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  1. New back 4 required

    100% agree but if the Tarriers are the standard to beat then we need new players in midfield and up front too because we only scored twice in 5 games against them. Plus how many sitters did Morelos miss? I think adding a few defenders alone will help us take over second spot for sure but not enough to challenge for the title.
  2. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I would agree with you that he has some ability and a lot of potential but do you think that if we got 8 million for him we could get more out of that money and make the team better (even buying another 4mil striker and a 4 mil cb for example)?
  3. Return of Pena

    I cant argue with that as he has been a big waste of money so far. Just was hoping he could turn it around and we could get some value for what we spent.
  4. Return of Pena

    You might be 100% correct on that as I really have no idea. My approach/thoughts is that most people in life try to make as good as decision as they can and don' try and sabotage themselves unless they have some stuff going on that they don't have under control, but that just me.
  5. Return of Pena

    I understand that alcoholism needs more than a chat. However, my thought was that by speaking to a world class player like Gerrard it might give Pena a spark to seek out the professional help he clearly needs. And that he might be inspired that people in our club are actually there to support him as a human being instead of write him off. As far as funds go, every body knows that SG needs a significant budget to.be a success. That part is a no-brainer-whether he is experienced or not!
  6. Europe Guaranteed

    I can't even think about the group stages after what happened last year. I will take it game by game with no expectations. That the only way I can get my emotions together! :)
  7. Return of Pena

    It's sad to see a guy with some talent like Carlos struggle in his personal life. Would love to (maybe wish that) a chat from Stevie G. and some genuine support and care (behind the scenes) from our club could help him get what he needs to get back to his best and contribute for us on the field.
  8. Who will Gerrard keep?

    I'd like us to raise some cash for SG and would love to see us get (obviously I have no idea but just wishing really) 500k for Holt and Halliday 1.5mil for Wes 2.5mil for Windass 4.0mil for Tav 6.0mil for Morelos That would be a hefty amount added to the kitty for Stevie G to work with. If he is getting 10 to 15mil (hopefully). He could revamp this team with few good EPL Bosmans/Couple of highly regarded top epl youth loans and 5 or 6 solid purchases
  9. **Official Phantoms v Killie Match Thread**

    Any one know what the attendance is today? Looks like the same shite as usual. Pathetic!
  10. Major investment?

    Teams already double players prices when we are interested. If they know figures and we make that stuff public then teams will try and hose us on prices even more. Need to be smart with what we share about finances.
  11. Massive investment announcement

    With regards to the new manager it won't matter who we get unless there is serious investment in the squad. Aside from effort and heart we got pumped by a team that are just a much higher quality than anything we have to offer. Maybe the thing that a Gerrard can do is have the balls/status to be frank and demand the budget he needs. In reality, unless we do have that serious investment no manager will get us to the level of the Tarriers!
  12. Our fans

    Obviously I am a bit emotional.right now but would it make sense to not show up to the last 3 games? As we care about the club and the ticket money we can obviously still buy our tix etc... but just not go to the stadium and leave it empty. I feel like we need something drastic for the board to realize that we are the ones who fund/control this club! I am out of ideas but something needs to be done!
  13. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I am in a bit of shock about this potential (rumoured) appointment too but in listening to us go back and forth on all the names we have been linked with, is there anyone that we'd really be happy with? I really don't know what manager (who would be a realistic target for us) would make the majority of us happy??? Seem like a tough call for anyone coming in the way we go on sometimes.
  14. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    I would say the main issue is that our name is far bigger that our team/managers current ability. When you hear about the battle between us and the Tarriers it used to be a true battle because the teams were close and the games we tight. The fans expect the games to.be tight and we have come to expect a level of player who is skilled and exhibits the core values of being a Rangers player However, this current team are nonwhere near that either skill wise or character make-up. And we are probably on average 2 to 3 goals worse than their current team. I defo think we have a good few players and can beat them on our day but on the average game they are much better than us. Along with that, their consistency vs the other teams in way higher than ours at the moment. As we know this is the main reason why we are still battling for second. I think that's the harsh reality of it. We don't have the quality of manger or players to compete and deliver on a day to day basis at the moment. Too much up.and down, flash in the pan crap. We've all said it before but we need a good bit of money invested and some excellent staff recruitment over the next year or two. It's terrible to think that our players gave up but that will tell you right there they aren't meant to be playing for this club. However, If we don't invest and recruit a better standard of player and coaching staff, sadly this is what we will be left with.
  15. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Just throwing this out there but what about Windass up top with Dorrans supporting him? McRorie Docherty Candeias Murphy Dorrans Windass I know Morelos has given them a hard time but he has missed a good few sitters. We could try and stretch them with the speed of Windass and I think him in a free role is more dangerous too.