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  1. GeeSS


    Ehhhhh!!! No he isn’t he is in last year of his deal at Liverpool and is unlikely to be offered a new deal he will be available to sign a precontract with anyone in January.
  2. GeeSS

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Away from home our manager worries too much about opposition and pitches etc He changed tactics and also went for bigger players In England where he came from teams do that away but we are Rangers and this is Scotland we should be playing our game and attacking at pace like we do at home we are showing teams far too much respect !!
  3. GeeSS

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    We over pass from side to side play in front of Livingston but not hurting them or asking any questions I would get Kent and Middleton on get Candais off along with either Lafferty or Morelos and try and inject some pace and penetration into our game
  4. Point taken. I take back my comment 👍
  5. You are a clown Ayr are no mugs and are top of the championship for a reason. We have to respect them and be professional We can’t get ahead of ourselves football can bring you crashing back down very quickly.
  6. We must win this game as there is a trophy at stake. Ayr are a good side and are top of the championship we must show them respect and field a strong line up Those who advocate wholesale changes no nothing about football. We have a decent squad but don’t get ahead of ourselves as football can come back and bite you pick a strong line up with only a few changes. Bring in Fodringham and Worral at the back Ejaria in midfield maybe start Middleton wide and Lafferty up front but that’s enough that’s 5 changes but remaining strong as no matter what we must win and keep the momentum going
  7. GeeSS


    Your very harsh he was unplayable today and is a lot better than good his al round game is brilliant we will sell him for over 10m one day. Hopefully though he will be here for another season or two before he moves on to bigger stage either down south or abroad.
  8. GeeSS


    I wholeheartedly agree
  9. GeeSS


    Sorry to disagree with most on here. But he was meant to be the holding player and yet he was continually caught out by getting ahead of the ball and leaving huge gaps in front of the defence his job was to do the dirty work plugging holes and breaking up play give me Ryan Jack every day of the week before Andy !
  10. GeeSS

    The day hearts went down to 7 men

    Was at game I am sure hearts only had 3 sent off !
  11. GeeSS

    Bias Bias Bias

    Willie Colum. Kevin Clancy Nick Walsh John Beaton I wonder which club their allegiances lie with?
  12. GeeSS


    You are either blind or stupid in fact you are probably both Jack is by far our best midfielder out with Coubally who is injury prone we need to add quality in this area if we are to overhaul them
  13. GeeSS

    Mcgregor Kick

    What???? What stamp?
  14. GeeSS

    Fenian ref

    Ye we dissagree howhever I do think yellow was correct. Mind you I thought the goal scorer was lucky to be on the park after his sleekit foul on Jack which also got a yellow
  15. GeeSS

    Fenian ref

    Contact ? It doesn’t matter if ther is contact it’s the intent and if Lafferty hadn’t jumped he would have been hurt !