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  1. GeeSS

    The Alkass International Cup Squad

    Raymond Montgomerie’s father is Sharon’s dad Ian ‘s cousin That’s it Don’t know why she would say that. How good is the boy I haven’t seen him play
  2. Foderingham Tav Goldson Katic Barasic Jack McCrorrie Candais. Arfield Kent Morelos
  3. What??? No Morelos? Are you crazy !!!
  4. GeeSS

    The Alkass International Cup Squad

    Would like to point out that Harris O’Conner is not in any way related to Ray Montgomerie ! I don’t know where that came from. He is the son of my cousin Sharon who maiden name is Sproat and her husband Dave Harris was born and brought up in London and was indeed in the charlton and Kilmarnock system before coming to Rangers
  5. I firmly believe that we have players at the club who are talented but sadly are not winners and don’t have the mindset to grind out results when not playing well We need too weed out these week feeble minded players in the summer The players I am thinking of have been around too long now and won’t ever have the mindset required Tav, Candais Halliday Dorans Foderingham and Jack are serial losers others such as Grezda and Barsic aren’t of the character required Unfortunatly.the ones who have the right attitude are over the hill McGregor Davis Lafferty Defoe or youngsters such as McCrorrie and Morelos We need to recruit better and bring in players who are proven winners or have the hunger to win and succeed at a big club
  6. GeeSS


    Sorry to disagree maybe I am being a bit hard on him but I wasn’t impressed he didn’t do anything that made me jump up and say wow! Big improvement required if he is not just another average run of the mill midfielder similar to what we already have an abundance of
  7. GeeSS


    Easy pleased
  8. GeeSS

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    There ls the problem ! We are simply a one man team he is the star and he along with young MCCrorrie are the only 2 who are good enough for a title winning team
  9. GeeSS


    He is very similar to what we already have he flatters to deceive never makes a forward pas or gets beyond the forwards another very poor signing simply nowhere near what we require. Sad thing is a lot of supporters are used now to watching this shite and actually think this is the standard of player that is Rangers class our standard have really dropped. !!!!
  10. GeeSS

    Players Who Won't Be Here Next Season.

    Davis Defoe McCauley Candais Lafferty Coulibaly Grezda Dorans Flanagan Worrall all need to go. Kent we want to hold on to but probably won’t and Morelos will go too !!! Big job to build squad for next season most of Gerard’s signings have been flops to be honest
  11. GeeSS


    Simply done! Legs have gone. Hope we never see him play again in the Rangers jersey
  12. GeeSS

    We are boring to watch.

    We are a very average side we lack pace in wide areas and we need to start by passing the ball forward there is far too many passes backward never mind sideways. Fast pacy wise men are required along with 2 midfielders who can go beyond the strikers on occasion we lack energy in midfield. Steven Davis has been a terrible signing I hope we can get rid in summer as he isn’t signed yet also Candais is not good enough he plays 1 good game in 5. He works hard yes but lacks quality and can’t be depended on.
  13. GeeSS

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Foderingham Tav Goldson. Worral Barasic McCrorrie. Jack Candais Arfield Kent Defoe or Lafferty If Defoe or Lafferty dont make it then I think we will play Middleton up top Davis might start for Arfield but doubt it I do think that Defoe and Lafferty will make it with Defoe starting and Lafferty on bench along with Davis Haliday Katic Kamara Coulibaly and Firth
  14. GeeSS

    Share Issue. Significant result for us

    McCoist was gifted his shares and is a money grabbing arsehole he along with the spivs deserves nothing. However club 1872 I do feel for founded with good intensions but in reality never feasible to achieve their ultimate goal they can however buy shares in any new issue and remain as a voice for the fans
  15. GeeSS

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    The citing of the Hibs player after a tackle he was booked for at the time against celtic changes everything , as previously we have been told that if the player was booked then that is end of the matter ,think back to the horrendous challenge by the Kilmarnock player on Ryan Jack we were told no action could be taken as he was booked for it at the time, stokes last season with his windmill assault on tav was the same But now it seems the rules have been changed The SFA need to come out and explain and the clubs must press for the compliance officer to resign The scum want refs to state whom they support we should be asking the compliance officers past and present to declare their aligence !