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  1. Aye I think you're spot on there. This just further deepens the connection with Clyde, which really should worry Bauer. McGinn is involved in this and no matter how long they try and stretch the time it takes to happen, it's going to happen. They're all going to be caught, and when they do this is evidence of the attempted cover up and along with the Hollcom link Clyde could be fucked. Nothing is going happen short term, there is going to need to be a massive change in attitude at government level. We already have MPs taking it on but Holyrood is still silent, so we need to wait till that changes. The thinking just had to be long term. We could change by voting, and basing part of your vote on who will do what's right here. MPs should know this is on our priorities. When it comes to campaign season we would see a change in attitude. Or mass protests but this would take someone/group who have no link to football, fully focusing on the paedo ring. That is the main point that has to be highlighted as the corruption in this looks to go very deep, and those at the very depths will throw others under a bus. McMinn and Kelly at the head of a paedophile ring involving 4/6? coaches which was covered up over decades. That would be massive victory for the victims, everyone involved put away, the club that allowed this to happen punished, and financially compensated. Those that are deeper will get off, this could be there get out. With one of they creeps being the lord provost then there bound to be links to people in the government, police etc so I've no doubt it goes deeper. I have no doubt the victims will get justice eventually, I know of too many people involved for it not to. Lawyers aren't pushing it as there's more to come out and celtic are doing there best to postpone everything and anything, so it's happening a bit slower. They won't get away with it.
  2. Am I reading that right, torbetts partner is Guidi off of Clyde? Who is also the nephew of McGinn?!
  3. This is exactly the type of info that needed to be documented, well done Vanguard Bears! Also I think Professor Adam Tomkins comments should still be put in this article, keep it all together and there's no harm in repeating his helpful words.
  4. Either did I mate, it just goes to show how corrupt this whole situation is. Who hired him? Are there any links between him and the hirer/celtic/sfa/church? What are the official links between the church and celtic? Do they use same lawyers, advisors? Can this report be used by police/justice dept etc? Who checks this within the police? Is there an ombudsmen of some kind? Are there any groups out there who have campaigned against this man? These questions need answered, who are they directed towards? The whole situation is fucked up, no one in taking the responsibility and therefore no one knows who to direct the questions towards. It would be great if someone has plan of the hierarchy, the names and emails of all the people involved(public and official details). Then we have evidence of who's done what and when...somebody has to take responsibility, let's make sure we're we'll informed before all that happens. Everyone that has turned a blind eye is involved, no getting out.
  5. Henry, the go to man of the catholic church. The same man who drugged priests before abusing them, and then covering it up. Now we know who's heading the "independent" investigation is there any way we can have him removed for not being independent ? Who is the reporter at The Times dealing with this? Do they know this revelation?
  6. Specifically who? And thank god for Arfield coming on, nearly never got through.
  7. The statement by UEFA is a couple of weeks old now, don't why it's being promoted now? It came about because of the child protection organisation Terre de'something asked UEFA about it after they received a lot of complaints. It's UEFAs policy to let the national FA deal with it but the SFA now know they are being watched by them. There are far too many independent organisations involved for it to be covered up, it might not happen as quickly as we want but it will happen. What would help is for us to uncover every person involved in trying to cover it up, then target business clients, friends etc, all it would take is 5 people to do this and we'd see a massive difference.
  8. These people should be getting personally hounded, all the nitty details of what they are doing should be getting posted to all their neighbours, friends, acquaintances etc If they're going to play with fire then there's no dark corners to hide.
  9. If, and when, it's shown that they didn't contact the police then the SPL policy won't cover them. The lawyers will then go after celtic, and this is what I think their investigation is about. Or should I put it their insurers investigation is about, to see if their liable. It was kept quiet by Liewell, as they've been trying to with everything about this atrocity, however he was being put under pressure and backed into a corner when he hit out with this, it was forced out of him and he's thought it would show them in good light. Completely backfired. The media are sitting on this story just now, fraud for not reporting the insurance investigation and potential liability on their financials to the LSE. There could be a legal challenge from celtics lawyers stopping this getting out, as it was apparently meant to be released last weekend. This is what I'm getting from everything I'm hearing and reading, don't know how accurate some of it is.
  10. Millions mate, millions. World famous in his maws house.
  11. No evidence apparently 😂
  12. "Its my job" 😂 Chase the money , chase the money. Oh wait you left your integrity behind, and there's no turning back.
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