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  1. Can you point out one just one lie please because I can’t find one! Lest look in the mirror here and clean up our act Rise above all others and lead from the front like we always do. Let’s support the club in a safe manner no need to invade pitches. We don’t do it at Ibrox !!!
  2. Of course we are and always will be I can guarantee there wasn’t one RC in our stand today !
  3. Missing the point Grogzy if that had been your son.daughter or parent/grand parent sitting in there in a wheelchair what would you be thinking ? We were all rightly appalled when the spoon burners invaded the pitch and abused our disabled fans at hampden while today wasn’t even close to being on that scale it was stupid and moronic we can’t have our support behaving like the rest we should be setting standards
  4. No they are not. And two wrongs don’t make a right we are Rangers we set standards
  5. Get a grip these mini pitch invasions are becoming more and more frequent and these morons are letting the club down it is a very small minority but it’s there and they aren’t wanted by the majority. I was sitting a few rows from the front today but at no time did I think I am going to run on to pitch to celebrate ! I enjoyed the goal and celebrated with my fellow supporters in the stand !
  6. Not a grass at all but morons are not wanted our away support has a small minority who are brain dead it could have ended in tragedy today we were lucky next time we may not be
  7. Our away support has let us down on too many occasions we are The Rangers we have high standards both on and off the pitch we are a Protestant club and our fans should be upholding the strong Protestant values on behaviour and conduct don’t let our standards slip come on lads we are representing the club all of us are one leave the pitch invasions to the other lot and show them why WE ARE THE PEOPLE 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  8. What clown you are. We have added Davis Aribo OJo and I haven’t gave up on getting Kent back yet , any team needs 4 centre backs therefore getting 2 in for 4m is great business and our defence now looks much stronger than last season left back might be an issue but I believe in Barasic Flanigan and Halliday we have enough to get by we are a great deal stronger and a more balanced squad now and we will get better as the season gets going.
  9. Simply because the roof is not meant to be stood on there can be no excuse for the clowns who jumped on it they must be identified and banned by the club. We really need to start to clean up our away support these pitch invasions are an embarrassment and becoming more frequent all the do is give our enemies ammunition ! Come on Bears let’s lead by example and clean up our act
  10. Absolute nonsense the teams we have played are also in pre season no excuses the sheep and the scum are turning better teams over !
  11. The lack of width is glaring why on earth do we need 2 defensive midfielders in this game ? Surely we only require either Jack or Kamara not both We nee to get Morelos on and either Jones or Stewart to provide width Who to take off is a conundrum though As we have about 5 or 6 who could come off but I would take Kamara and Defoe off
  12. We can’t trust him the manager has sussed him now he won’t be here much longer
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