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  1. McGregor Jack. Goldson. Katic. Barasic Kamara Arfield. Davis Aribo. Kent Defoe A rusty 2-0 win for us. Paterson on in RB when result is secure.
  2. Think Jack can play right back? But it would weaken the midfield.
  3. Wes Polster. Goldson. Edmundson Barasic Davis Jack. Kamara Stewart. Jones Defoe 5 -0 Gers
  4. Stop reading after ''put himself out on a limb for a waster like Alfredo Morelos.'' Fucking prick who wrote this!
  5. Broon's a protected species in this country. The corruption plain to see.
  6. Wee Rhat Ryan Christie handed three-game ban after being found guilty of grabbing Alfredo Morelos by the testicles during Old Firm derby. Should be put on the sex offenders list like nae neck Forrest..
  7. Best left back at our club since Sasa..
  8. Christie should have been sent off pulling Morelos's Bobby 2nd yellow that should've been.
  9. We're never gonna play against 11 of the scum we've got to beat their henchmen officials aswell. Keep going the way we're playing.
  10. We're never gonna ply against 11 of the scum we've got to beat their henchmen officials aswell.
  11. To get us from round 1 Europa league qualifiers to the 2nd round of the Europa league is phenomenal for a rookie manager, If we beat Braga then it's the Last 16. We certainly have a good manager in our team, could be a great one only time will tell.
  12. Us Rangers fans had a torrid time through this decade through the mill really. Wouldn't it be fucking fantastic if we smashed these "stinking cunts". And put them into their place. Fucking into them! no surrender!
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