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  1. Yeah I hope he has more than that too but no point in not playing to his straights too though. I certainly hope his touch is better than MOH. However, it was just directness and pace that got him his move to us in the first place-we play a completely different game which is part if the reason he struggled
  2. Can't really comment much on Candeias but we should be using his speed much better that we did. If he is super fast the we should be using him to get in behind-we didn't seem to do that enough in the time he did get.
  3. I would say that if we are to repair the squad then it should only be about adding real quality. We have the basis of a good team with who we have signed already and if we did want to improve and add players then it should be adding players of the 3 to 4 million mark (or players with that type quality-bosmans on higher salaries etc..). Having a couple of players like that in your squad is what can make the difference throughout a long season. Not saying we can actually afford this right now but this would be great for next season if things go well this season.
  4. I think too that there is really nothing to say and the club must know that the fans are not going to buy the typical crap about " focusing on the positives "and "Learning from mistakes " we usually hear. I hope we take a more reserved approach in the media because we need to start to actually put a good product on the park before we can go running our mouths-along with the fact that everything we say gets twisted and distorted to make us look bad. The only blessing is that by getting all of these players in so early they will have at least 6 weeks of training as a unit-there should be no lag or disconnect come the start of the season-or at least that is my hope.
  5. I get ya but we were never going to reach the group stages so if we have taken a hit to the planned transfer budget it might only be to the tune of 700k instead of 4 million as the club (although saying they expected the group stages) probably more realistically say the 3rd round. Obviously I am guessing but when seeing the teams in the deep in qualifying we'd have to face it's not realistic to set financial goals to beat those type of teams.
  6. Probably cause our support will slaughter them if they have a bad game or two. I would love to see those kids get some time with Barjonas/Thompson and Hardie too but no point If they are not going to be supported by us fans Just look at the way Bates and Beerman have been treated recently. If we want our academy to work then we need to give the kids a chance and allow for growing pains.
  7. We were most likely not getting to the group's stages anyway. That would have been a bit of a miracle. I was basing my comment on getting to the 3rs round of qualifying.
  8. I'd actually change this a little and go 4-1-3-2. We can have a holder but also two strikers as we know how well one striker has been for us. Although as said before, no formation matters when your lazy and have no desire to win!
  9. I think we only get about 225 000 euros for winning each round. Obviously home ticket money and any tv stuff too is on top of that. Defo a loss but not massive I wouldn't think.
  10. I defo agree that the fee is quite low but I would think there is more than meets the eye on this (I hope). If we have even a 15% sell on fee-which I'd except selling at that price. It could still get us a good bit of money. If he performs and can move on (especially with the silly transfers in England)-Kinda like the Charlie Adam deal to Blackpool. I am guessing the relationship between Barrie and us deteriorated and the board new we had to get rid of him asap.
  11. I like Adam and I think he'd be good but I think we are going to be a bit heavy in the middle (not being funny about Adam's weight! Haha) If we have Rossiter/Jack/Holt/Windass/Niko/ Pena and probably Dorrans i dont think we need him tbh. Would like to see the money spent on another wing back instead unless we could shift Holt and Windass of course but that's a wish probably.
  12. We would need to have a replacement lined up. Pretty good price but can we get someone as good or better for the same money? Maybe he really rates the Abella guy from Mexico and might be around the same price.
  13. Agreed! I think that if we land him and can add Walker then we should be done. I'd wait and either get McLean in Jan for cheap or pre contract for next season. Apart from getting rid of some people.
  14. I think/hope that if we land him he can be good enough to own the midfield against anybody in our league. I think in the immediate future that he and Albee are our two best additions.
  15. I would try and get 1.5-2 for both him and Kiernan. Think we'd only 250 thou for Rob.