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  1. Gentleman? The guy knew of the "open secret" and done nothing about it. Fuck all this old firm respect shite, he was part of the paedophile ring cover up and there's no respect or honour in that.
  2. VentyFour


    Todos somos Alfredo!
  3. Missed? Missing required you to take the actual shot. An extremely fast ball was played into the box, and even though he done brilliant to get into position, he couldn't get on the end of it in time. Apart from that he looked energetic, loads of movement and his usual harassing of defenders. He done as well as he could playing with a new team who were being overran in midfield.
  4. And you'll probably be right! I just seen it as an opportunity to help ease the pain that we've suffered, so yeah maybe not lost respect, just disappointment at an opportunity missed. We are only human though.
  5. Not really, Rangers are more than a club and to millions it's a massive part of our life, if not the largest. I have never seen anything that comes close in the football world to what we went through, and what we were subjected to. Ally was my hero growing up, and still to this day my favourite ever player however he had a chance to help us all, by shining a light on the darkness that engulfed our club...instead he took the money.
  6. This has always been my opinion on it, and why I have lost respect for him. He sold his integrity imo
  7. How do you know "This!" when, as you said, we have never heard Ally's views? You can't use your own opinion as fact when you're berating others for doing the same. You're correct in saying we don't know and that's part of the problem with McCoist, why hasn't he told us his views on it?
  8. Someone mentioned earlier on in this thread that the DR have letters and to expect them on Thursday to report it...any update on this?
  9. What's any of this got to do with what football club she supports?
  10. We already knocked back an £11M bid last year, and he's improved drastically since then, so it will be a lot more than that. Even SR says we want at least dembele money.
  11. You're right mate, your words have completely changed my viewpoint.
  12. You're literally grassing a sheep fan for being a grass. Think about it.
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