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  1. VentyFour

    Out?: James Tavernier

    £3M ain't a good price when you consider that wee Madison guy is going for £22M. We might not have much money up here in Scotland however we need to realise that down south is swimming in it.
  2. VentyFour

    Ryan Gauld

    True, though if that was the case he wouldn't be coming to us. Probably just another internet rumour.
  3. VentyFour

    Ryan Gauld

    Players at Sporting are tearing up their contracts just now after the attack at their training ground. They are losing some very big players, and a LOT of money because of it. If there's any truth in this then it would be a free.
  4. VentyFour

    Dave king statement

    I take it people have the screenshots odlf these pages, since they are checking up? If not is it possible to get a cache of it?
  5. VentyFour

    Mad Joe Once Again Nutcase.

    Is this just a blog, or is it actually in a newspaper?
  6. VentyFour

    Dave king statement

    Nobodys fooled by you.
  7. VentyFour

    Dave king statement

    Nobodys fooled.
  8. VentyFour

    Dave king statement

    There you go again with your motives... we can all see through you and I'm honestly surprised you're still here. Shill if I ever seen one.
  9. VentyFour

    Dave king statement

    Some cards being put in the table before Friday. The world's sporting media will be focused on us as Gerrard signs, and a great big torch will be getting shined on Scottish football. I think King is playing a blinder.
  10. VentyFour

    SPFL Chairman

    He informed desmond that he was taking up his offer. Now stop asking questions.
  11. VentyFour

    Should we already be worried if this is true.

    Its already been posted in the transfer section. You seem to like causing a bit of drama @backup...it's starting to feel like you have some ulterior motive.
  12. VentyFour

    Barry Ferguson

    You're right, we're already depressed enough listening to your shite.
  13. VentyFour

    Barry Ferguson

  14. VentyFour

    Barry Ferguson

    If this is you happy fuck seeing you on a bad day.