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  1. Fuck right of you stupid wee boy !
  2. I also don’t watch scotland but by reading publications watch the news etc I see the Scotland squad as would most fans
  3. I assume you don’t watch much football then. You haven’t heard of him ??? Ex Hearts and regular in Scotland squads played against us a few times and had a good game each time. I am amazed at the lack of football knowledge amongst some of our support
  4. Exactly I agree 100% no life is any different all life’s matter There is good and bad in this world colour doesn’t discriminate which is which I also find the statement racist
  5. I will give you Beckenbauer he was best Footballing number 5 or central defender ever However he relied heavily on his defensive partner Shawzenbecyk who was some player Btw to cover for and allow Beckenbauer to stroll all over the pitch Cannavero was in my opinion the most over rated defender ever and extremely lucky to have the career he had he wasn’t tall enough to be a number 5 and I remember Rod Wallace roasting him when he was with Parma he got sent off at Ibrox ! He was not in the same league as previous itialan defenders like Gentile Etc my point is numbers don’t mater it’s the player who does
  6. Franco Baresi wore number 6 Bobby Moore wore number 6 Rudi Krol number 6 Our own Terry Butcher wore mostly Number 6. Alan Hansen number 6 Tony Adams number 6 i don’t think the number means much at all for gods sake our own Arthur Numan wore number 5 for club and country and played left back !
  7. Where did you see that the Leicester fans rate him?
  8. No you are the muppet Even captaining us to an European final (lost) is not as big an achievement as winning a major trophy down south with a unfashionable club If we had won the European trophy I am sure that would have been his greatest achievement but we didn’t and nobody remembers runners up I am afraid an achievement is winning not a gallant loser !
  9. Grow up ! What he meant was winning trophies with Rangers in Scotland where generally we dominate is expected not winning any is unacceptable. To win a trophy with an unfashionable club in the mega rich era in the much bigger stage of England is a greater achievement than than winning a trophy with Rangers in Scotland. I guess if it was possible to ask Davie Cooper he would say winning the Scottish cup with Motherwell is a greater achievement than winning it with us This is not a slight on us but a fact
  10. I am on the 4 payment automatic renewal scheme I assumed the first payment was coming out my bank today. Only to find out via a friend that I should make the payment by card via the link sent in another email I have not received any email with a link to pay. I am worried now that I will lose my ticket as the date for first payment was today I know the closing date for renewals is end of June but I can’t afford to pay £702 up front !
  11. There are no wingers in the modern game can you name one anywhere who hugs the touch line they don’t exist anymore
  12. What? I have never watched him other than against us I never watch that lot unless it’s against us either so can’t comment on his performances against them The lad is a Rangers supporter it’s sad but true but every professional player would consider playing for them McGregor Forrest Brown Allan Morgan Taylor in recent years have all taken the plunge Despite being Gers fans it’s their job they have families to look after they go for the financial security but I guarantee that if Rangers had been interested and more or less matched the offer they would have chosen us
  13. Ferguson would walk into our midfield he is miles better than Kamara , Arfield and Davis are well past their sell by date and he is not injury prone like Jack he likes a tackle can pass and chip in with goals. The added bonus is he is a fan don’t underestimate this just look at our most successful sides under Walter and Eck both had a strong Core of bluenoses
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