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  1. They struggle when teams have a go and the officials are neutral
  2. No doubt FARE will be in attendance tonight. I miss the old days when you could sing whatever you liked and nobody took offence. Of course this all started when the Taigs complained and complained and complained about The Billy Boys... Scum
  3. celtic have a very favourable draw against a side who have just sold their main striker, we have a team full of confidence on a great run visiting Ibrox, call me pessimistic but i really fear a drubbing
  4. Alfie is refereed differently of course he is and he is treated shamefully by the Scottish mhedia...however he needs to stop going down when slightly touched as these referees will give him fuck all apart from a card. The hatred directed towards him because he is Rangers top scorer is obvious..from opposition fans and the mhedia....There is racism involved but he is fair game because of whom he plays for. Ive yet to read one so called journalist write positively about him. The mhedia response to Rangers statements also confirm the pro fenian anti Rangers agenda in this country. Imagine he behaved like Griffiths !! He would be hung out to dry
  5. Dreading this game. If we start as we have recently and do not score early then we will drop points. On current form i expect us to lose to Braga too as they will be better than Kilmarnock & Hearts.....One lives in hope though....
  6. We never score early, we never create enough chances, we never looked comfortable last night. We also need to realise that 75% of the opposition players despise Rangers with a passion and we need to be much stronger and tougher. Ida smashed that bearded guys face in last night with my elbow.
  7. I see one of those green brigade filth who has previous, Kevin McGuire was jailed today for punching Police horses. I dunno if this was the same arsehole that got lifted for threatening Rangers players on Twitter after the 2-1 game on 29th Dec...vallied oot his nut punching horses...he has 4 children too..i think its the same taig
  8. Mainly "bloggers" now (stupid term) masquerading as journalists. Spiers should be hanged
  9. Im sure FARE will release a statement today condemning this incident
  10. The fenian cunt is in The Record today but i refuse to read the "article"
  11. Unfortunately they've infiltrated every echelon of Scottish society since 2012, the amount of appallingly badly written anti Rangers articles masquerading and presented as journalism in the best selling papers (and websites) up here prove this...written by Fenian "bloggers"
  12. Id like to stand them back to back and shoot them
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