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  1. Dead within a month.
  2. I see.
  3. Kazakhstan in June ole ole
  4. Fuck putting Francis out on loan unless they are paying 100% of his wages.
  5. Shenga.
  6. Jonjo McGhee
  7. Jermaine Pennant
  8. Google it ya lazy cunt
  9. Why would there be danger
  10. Papa Dilijibodgi
  11. Rancid little scumbag
  12. Fuck off cunt
  13. Deary fucking me
  14. If he signs Bruno will fuck him up hopefully.
  15. Or Jack and MoH so it's really just a direct swap, Francis for McLean.
  16. Offer them 500k plus Jack...
  17. Maybe, I really really rate him and would be doing everything to try and get him this summer though.
  18. Diafra Sakho and Kirk Broadfoot.
  19. Not saying I would but reckon it would be enough. Then again if we have sufficient funds I'd think about it, depends on our budget.
  20. When I say everything needs to change I mean everything needs to change. Good, like that.
  21. Was a question, I forgot the '?' tho. Apologies.
  22. Foderingham leaving
  23. And so he should.