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  1. Eh ???? Are you on drugs? That lot were 10 year previous And murdoch was a midfielder never ever played in defence
  2. Our fans were a disgrace that day that kind of celebrating we can do without. If game was at Ibrox would we have invaded the pitch ? We need to learn all eyes are on us. We are not any other club we are Rangers the biggest team in the country we should be showing others the way like we have always done
  3. What game were you watching Morelos was along with Barasic our best player
  4. Tav was at fault yes I agree but McGregor was also poor getting beat at near post We can’t go into these games with 10 men OJo is a passenger how he lasted the entire match is beyond me. Also bad management from Gerrard we get a free kick with seconds on the clock and we throw everyone up why? He should be putting on a sub to run the clock down and instead of launching the free kick forward all we had to do was play keep ball instead of giving them the chance to counter so frustrating !!!!
  5. Too many think they just have to turn up to win and not putting in the graft
  6. OJo and the invisible man Aribo off get Arfield and king on
  7. Are you serious he has been a man down a disgraceful performance.
  8. Strong line up packed with power and pace I predict a comfortable win 3-0
  9. GeeSS

    Kris boyd on sky

    I don’t believe we have improved by much. We have no quality apart from Morelos. We were promised quality over quantity what happen we signed squad fillers and lost the only other quality player we had in Kent the lack of quality in OJo and jones in the wide areas is glaring they have signed a few quality players from epl who will improve them as season goes on I know it’s early but being honest we haven’t really improved at all
  10. Defoe had chances but didn’t take them which is unusual for him if he had scored in first minute it would have been a comfortable win
  11. Can you point out one just one lie please because I can’t find one! Lest look in the mirror here and clean up our act Rise above all others and lead from the front like we always do. Let’s support the club in a safe manner no need to invade pitches. We don’t do it at Ibrox !!!
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