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  1. I'might not o'ware of him
  2. Some posts on Rangers Rumours are embarrassing but funny.😂
  3. "would i give up"
  4. David Murray , feet of clay. Seriously though the chairmen have all been ball bags.
  5. Should be good they come in and takeaway half the useless cunts that play for us
  6. Can't believe theirs a song about this wee dobber garner
  7. My money's on MOH BEING the leak, he's got those funny looking eyes
  8. Big tanx to Allah? fuck he's not one of them🤔
  9. Bring on Hill to try and steady the ship, this is very poor 😥
  10. Maybe £1million throw in Ryan Jack in aswell.
  11. Maybe our teams not as good as theirs (due to us going through hell and back) but would you bears change who you are? or swap places with those Mhanky fucks? I definitely wouldn't!we are an unique club and the most successful club scotland's ever produced. Rant over.
  12. feck off out our sites you parasite
  13. Hopefully Dembelee's fucked with an injury which ruins his big move,probably be worth £5.000.000 dembele notes now.
  14. Triple H in our midfield. Cmon teddy bears
  15. Should have a minutes applause on Sunday for the Ugo in a mark of respect. .