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  1. Watched that whole Chinese guy visiting stadiums rubbish, goodness it was awful but a clever bit of pape propaganda . Usually its 2 different Rod Stewart stories on how much of a fanatic he is & how much everybody loves him because of that.
  2. They should be demoted to the third division for such an inept display
  3. Souness maimed an Icelandic player im sure in 85/86 was it Siggi Johansen ? Iceland v Scotland 0-1
  4. I also hate the way they (media) constantly call the England ladies team the lionesses. God that's annoying
  5. More and more women pundits, mainly on Talksport or the BBC. They really dont know much and outside of the Premiership they know nothing whatsoever
  6. Now the big black guy is in the papers shouting his mouth off. Apparently he was immense on Sunday. He wasnt immense but according to the Scottish Media he "strolled" through the game. Blah b lah blah
  7. It's a real real shame if hes injured badly. We need a fit Jones. We need all our best players fit.
  8. He looks like a Dundee player now however he had a great spell towards the end of last season. This season hes been pish
  9. Crying out for a creative player or 2
  10. I love a tricky winger and its a tricky position to play in, (the position i played in myself ) ..trying to beat players when its not coming off and the fans are moaning at you but keep,trying to take a man on takes some doing ..lovely to see a winger running at defenders
  11. Its incredible they're saying it was Hammerby fans and the media are presenting this falsehood as true. That BBC Scotland report there was no surprise , fenian bias
  12. Up to our knees in fenian blood not offensive until 2005. Now in these troubled times everything is sectarian or racist or discriminatory...unless of course you shout zombie H** orange bastard...thats deemed inoffensive ...it doesn't bother me in the slightest of course...but maybe we should run to Uefa about it...maybe the Snp will back our corner ? 🤣
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