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  1. Has anybody read the story today about the Fenian lawyer who looks like a jakey defending a taig who was punching police horses ? Cunt had a celtic top on and weed in his pocket and hes a so called fucking lawyer!!!
  2. 6-1 game Dunfermline actually played quite well its true
  3. Yes Gazza did boot ball at him. Mcnee hated Gazza for some reason and regularly wrote about him in the Daily Express back then when he also commented for STV
  4. He was a year above me at high school. Was in the Dalgety Bay casuals. Lived in a big posh house. His sister was tidy. Elvis was alright never had bother offa him...not Rangers class though
  5. Dont you know its shameful and disrespectful to bring this matter up ?
  6. That cunt on Twitter looks absolutely ridiculous almost as ridiculous as the complete lot of utter nonsense that he wrote. Probably never been anywhere near a Rangers match
  7. Great wee player and scored winners against the scum
  8. He was a good player better than most of the rubbish we have now
  9. I hate them more every hour
  10. I await one of BBC Scotland's pundits having a go at him very soon
  11. One of the toughest draws in the hat let alone playing them when we were on a damn abysmal run of form
  12. The Dutch had some team at Euro 88,
  13. Every day I check the football headlines online and every fucking day theres yet another Chris Sutton fucking article to avoid reading. Is this cunt working for every media outlet in Scotland ? I'm sick of hearing fenian bastards in this country
  14. Nothing for me could beat The Billy Boys at full volume preferably after scoring against them or a big European club..and.of course they fucking went to UEFA & then the Scottish Government to get it banned deemed "offensive " Only Rangers have songs deemed "offensive " and it infuriates me..
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