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  1. McGregor Tav Goldson. Helander Barasic Jack. Davis. Kamara Arfield/Aribo/Stewart Kent Morelos cant make my mind up between Arfield .Aribo or Stewart if pushed I would go for Aribo as I feel hampden is a pitch he could exploit the space but the centre of defence is a worry. I just feel it’s too late to tinker and both have had big performances in Europe when called upon and here is hoping for the same kinda performance on Sunday
  2. Our experience players such as Arfield and Davis along with the two centre backs let us down by taking the tempo out the game after our second goal Over playing it and playing ourselves into trouble. The left back was a bomb scare ! He was badly at fault for both goals
  3. Point missed totally. We should be leaders setting examples a class above the others that’s what being a Ranger is about both on and off the field
  4. Very educated response I expect that from those educated at a RC school
  5. Ignorance is not a defence in the eyes of the law It’s quite simple really obey the rules as the vast majority of supporters do or face the consequences and run crying on here the club has a duty to act and if the shoe was on the other foot we would be demanding similar action be taken
  6. That is not correct only a moron jumps on top of a disabled shelter! The pitch invasions are over celebrating and while no one set out to cause trouble it’s against the law we don’t do it at Ibrox so it’s not acceptable away from home
  7. Fans like you our club can do without knuckledraggers stay away from our club We want to raise standards and set examples
  8. Tin hat on here!!! But I am in total agreement with the club We need to clean up our act and jumping on a disabled shelter and invading pitches when we score (away from home we wouldn’t dare do it at Ibrox) are unacceptable behaviour and if an away team did same at Ibrox we would be up in arms ! I won’t be signing as wont all decent supporters
  9. GeeSS


    Yes we might get double for him!!! He is our weak link give ball away too often and gets caught ball watching and players are continually running off him
  10. Eh ???? Are you on drugs? That lot were 10 year previous And murdoch was a midfielder never ever played in defence
  11. Our fans were a disgrace that day that kind of celebrating we can do without. If game was at Ibrox would we have invaded the pitch ? We need to learn all eyes are on us. We are not any other club we are Rangers the biggest team in the country we should be showing others the way like we have always done
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