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  1. VentyFour

    Official First Team Photo

    Fucked it 😂
  2. VentyFour

    Official First Team Photo

    Calm doon Donatello, it's only a pair of shorts n t-shirt.
  3. VentyFour

    Mercesdes-Benz Jun Cup

    Shalke were a good team as well. Looks like Vienna next.
  4. VentyFour

    Mercesdes-Benz Jun Cup

    Beating Bayern 1-0 just now.
  5. VentyFour

    Niko Katic Homesickness

    You sound as though you're still a boy yourself, either that or you're and adult still staying with your maw. Grow up with these backwards attitudes, thinking that some money and your hole will take away any mental health problems you have. He's still only a boy, he's moved to a different country with a different language and culture, to a club with expectations higher than anything he has ever experienced, then finding out his father is terminally ill. Have some compassion and SUPPORT our players rather than acting like a fucking moron with an outdated attitude.
  6. VentyFour

    Niko Katic Homesickness

    My one? My one what?
  7. VentyFour

    Niko Katic Homesickness

    It's funny, it's the generation above that raised the "snowflakes"...well done 👍
  8. Why would someone trying to uncover a major peadophile ring cause you to react like this? Why would you come onto an online forum to shadow someone's name, someone who is doing a great deal of work in helping abuse victims get the justice they deserve? Your mask has slipped.
  9. PZJ is a buffoon? Fuck up, he's done more for this cause than the rest of us put together.
  10. That lot aren't at the top of this disgusting pyramid, it looks to me as though they are about to be thrown under the bus.
  11. Motion to Close Courtroom A motion to close the courtroom to the public may be granted if there is a compelling reason to justify the closure of a courtroom, for example: A trial for sex offenses involving minors under the age of 18 A trial of criminal proceeding involving a husband and wife A trial involving the crime of incest, child pornography or criminal sexual conduct https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/criminal/criminal-law-basics/closing-the-courtroom-to-the-public.html It could be true then that one of the victims is still underage.
  12. VentyFour

    Ian Durrant: What might have been.

    I remember when he was making his comeback and my dad was raving about him, wonderful player that really could have been the best Scotland had produced.
  13. VentyFour

    Ian Durrant: What might have been.

    It's ok to be poor, you don't have to hate on people who make money.
  14. VentyFour

    Buckle up troops

    One country, many cultures. "No matter what your race, creed, colour or culture, you 're welcome here" What a farce this country has become.
  15. VentyFour

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    "people who clearly have no idea about the standards which make Rangers so special to so many."