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  1. Question for yas: Would you sell Garner for 500k if it meant that next season we had Moult and Boyce signed? I guess it's like giving up Garner and MOH for those two. I am thinking it might be worth it. We'd defo be adding some guys that can score in this league.
  2. I didn't say 100% guarantee but knowing the money that seems to be going around down south, I'd bet a lower championship or upper league 1 team would pay close to that.
  3. I'd say more like this: Waggy-500k Keirnan-500k MOH-250k Forrester-250k Halliday-250k I'd actually keep Windass and I would to actually see Crooks stay a season and see what he has-more that the 5 seconds he got with MW
  4. I'd agree with the quality over quantity comments. I'd love to get in a whole new team but I think this needs to be a bit of a longer process. I'd love to see 2 defenders/2 mids/1 winger and a striker-all starters and much improved on what we have. If we can get rid of 4 to 5 that would be good considering the contract stuff. Follow that up again next year and in two years we have a solid 11.
  5. If we really want 11/12 players gone, i feel this is probably going to need to be a two year process I would obviously like them gone asap but if we can get 5 or 6 gone now that would be a good start-even another 1 to 2 in January Hopefully we've got some teams interested in those under contract!
  6. Can someone fill me in on this group? What does the group do and why would I join? Just trying to get some info. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks! No I wasn't a member but I will go have a look. :)
  8. At the end of the day there is going to need to be a certain level of money spent-not sure the number but enough to buy players to match the Tarriers or get close. Until that happens we are going to see players and managers flow through here failing to deliver.
  9. We are just so lazy at times-especially when we lose the ball. You cant put teams away when you are focused on trying to do "just enough" to beat teams. How the hell are Hearts closing us down faster and beating us to loose balls?!?!?
  10. I hope your right! I am worried about is buying a bunch of shite. We need to add quality not just numbers!
  11. We have not won any crosses or long balls or basically anything in the air yet we keep fakin doing it-fur god sake!
  12. I don't know this for sure but someone said he was friends with Mourinho and kinda in his mold personality wise. JM is always calling people out and is a very confrontational in his approach to managing players-this attitude has made him and broke him at times. The difference is that JM can do that cause he has a shit ton of trophies. I know it probably hasn't helped nut someone had to say to them!
  13. I'd say desperation at this point.
  14. It blows me away that we have the 2nd highest budget in the country!
  15. I'd say that most players must know their status for next year. Many seem to have chucked it. You would think that with many being on contract or the fact that they might want to out themselves in the shop window they'd be trying harder but with Pedro calling them out all week in his interviews, I'd say that they don't want apart in anything to do with this team