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  1. It's literally the exact opposite of that which matters.
  2. How many attempts did it take you to spell Niederkorn correctly?
  3. Dont know what the score was or what the team was but I am furious.
  4. Is it the musl*m way to spell it?
  5. Good advice Gary.
  6. He signed for Red Star Belgrade
  7. Dark orange and bright orange hoops imo
  8. Probably try to when am pished now you've put the idea in my head Thanks for that
  9. Am probably just gonnae spray paint my home top orange
  10. Beat the fuck out him then
  11. Tav, meh. Dont really rate him but would be looking for £1.5/2m. Kiernan is barely Sunday league level.
  12. Good news. Been a massive critic of the board in the past but they appear to have got their shit together so credit where it's due.
  13. Why not just say fuck
  14. Was not a legitimate question
  15. Can you reply to me in the Linfield celtic thread x