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  1. Hutton2008


    I agree. Not seen enough consistency from any other SG signing to give them pass marks. Coulibaly looked like a world beater, was genuinely excited about him. He’s the only other signing that looked top level. flashes from Kent, Goldson - Katic pre worrall, barasic started well but it’s sporadic.
  2. Hutton2008


    Could have been much worse. Our saving grace was just how childish their back line was. Don’t even thing that child of a keeper made a save
  3. Hutton2008

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    It will be very hard. I know we got a good result away to Villarreal but we were still horrendous. They were by far the better side and they have started finding some form domestically. I reckon close loss/draw against Villarreal and a win in Vienna. We smash rapid home and away.
  4. Hutton2008

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    Also this rehab talk mustn’t have improved him much... a quick check of necaxa’s league position/results and Pena making three subs appearances from the bench out of 15 shows the confidence in him 👀
  5. Hutton2008

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    A point lost on most people in this thread. its an action where there can never be a return. That and he’s garbage.
  6. Hutton2008

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    I also heard this
  7. Hutton2008

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    Never even made their match day squads for the last two fixtures. Keep seeing people quote the Mexican league like it’s fucking La Liga. It’s pish. He’s pish. And he’s not physically or mentally good enough for Rangers.
  8. Hutton2008

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    It’s a hell no not ever from me. And almost 40% of the poll are thick as fuck with short memories.
  9. Hutton2008

    Gerarrds Fault

    He’s already blaming fixture schedule and being busy. Doesn’t wash sadly. The tarriers are peaking and have had a similar amount of fixtures. SG is definitely of the opinion it’s everyone else’s fault but his. Every failure is someone else’s fault. We are a team ffs.
  10. Hutton2008

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Majority of the greats protect the players. He hasn’t yet done that. He’s started to in an interview only to do a full 360 and blame them. Slowly but surely he will alienate some players. He needs to put what he done as a player to one side and prove he can cut as a gaffer. Get us back to where we should be.
  11. Aye you’re right. We were quality tonight. Thee taigs are pish and we are going to romp home to 55
  12. Going forward they could have had 8!ffs
  13. How? Seeing it for how it fucking is.
  14. I have no idea how much they spent but I reckon it’s a lot less than we have tbh
  15. Tav has a good first half going forward. When we needed a goal same old shite deliveries