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  1. Holy Jesus !! How many times he is a right back !!! It’s not fifa !
  2. A bigger concern is our midfield lacks physicality I would bring McCrorrie in for Kamara to add height and strength as we are a very small side only Katic and Goldson over 6ft they have their back 4 Lutzig Simmovovic Ajier wonder boy and Rogic and Eduardo we must combat this
  3. Massive own goal from our board and it will end with big bad Rangers fans getting slaughtered in the mhedia !!
  4. No his family requested that shower have an applause and make a noise not anyone else this is a massive mistake by our board silence is the right and proper way to show respect
  5. Not at Ibrox What is this minutes applause for McNeil all about? This is not the Rangers way the proper and only way to pay respect if a minutes silence !
  6. Why? He has nothing to do with these lads !!!
  7. No Black it’s Dark Blue and Light Blue !
  8. Why drop Flanagan ? The same 11 as Saturday must go in again btw its Kamara not camara!
  9. This a dreadful start we ain’t winning this game
  10. GeeSS


    He was very good against the scum on Sunday unfortunately his slack pass was punished it was probably his only mistake in the game however he lost possession 45 yards from goal out wide surely it should have been defended much better by others Most players makes 3/4 slack misplaced passes at least in every game yet get away with it Tav is the best full back in the country by a mile and some fans should be very careful what they wish for as we would be in a much worse place without his goals and assists (3 assists last night) and would find it very difficult to replace him
  11. He played for Derby County and QPR down South and Brisbane Roar abroad was capped at under21 and B level and also played for Motherwell and Dundee
  12. McCrorrie has a great second half winning all the second balls and along with Tav was responsible for driving us forward Jack I agree was poor and did nothing of note except miss the chance that fell his way
  13. 5 games ??? Are you on drugs? He will be offered a 2 game ban !
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