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  1. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    Niko's attitude has been rotten. Get him to fuck!
  2. Windass

    Every word correct here in this tweet...
  3. shitebags today

    Straight 2 up front with cummings coming on soon as they went to 10 men. Murty's fault imo.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Think if we score early the confidence will be sky high. Think it'll be 3-1 to the Queens 11. C'mon the Teddy Bears
  5. Sunday

  6. scumdee hivees thompson bails out early!

    Is there a thread about this in RM? Sorry if there is
  7. scumdee hivees thompson bails out early!

    Stephen Thompson quits as Dundee United chairman with immediate effect. Stephen Thompson has quit his role as Dundee United chairman and has resigned as a member of the club’s board with immediate effect. The wee mutt has folded
  8. Jason Cummings

    Cummins done great today, could have easily had 4 or 5 goals. Think Morelos should get a start then Cummins on for at last half hour against the taigs, try both up front. No fear WATP!
  9. How far we have come...

    Brendan Rodgers: This is the strongest Rangers side I’ve seen .celtic could have gone into next weekend’s derby match against Rangers at Ibrox nine points clear of their closest rivals had their home game against struggling Dundee not been postponed on Wednesday. As it stands, Graeme Murty’s side have an opportunity to reduce the gap between the pair to just three points, although the celtic have a game in hand and a vastly superior goal difference. Brendan Rodgers has yet to taste defeat in eight meetings with Rangers, winning six of them and drawing the two games in which Murty was in charge, and the Irishman believes that the team fashioned by the current incumbent is stronger than any of the others he has yet faced. “What they’ve probably been striving for in my time here is that bit of consistency and stability and I think Graeme has done a very, very good job of that,” he claimed. “They look to have a better spirit. That’s clear – and Graeme’s looking to maximise what he can get out of the players. They’ve brought some experienced guys in – Jamie Murphy I liked even when he was up here. He’s a good player. “Russell Martin has been around a long time. Greg Docherty is a player who’s a supporter of the club, which always gives you a little injection as well. “So I think they’re in a better place than at any time since I’ve been up here.” Not that Rodgers, right, has any trepidation ahead of his next visit to Govan. “We cannot wait for that game,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed them, home and away, and our performances away from home have been absolutely brilliant. Both matches last season were very good in different ways, particularly the second one, and earlier this season we really dominated them. Of course, they’re all pressure games but it’s a huge pressure for them to be playing at home, which can be difficult for them. Their record is better away than at Ibrox. “The free week is very useful for us. Instead of just playing and recovering we can actually do some specific work. This is the important time of the season and everyone who is chosen will be in there on merit – no-one will be getting game time to improve their fitness.” This rhat bastard believes we've come a long way. Now let's pump these pricks next Sunday and make them wish they weren't in the same league as us!
  10. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    I will be disappointed if we did'nt get Goss, but it's looking like he'll be back at QPR at the end of the season. Maybe get another season loan.
  11. ***The Official St. Johnstone v Rangers Thread***

    Halladay up to the same shit again.
  12. Next season uefa qualifiers

    Think the tarriers will suffer without CL Money.
  13. Next season uefa qualifiers

    What do Champions League & Europa League changes mean for Scottish sides? Uefa has issued updated guidance for qualifying for next season's Champions League and Europa League. 'Scottish clubs could be Europa regulars' Champions League With 26 teams (up from 22) going directly into the Champions League group stage, the Scottish Premiership winners will compete for one of four places available to qualifiers that are league winners. The Scottish champions will need to win four two-legged ties to reach the group stage - three qualifying rounds and a play-off round. Every team eliminated in the Champions League qualifying and play-off rounds will now get a second chance in the Europa League. This season and last term, celtic entered at the second qualifying round stage and progressed to the group stage via the third qualifying and play-off rounds. However, only losers at the third qualifying and play-off rounds were parachuted into the Europa League. Europa League Three Scottish sides will be among those competing for 13 qualifying places available to non-champions in the Europa League group stage. The sides finishing second and third in the Premiership enter at the first qualifying round stage and the Scottish Cup winners come in at the second qualifying round stage. Rangers and Aberdeen have contested second place for most of this season but Hibs are not far behind them From next season, 17 sides across Europe gain direct entry to the Europa League group stage and are joined by the 10 losers from the Champions League play-off round. A further 21 places are available to qualifiers, including eight league winners that have not reached the Champions League play-off round. This term, Aberdeen - who took the Scottish Cup winners' place after finishing as runners-up to celtic - won their second qualifying round but lost their next tie and missed out on the play-off round. Rangers and St Johnstone both lost their first qualifying round ties. If the cup winners and runners-up have already qualified for Europe, then next best placed team in the Premiership will progress. Preliminary rounds There will be preliminary rounds in both the Champions League and Europa League prior to their respective first qualifying rounds. Scottish sides will not be involved. The Champions League preliminary round will involve four teams in a "knockout mini-tournament" with only the winner progressing and the three losing sides dropping into the Europa League second qualifying round (champions route). The Europa League preliminary round will feature 16 teams and the eight winners of the two-legged ties progress. No more champions league for scottish clubs by the looks if things.
  14. UPDATE: the remotest chance of winning the league this season.

    Calm the fuck down! 😅😅
  15. 49 years ago today

    Born in vienna? 🤔I did'nt know he was Austrian. Anyway Happy birthday to my favourite foreign import.