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  1. Then we lost to Dortmund on penalties a few weeks later Another tie we should have won
  2. They were unbelievably jammy bastards that night just watching it is upsetting me again. I was gutted after it
  3. He definitely 'done' him the fucking cunt
  4. Brilliant days,my 28th birthday we outplayed them and thoroughly deserved the win & followed it up with a treble...Mcleish was underrated as a manager
  5. Eric Black doesnt sound happy. Oh all those "offensive " words too. Shlda won by more
  6. This tosspot looks at least 15 years older. Ida hanged the cunt
  7. BBC Scotland = BBC celtic. They may as well rename it. The hatred oozes out of all their 'pundits'
  8. Outplayed them home and away, they've always been quite a lucky team Bayern (1999 final being the exception)
  9. The standard of "journalism " since the rise of the internet really has plummeted..this was a factually incorrect badly written piece yet they still ran with it I dunno if it's in the paper but it's on their fucking website. As bad as the story in the sun a few months ago with a fake sports psychologist claiming Morelos was mentally Ill....turns out the guy that wrote it was a celtic supporter. Its incredible the shite they print/,post
  10. I actually thought Nicky Walker wasnt too bad a goalie in a pretty poor team
  11. I remember Maxwell making a lot of clangers maybe that's my memory I dunno but i didn't rate the guy. He had a disaster against them at Ibrox one day I'm sure in a 1-2 defeat
  12. Sorry but I couldnt care less about it. Same with any other virus
  13. Absolutely overreaction all over the world to this.. It's a fucking nonsense Our European run ruined because of some shitty heavy cold like virus
  14. I feel everybody going overboard with this virus. Way overboard.
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