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  1. This Sunday one of the papers running with an article about the corruption within the legal system, to do with all of this.
  2. The way our youngsters have been playing I dont think they should fear any team, though going by your breakdown of each team there is a couple that seem more than tough. Do you have a similar summary for our youth?
  3. @Smile https://tenor.com/view/still-game-sitcom-comedy-bbc-jackand-victor-gif-7328585
  4. IF the club are found to be complicit in the cover of a pedo ring in court then the SFA will have to act, until now(and this is important)no club has been found guilty so no action has been taken. This is why it's so important that the separate entity nonsense is blown out of the water as they have all been hiding behind that. As soon as that lie is taken away then the people who have been turning a blind eye cant any longer. From what I've been told they are fucked, and I dont mean just individuals. They were actually given a chance to get out with some payments and a slap on the wrists at the start of it all however they chose the separate entity line, and this will be their downfall. Will they get done? I cant see a way out for them. Will they get done to the levels that we want? No clue.
  5. I Some of it's starting to come out, the tip of the iceberg. There really is no way out for them.
  6. They're waiting to see what happens in the courts over here, and they've been in contact about this for at least a decade. We're going to get more and more attempts to tie us into this scandal the closer and closer we get to verdicts. It's really the only card they have left. Everyone in power that has supported them/turned a blind eye can only do so for a limited amount of time, they will know they have to get off before the ship goes down. It is going down. Everything will be linked together in court, separate entity my arse.
  7. Lazio haven't been in the champions league since 2007, and have only ever appeared in it a handful of times. Hardly European giants.
  8. The court cases have started as far as I'm aware, or very soon. We'll need to wait and see how it goes before we hear anything.
  9. Exactly. It's not in their rules anymore to be able pursue any clubs never mind punish them. "One of your clubs covered up a paedophile ring for 4 decades, what are you going to do about it?" "Nothing we can do as they haven't broke any of our rules"
  10. The part that says "ALL CLUBS MUST REPORT ANY ACTS OF CHILD ABUSE TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES." was taken out of the SFA rule book during their convicted coaches paedophile trials. The OP is asking why was this rule removed, and by whom?
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