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  1. I was outraged this non story was on the Record website however I shouldn't have been surprised. It's so pro celtic now it's unbelievable...A complete non story. Both of them are complete southern Edinburgh retards
  2. Will Always have nothing but respect for Big Alex.
  3. Just woke up to see score. Mistakenly read match report on BBC Scotland. My GOD that's a Taig fanzine now
  4. Im absolutely sickened by all of this. The sheer smugness and audacity of both lennon and kennedy in the last two days talking about brown is infuriating. They get away with it as they've infiltrated every aspect of Scottish society including the government the media and the police. This country is run by taigs
  5. Bereft of class from top to bottom. That's their club captain acting like a complete fanny. Lennon then defends him. No class.
  6. Apparently this yank attacked 4 other people including two women. They'll catch him.
  7. Absolutely dreading the piggery. If they're on form they could thrash us again
  8. Imagine the sheer hysteria had that been at a Rangers game
  9. Yep no television coverage whatsoever as Champions league is on and nowt else is allowed on the telly apparently
  10. Very strange signing
  11. It's only "sectarian " if the word Fenian Taig or Pape is used. Otherwise it's just harmless banter
  12. The Premiership changed football forever. Of course Rupert Murdoch was behind it. Now average players earn millionsc
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