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  1. Also from FF, the snowball is getting bigger.... "Got this response from Brian Whittle MSP Waiting on a few others Thank you for writing to me with your concerns surrounding historical child abuse within Scottish football. The reports that have emerged in recent years are extremely distressing, and while it is welcome that Jim Torbett and others have been convicted for their depraved acts, this issue clearly goes wider. Any further allegations of criminality must be swiftly investigated by the police so that further criminal proceedings can be brought where necessary. The Scottish Football Association’s Chief Executive has apologised to those young people who suffered sexual abuse in football and I think he was right to do so. The Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football commissioned by the SFA found child protection policies at all levels were and still are not fit for purpose. The report has made a number of recommendations to address this and I believe they should be implemented as soon as possible. It is vital that we in Parliament play our part in holding the SFA and other bodies to account on this. Further to this, my colleague Adam Tomkins, MSP for Glasgow, has written to Ian Maxwell, chief executive of the SFA and to Peter Lawwell, chief executive of celtic FC to seek urgent meetings on this subject. Through a series of criminal trials, we now know something of the scale of the abuse committed by a number of the men associated with celtic boys’ club. What we do not know is what celtic FC knew about these offences and when they knew it. These questions must now be independently and fully investigated and, if necessary, a compensation scheme should be established such as that set up earlier this year by Manchester City FC. It is clear that victims of child abuse in football have been let down, and I very much hope Police Scotland, clubs and the SFA will give them the closure they need and the justice they deserve. Please be assured the Scottish Conservatives will closely monitor developments on this matter over the coming weeks and months. Thank you once again for taking the time to contact me. Yours sincerely, Brian Whittle MSP"
  2. I've taken this from FF.... "I followed up this morning, on my previous e-mails to all the sponsors and Terre des hommes, and added the Ruth Davidson and Prof Tomkins' letters. Terre des hommes is the first to respond. They wrote back ... 'Dear johnkp, Thank you for this update. My colleagues in Lausanne, who are leading on the Child Safeguarding initiative have been in touch with UEFA which will now be taking this matter forward. If you would like to liaise with UEFA directly, please do contact them at: childsafeguarding@uefa.ch Once again, thank you for reaching out to bring this to our attention. With all best regards, __________'"
  3. @admin @gogzy We've already had one thread derailed, can we please stop this from happening here please?
  4. Yeah it had become a target, and it's something so serious that it requires the utmost respect. In that regard I'm glad it's been hidden at the moment. As you say though, it does have a mass of great information on it, so hopefully we don't lose that.
  5. It for hijacked as has now been hidden until admin decide what to do. Until then we use this thread.
  6. It seems the conservatives are taking it on, hopefully meaning other parties will too. No-one wants to miss out on potential votes.
  7. His mask is slipping. We already know he is a man of no integrity by taking the money from the daily record, now we're starting to see why he made that choice. He's got an awful lot to say for just a "football blogger". Anyone standing in the way of this deserves to be thrown to the fire.
  8. Nobody has said they shouldn't be punished, in fact from what I'm reading the general consensus is that every club should be investigated and punished if found to be guilty, including us. I don't know why you're trying to deflect away from the biggest paedophile ring in football history, or trying to make it a Rangers/celtic problem. Obviously we should be using the biggest case to bring light to the whole situation. The victims deserve it.
  9. Did Partick have a full scale paedophile ring that they covered up for decades, allowing the rape of dozens of children? How many people connected with Partick have been convicted for destroying children's lives by raping them? Did Partick pay off parents to stop them going to the police? Did Partick rehire child abusers, where the abuse happened at their club? Did Partick go into business with convicted paedophiles? Did Partick have links to notorious paedophiles at other clubs in the UK? Did Partick have links to the UKs most infamous paedophile jimmy saville? Did Partick organise fake football tournaments where the purpose of it was to abuse children? In no way shape or form does what happened at Partick compare to what happened in the East End of Glasgow.
  10. He deserves banned for his comments in this thread. Calling bears paranoid for trying to bring light to the most horrific crime imaginable, disgusting human being
  11. I'm struggling here to understand how our colt team is linked to a fat guy eating salad?
  12. He also knew, for decades, children were being raped and abused by adults and never said a word. He let them continue being molested for years, let countless children's lives be ruined, all the while keeping quiet...Aye he learned a lot from big jock. Anyone giving sympathy to this creature accepts all these facts, and that puts you in the same bracket as the paedophile scum from across the city. Good riddance he's dead.
  13. Just showing how diverse they are, it's 2019 after all 🤮
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