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  1. Dumbass
  2. The fucking Celtics
  3. Bit too high up for me.
  4. CF9, best view in the stadium.
  5. So people would have to give up their current seats to accommodate them? The thing you're bitching about having to do?
  6. Not seat 12, seat 11teen.
  7. I sit in section CF9, row 12, seat 11teen. I told you that.
  8. That is how it's set up.
  9. A wit?
  10. I don't have a thousand pound to be betting with randoms online
  11. You're wrong. That's not a case of my opinion against your opinion either, you're factually wrong with what you've just said.
  12. It wouldn't be terracing.
  13. What is your 'disability'?
  14. Willis is a dead man
  15. What because you said so?