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  1. Arteta

    Arsenal to appoint Unai Emery and go against Ateta ,according to DR.
  2. Proud

    Nothing much!!
  3. Andy Halliday

    Hiv's scraping the the barrel for Halliday. Priceless!!
  4. The wee clubs have definetly shot themselves in the foot voting us down to the bottom leagues.The Mhanks have got richer and stronger. Scotlands premier leagues boring and predictable and has been for years due to the wee diddy clubs on their high horses. I think when the smelly cunt's don't qaulify for CL with the new format in place this season or any other season i can see their team fall apart and finance's hit hard. Then we'll pounce
  5. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

  6. Zenit St Petersberg v Rangers 10 years ago

    She's 10 pal, i was on standby at the time we played zenit.
  7. Zenit St Petersberg v Rangers 10 years ago

    Why did i get my wife up the duff 8 month's before and missed the game.
  8. A decade ago Rangers took on Zenit in the UEFA cup final in City of Manchester stadium. Can't believe it was 10 years ago Unfortunatley i couldn't attend because the wife was due dropping the wane, So i watched on the TV. Where were yous that night bears and bearettes?
  9. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    That's about 20 goals against off our end of the season tally with mcshagger back. Still a rat tho.
  10. Connor Goldson

  11. Jay Rodriguez

    The Tim players will do then.
  12. Gerrard wants us to play Klopp's way

    Jammy bastard!!😂With some signings, Arfield has signed today he could fit into that midfield or behind the striker.
  13. Dallas

    Dallas, any relation to our beloved referee Hugh Dallas? Seriously, I knew we were finishing 3rd on Sunday before kick off due to corruption and not being good enough on field aswell. Hiv's and the sheep will not be in our way next season. I predict a 2nd place finish even closer to the east end scum next season.
  14. Gerrard wants us to play Klopp's way

    If he wants to use Klopp's formation here's an example on Liverpools 4-0 win against Brighton(see Solanke scored). That would do well up here
  15. Gerrard wants us to play Klopp's way

    Rangers fans have reason to be very excited after Gerrard makes exciting Klopp revelation Rangers secured third place in the Premiership and a place in the Europa qualifiers after a crazy 5-5 final day draw with Hibs, and fans are now ready to welcome in a new era with Steven Gerrard as their manager. And, after a season packed with disappointment, amid a few weeks of misplaced optimism, there’s a reason for Rangers fans to be very excited about next season. Of course there’s the small matter of an intriguing transfer window, with Gerrard and his number two Gary McAllister set to reshape the Rangers squad in their image. But beyond that, next season promises to be thrilling for Rangers fans both on and off the pitch as Gerrard made an exciting revelation – that he wants to to play the game in the same swashbuckling way as Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Talking after the Hibs game, as quoted by the Scottish Sun, Gerrard added, “I think every fan in the world loves watching that.” He also said that he would try to emulate Klopp of the field as well. “He’s been absolutely massive for the club. You don’t want someone to pretend or bat back any question. He answers every single question with honesty and truth. “It’s one of his values that I hope to take.” Gerrard is certainly talking a good game, getting Rangers fans onside quickly by saying that celtic have had things their way for too long. He obviously intends to take the fight to celtic in all areas and by saying he’s going to emulate Klopp, things will be entertaining no matter what the results on the pitch. However, if he can get those right as well, next season could be one of the most explosive Scottish fans have ever witnessed. In other Rangers news, Gerrard ramps up war of words with celtic and sends Rodgers warning after Rangers 5-5 draw We would need one hell of a defence and midfield to play Klopp's Liverpool way!