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  1. The court cases have started as far as I'm aware, or very soon. We'll need to wait and see how it goes before we hear anything.
  2. Exactly. It's not in their rules anymore to be able pursue any clubs never mind punish them. "One of your clubs covered up a paedophile ring for 4 decades, what are you going to do about it?" "Nothing we can do as they haven't broke any of our rules"
  3. The part that says "ALL CLUBS MUST REPORT ANY ACTS OF CHILD ABUSE TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES." was taken out of the SFA rule book during their convicted coaches paedophile trials. The OP is asking why was this rule removed, and by whom?
  4. In court they wont be wriggling out of anything, especially after the sfa report which everyone was waiting for. It states that the 'separate entity' is a load of nonsense. First, and most importantly, all the victims will get the justice they deserve, then celtic will get what they deserve. We'll see what happens out of court but there will need to be more of a public outrage. Up until now they have managed to deflect and keep it mostly low key however when they as a club are found guilty then the gates will burst open and I reckon we'll see a different tone. There are a lot of English journalists waiting for exactly this, interviews have already happened. This was never going to be a short game and we're probably another year or two away from where we want it to be. The build up will be happening soon though, and after victory for the first victim then EVERY club should be speaking out, ours especially. We just need to wait till they are found guilty though as it could be twisted as point scoring. As soon as they're found guilty then they cant hide, and this is why imo we haven't commented yet.
  5. Next couple of weeks. There are roughly 20 survivors going as test cases before over a 100 others go in. This number is still growing and the lawyers expect more if the first cases get the result they expect.
  6. It'll also be interesting to see in their accounts how much they are paying legal fees and PR companies, or rather WHO is paying these fees....
  7. Just wait till after this first set of court cases, the reality of it is absolutely horrific. There is no way they're walking away from it. They have a legal team challenging everything and anything, and a pr company hitting with all the strength they have. A lot of press have been waiting till the first set of court cases, if they lose then no legal or pr team can stop it. Honestly, from hearing what lawyers etc are saying, they are absolutely fucked.
  8. Theres no reply at the moment as the court cases are starting and everyone has been warned to keep quiet incase it affects it. This is why there has been a few pro-celtic recently, they know there cant really be a reply without affecting the cases in some way. All they are doing is trying to change public opinion, as in the court room they are fucked. If they manage to soften the opinion then it'll just be fines as there will be no outcry to shut them down. What they didn't bank on was the mass amount of evidence that's been stockpiled, the documentary that's been in the making for years, and the Americans waiting for our court cases to finish to see if(when) they are found guilty. From what I know they are in a total panick and have shown all their cards, all they have left is to try muddy the waters. Losing game for them.
  9. I wonder what story was told during his court case, does it match up to these new revelations? If they contacted the police why did it take them 2 decades to find him guilty? Their lies will be the ruin of them, I wonder if hibs and the sfa will accept the blame for them...
  10. The guy that won the euromillions is trying to buy the club over chinese/American investors, he wants to give the club to the fans apparently.
  11. When the time comes for that, that's when our club has to step forward and speak out. Up till now we have remained quiet, I feel everyone is waiting for the courts to decide, when they have decided we MUST speak out. With this board im not 100% sure they will, and it's going to take our voice to get them to speak up. Also did that cunt the dude not say in the thread that was in the BD that the rule change was for scottish schools football?
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