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  1. What's the thoughts on us finishing 2nd this season? league positions- 2. Aberdeen 29 53 28 58 3. Rangers 29 42 33 50 Rangers remaining league fixtures before the split- Rangers v Motherwell Kilmarnock v Rangers The sheep v Rangers Rangers v Partick Aberdeen remaining fixtures before the split- Dundee v The sheep The sheep v Inverness The sheep v Rangers St Johnstone v the sheep Poll. YES . NO . OF COURSE WE CAN WE'RE RANGERS Mines . of course we can we're Rangers
  2. Two out of three ain't bad. Maybe win title and European trophy next season
  3. He's been about our best performer this season out of this lot, we'd be nowhere without him. I disagree agree with you pal.
  4. Great player. hope he gets a contract with us player or coach.
  5. DAVE KING HANDS RANGERS MASSIVE TRANSFER BOOST AS CAIXINHA TAKES CHARGE Rangers chairman Dave King has revealed that Pedro Caixinha has the financial backing of the board and will get money to buy players. The Ibrox chief also believes that the current campaign has been one to forget and has admitted that the current crop of players are underperforming. King was speaking for the first time since Caixinha was confirmed as Mark Warburton’s successor last. The Portuguese boss watched on from the stands as Rangers fought back to earn a 1-1 draw with Old Firm rivals Celtic on Sunday. He will take charge of his first game against Hamilton on Saturday in the Scottish Premiership. “Of course,” said King when asked if transfer funds will be available for Caixinha, as quoted by the Scottish Sun. Where have heard this before?
  6. DR making a big song and dance about it!! Fucking hate that Rhag. All the best to the big man.
  7. Like that yin
  8. know that wee catchy tune,kungs vs cookin on 3 burners- This Girl, (saxaphone bit) de-de de,de,de,de PEDRO CAIXINHA or Glasgow Rangers But let the guy win a few games FFS!!
  9. Up there with Ugo Ehiguo overhead kick. We'll done Clint
  10. Great picture, am getting that for my screen saver. That goal meant a lot to everyone associated with Rangers🖒
  11. Bring on the Mhanky fucks in the semi. See Broons face at the end? haw Haw haw...
  12. Clint your a God in my eyes
  13. yess ya beauty
  14. am watching on Spanish tv,quite refreshing
  15. The stench must be awful in the dome