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  1. Remember the good old days when followers of the peado cult were refused jobs ?... well we are seeing now why they were because important positions in our national game, MSM and politics in this country is fucking riddled with these fucking uneducated cunts... Fuck Gerry Collins, fuck the pishy national side and fuck every bead rattling brainwashed tarrier fuckwit in this fucking shambles of a country. Feel better now 😎... FTP.
  2. There’s a distinct whiff of Papishness in these parts ..... 🧐
  3. 😂 queerhawk is a very underused term these days ... well played sir 👍🏻...
  4. 😂😂😂 these cunts are naw real
  5. Devine’s a papish bastard . It’s no coincidence that as soon as the tarriers are pulled into the debate for their singing and behaviour all of a sudden it’s not as bad an issue as first thought ....
  6. With Morelos banned for 3 games and McGregor on the verge of a another ban now the papers are saying Kent will not be staying even tho at no point is there any quotes that suggest that. Hmm a few more wins then I’m sure they will find another player or maybe even the manager suggesting they are leaving . Negative Rangers stories sell papers in this tarrier infested country it seems who’d a thunk it 😂...
  7. This is a individual who has consistently antagonised away supporters and fellow professionals for years as a player and a manager and behaved like an utter moron. Such as ....goading an opposition player over how much money he makes, stamping on a player during a European tie, indulging in singing Ira songs during a team night out, spitting on a Rangers scarf, cupping the ears , pretending to lift an imaginary trophy during an old firm match in which he deliberately Waited to be the last off the pitch, childishly dancing in front of hearts fans then pretended to get hit in the face with a coin 😂, the embarrassing aeroplane actions after a draw against us, trying to take coisty a square go after losing his marbles again, playing a massive role in the reason for a referee strike, multiple touch line bans, fines and warnings at every club he has managed, threatening to stab his burd and now Hivs have suspended him for who knows what at the moment. That’s just aff the top of my head of the madness of this cunt. Yet he’s still the victim apparently oh and Brenda said he’s a good guy so that’s fine . 🤷🏻‍♂️😂..fucking madness. As I’ve said before hopefully he does not make a return to our game and ideally our country.
  8. Hopefully this time he doesn’t return. The “anti Irish Catholic” Victim pin up boy for the Scottish press will no longer be around to stir up the garbage we have had to listen to. A horrible twisted poinsonous bastard that will not be missed in our game.
  9. i fail to see what coulibaly offers the team. Nothing going forward and nothing defensively. It’s becoming very clear he is not the player we hoped he would be. Ejaria is a young lad but for us right now ? Nah not what we need. Midfield is the key area we need to invest in during January. Arfield is the only one who cuts it consistently.
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