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  1. Russell Martin

    Lol yes I never checked before posting lesson learned
  2. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Totally disagree we outplayed Aberdeen recently it’s players who win matches systems help though and we now have the players to go 4 2 3 1 it should be same team middle to front with Alves coming in for Bates possibilly the only change I would make , but Murty will bring in Holt(god save us) for Docherty which is a bad move as Holt runs about a lot but is too weak and ultimately achieves nothing a waste of a jersey in my opinion
  3. Russell Martin

    Cardosso? Your having a laugh! He is a dreadful defender I really do disparities at some on here
  4. Russell Martin

    John is our worst defender he is far too weak however he is decent (no more) going forward if and it’s a big if Wallace gets back to full fitness he will walk into the team before John who will then revert to the role we signed him for cover for Wallace. I think a lot on here forget how good a fully fit Wallace is !
  5. Russell Martin

    I agree both centre backs were terrible yesterday however they have been decent in recent games I will put yesterday down to the surface it is all new to Martin who probably has never played a competitive game on plastic either
  6. Has anyone noticed, R.E Split fixtures

    That can’t happen it will always be 3 at home and 2 away or the other way round
  7. Has anyone noticed, R.E Split fixtures

    There is no chance of this ever happening we will always have them at home twice and away twice !!!! Television is also a contribiritery factor
  8. Has anyone noticed, R.E Split fixtures

    No matter what the old firm will always have 2 Home and 2away so the split is either 3 Home games and 2 away or 3away games and 2 at home so this year it is certain that we will only have 2 home games so it’s any 2 from Hearts Hibs Aberdeen and either Kilmarnock/Motherwell whoever makes it
  9. Most right footed attacking/wide players nowadays play on the left so they can cut in even the great Davie Cooper who only had a left foot played a a lot of his career on the right
  10. Wilson Loaned to Dumbarton

    Be serious we were talking about loaned out by us
  11. Wilson Loaned to Dumbarton

    Bates never went on loan anywhere??? McCrorrie however did and was outstanding for Ayr playing in midfield too so wasn’t a Murty brainwave I saw him on 4 occasions and he stood out i take your point though he is the exception to the rule generally our loans don’t achieve much and seem to be a waste of time
  12. Wilson Loaned to Dumbarton

    I agree it’s a bit like the old days when the seniors used to loan players out to the juniors to toughen them up
  13. Retail Deal

    This is no wind up the retail deal will be announced very soon it has been agreed the shirt deal is very different and nothing to do with the retail deal Puma are not keen on renewing Admiral have an offer on the table not signed as club are still looking around before committing obviously looking for the best deal they can get money wise and also they have to be confidant that whoever gets the deal can actually deliver in quality and quantity.
  14. Retail Deal

    PM me and I will reveal my source
  15. Retail Deal

    Sorry I had a night out last night my source is head of media and marketing involved in football