is fucked indeed....
  11. Kyle Lafferty's gambling addiction.

    The story is about gambling addiction....is that not what the threads about?....or are you being pedantic about the term "gamblers".....
  12. Kyle Lafferty's gambling addiction.

    A lot of guys have a wife and children to support but their problem with gambling mean they hoard their cash in persuit of a big win .... many find themselves addicted to the point they put the financial future of their families in jeopardy many bum money off friends and family to fund their greedy addiction ..... so aye selfish. Hardly a strange comment or do you think because they throw most their money away that makes them unselfish ? maybe to the bookies...
  13. Kyle Lafferty's gambling addiction.

    Gamblers are greedy selfish cunts ..... so hardly a surprise this cunt is one .....
  14. Who Chooses The Next Manager?

    Infact just realised who started this thread I nominate the OP for the job due to his deep knowledge of the club and the fact he's a fenian bastard .... it would also let the haters know we are an all inclusive club not like the bad old days when we were dead bigoted n stuff....
  15. Who Chooses The Next Manager?

    I would let Jimmy bell pick him