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  1. Yeah-id agree with that. Warbs needs to be with a team that has much higher skills that the teams they play. With us we just werent good enough at either end of the pitch with him. Not a genuine Canadian-moved to Canada in 1990 with my parents from Glasgow. Yeah the Canadians are great people-enjoy it here except i miss the football and some of the food!
  2. I would agree with that. Although Warbs did progress us we have kinda stalled a bit as we all know. Lots of pressure on Pedro but i do hope he gets the chance and time needed. Glad he is in now as he can use this time to get settled and prepped for next season.
  3. Yeah-would love to drop a ton of money but too scared of the damage to the club. Finding that balance is what we hope King and Co will do!
  4. Thanks! :) Like you would prefer to start buying some quality-that why am thinking another season or two to get those 5/6 players who make up the spine of the team. I still think we have enough to get after that to have a decent squad
  5. Haha-Thanks! Just my opinion! Would love to get a ton of money like the rest of us but its not realistic.
  6. Thank you kind Sir! :)
  7. Thanks! I was thinking of Fod/Wallace/Barrie Maybe Windass and Rossiter (dont laugh!) With maybe Burt and Gilmour coming through
  8. Hi All, Back on the forum and happy to back. I used to have an account (CanuckBear) but lost the password. Kept on the site though reading up. Coming all the way from New Brunswick, Canada. Thanks again!
  9. First post! Had an account for a while but lost the password. Been on the sit a lot reading to.the posts. As far as catching them-that will not be done overnight and i think we need to look at balanced investment over a few years Id say something like: Year one-8 mil for 3 players Year two-8mil for 3 players Add that to the players we have and the youngster we should be back on track-if spent wisely!