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  1. I can see the sheep losing by 5 tonight its 2 already and they are down to ten men
  2. The fact The Record actually printed a response from that scum sums up what Rangers are up against in this country....
  3. To be fair I'd boo Rees moog too as hes a posh Old Eton boy with too much money and a stupid double barrelled name and too many children
  4. The fact STV had reporters out on the streets of Kilmarnock yesterday asking people about "the scenes" took my breath away..
  5. A complete witchunt against Rangers Supporters, no paranoia no nothing. Complete demonisation of our support
  6. I never buy the Sun it's in the work bothy though every day. According to the Daily Rhecord ceptic fans including Rod Stewart were having a big jolly huddle party. No banners mentioned in either paper
  7. Just read his article in The Sun Dear oh dear oh dear
  8. Ive no doubt that if Rangers supporters had a large banner draped over two tiers with the word Fenian written on it...the Police would have removed it and there would be a mhedia inquisition on to how awful this all was. The papers today mention it but choose not to comment
  9. Pretty dismal i was really looking forward to a few goals tonight.....maybe been on the Luxembourg waccy baccy ?
  10. Unimpressive. Really we ought to be hammering part time teams
  11. Tories = scum. Eton poofters. Labour = used to be ok..seem a bit lost right now SNP = 85% anti Rangers. Wankers
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