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  1. Supporter Delusion

    I'd agree. I think we have a good squad but 4 or 5 players who are better than what we have ( 2cb/1mid/1striker) would.be ideal.
  2. I really don't think it's fare to judge Murty on the our games vs the Tarriers. I do know that games against them are a massive part of being a Rangers manager but in the past, the two teams have been close in terms of quality-apart from 9IAR! :) It was clear from that game that both teams are shite at the back but I feel they are much better than us in midfield/forward positions along with options of players on the bench. Not taking advantage of the last 30mins of that game was about quality and the ability (or lack of) our players and I just don' think they had enough to break them down (the few times we did we blew it-see Morelos!) I think now we are clearly good enough to be second and are starting to distance ourselves from the others but i feel we are still 4 or 5 players away (better than who we already have) from equalling and really being able to compete with them. I do believe that our current team can take a game off of them but i dont feel we have the quality yet to do it consistently. I think Murty has done a great job getting the most out of the players we have and has given us unity, structure and consistency-which the players have all bought into-and is something we have had little of in the last few years. I know he is not the greatest manager in the world and does make mistakes but he is passionate about Rangers and really wants to improve. I say we back him and give him a chance, providing him with a team that matches them in quality and depth and then we can them really have a go at them!
  3. I'd say you gotta take it. 11 million is just too much to turn down. That amount could really set us up for next season and beyond. That amount would allow us to add 4 or 5 better players than what we have now
  4. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    As far as the line up goes I think we need to be consistent and keep the same team as Wednesday. We have had a lot of injuries and disruptions to the squad. I know we want our new guys (especially Cummings & Docherty) to get in but I'd rather see the team not have to worry about changes too.
  5. How Will We Line Up?

    So it seems that most people are choosing John over Wallace? Would like to see them both play but with the addition of Murphy I don' think that will happen.
  6. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Sorry! Missed that. Looks like we are on the same page then!
  7. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Long balls will.never work if the midfield don't get forward to support and win the knock downs. You cant play when your team is like 70 yards apart. We should have been more compact on both sides of the ball
  8. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Where are all the Mens that Pedro keeps talking about? We are walking around like we are up by 2!
  9. Starting 11 against Motherwell?

    Hope to see him play soon! I wondering if it will be him and Niko sharing time in that creative attacking role as we know he can't go for the full game.
  10. Is that the Transfer Budget Torched ?

    I get ya but we were never going to reach the group stages so if we have taken a hit to the planned transfer budget it might only be to the tune of 700k instead of 4 million as the club (although saying they expected the group stages) probably more realistically say the 3rd round. Obviously I am guessing but when seeing the teams in the deep in qualifying we'd have to face it's not realistic to set financial goals to beat those type of teams.
  11. Is that the Transfer Budget Torched ?

    We were most likely not getting to the group's stages anyway. That would have been a bit of a miracle. I was basing my comment on getting to the 3rs round of qualifying.
  12. 3-4-3

    I'd actually change this a little and go 4-1-3-2. We can have a holder but also two strikers as we know how well one striker has been for us. Although as said before, no formation matters when your lazy and have no desire to win!
  13. Is that the Transfer Budget Torched ?

    I think we only get about 225 000 euros for winning each round. Obviously home ticket money and any tv stuff too is on top of that. Defo a loss but not massive I wouldn't think.
  14. McKay to Nottingham Forest - 500k

    I defo agree that the fee is quite low but I would think there is more than meets the eye on this (I hope). If we have even a 15% sell on fee-which I'd except selling at that price. It could still get us a good bit of money. If he performs and can move on (especially with the silly transfers in England)-Kinda like the Charlie Adam deal to Blackpool. I am guessing the relationship between Barrie and us deteriorated and the board new we had to get rid of him asap.
  15. Do We Still Need Another Striker?

    I think I'd be keeping Hardie until at least Xmas and if he's not gotten a sniff then I would loan him out. Would be nice to see at this stage if he can cut it.