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  1. GeeSS

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    What level did you play ? I myself played over 300 games in total mainly down south
  2. GeeSS

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    Perhaps that’s why you didn’t make it !!
  3. GeeSS

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Every single decision a referee or linesman makes is a guess I do not understand your point.
  4. Have you really ? Against whom ? And can you tell me what position and number he wore ? I doubt very much you saw him play for Forrest because if you did you would be raving about him ! Jones is definetly better than what we have however if he is good enough remains to be seen but he would be a cheap gamble
  5. Have you seen Kieran Dowell play? I have seen him play on 6 occasions live and on tv a handful of times. He would walk into our team in the 10 role and would be a star in our league Solanke I am not sure about and I bet most on here are the same no one has saw much of him to make a judgement. Davis is not the player he was due to legs beginning to go in fact he is now operating as a sitting midfielder and we are overloaded with them Jones is an upgrade on our wide men much better than Candais Grezda and Middleton
  6. GeeSS

    post match interview

    The captains role is greatly exaggerated on here there are many ways to captain a team at Rangers we have had some inspirational vocal ones and we have had the quiet lead by example type but a good team needs a dressing room full of leaders and players with game intelligence to be able to follow the coaches instructions this is our problem we don’t have enough leaders and definetly don’t have any with game intelligence that’s why our discipline is letting us down too
  7. GeeSS


    My god did you see him against Aberdeen? Our defence was solid when we had Goldson and Katic. Then what happens we bring in Worrall and the chop change starts ! Centre backs need to build an understanding we were getting there but now we have destroyed Katic and by the looks of it Goldson too! Get rid of Worrall and get back to a settled partnership either Goldson Katic or Goldson and McAuley and stick with it
  8. GeeSS

    Kris Boyd

    It’s because he isn’t good enough. Pure and simple
  9. GeeSS

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Ryan Kent needs replaced he has crontributed nothing at all
  10. GeeSS

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    I think the manager is ruining each Centre half by chopping and changing so much. How is anyone expected to strike up a partnership when he changes week in week out. It’s bizarre.
  11. GeeSS

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    The team selection is baffling where is Kent meant to be playing? The centre back situation is ridiculous that is the one position that you need stability
  12. GeeSS

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Are you watching the same player that I am ???? He is brutal this is a player who couldn’t get a game for Burnley or even Bolton when on loan last season the long term injury he suffered a couple of yrs back has finished him he is dreadfull get Barasic fit ASAP but until then Halliday is a much better option
  13. GeeSS

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    McCrorrie or Rossiter are a better shout than Coulibaly Grezda is a better shout than Middleton and as previously stateed on here Halliday or a half fit Barasic or even Wallace is better than Flanagan We are a little unlucky just now with our more creative players being injured Kent Dorans and Murphy would add a lot to team we do need to add attacking midfield quality in January
  14. GeeSS


    I agree with your post totally we are in agreement
  15. GeeSS


    0nly made 2 starts at the sheep as an eighteen yr old the StMirren /Morton stats weren’t to good granted but how many games did he start ? Late developer is how I would describe him like many others before him who have went on to have successful careers