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  1. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    The McInnes saga ruined him and he was never really the full shilling before that
  2. Roberto Martinez

    'on mass' Amazing
  3. Roberto Martinez

  4. Parking near ibrox

  5. Parking near ibrox

    The club would provide you with a parking pass upon the purchase of your ticket.
  6. Parking near ibrox

    Because it only impacts people not going to the game and they're not important.
  7. Roberto Martinez

    As manager or in a fight?
  8. Parking near ibrox

    Have a no parking within 3 miles of Ibrox on matchday unless you're attending the game rule brought in
  9. Dundee game on the 7th

    Not a big fan myself but the WRC has plenty of seats and is a 2 minute walk from the ground
  10. Michel Preud'homme

    I agree with this 100% but tbf that's exactly what Allardyce's Bolton's teams were, they always had an Okocha, Djorkaeff or Stellios to create something
  11. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Keith Jackson absolutely slaughtered him in his column today and you can't argue with most of it
  12. Roberto Martinez

    Aye he's the reason they're contenders
  13. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    He/they took over a sleeping giant with an angry support desperate to get back to the top and in 3 years they've turned that sleeping giant into a run of the mill mediocre SPFL team with an apathetic support who seem to be happy to accept that we're now an Aberdeen/Hearts/Hibs type club In 3 years they haven't established us as the number 2 team in the country let alone lay a glove on the child molesters Scum the lot of them and we will never compete whilst they're in charge
  14. Been 2 decent games today Hazard anonymous again
  15. This summers rebuild mk5

    Quality over quantity, can't be rebuilding every summer it just doesn't work Need a keeper, 2 centre backs, a creative number 10 and a striker. Another winger if there's anything left
  16. Stevie Clarke

    A good 6 months at Kilmarnock shouldn't be enough to get the Rangers job.
  17. Stevie Clarke

  18. Craig Thompson

    Is that the guy who assaulted Jack and never got a booking?
  19. Withholding ST Money

    In what way could they react that would make us better off after missing out on just short of £20m income? It's a ridiculous suggestion
  20. Withholding ST Money

    And if it backfires? We are absolutely ruined.
  21. Withholding ST Money

    And how do we buy players in the summer if we don't have ST money? The answer is we don't.
  22. Withholding ST Money

    And they were an absolute disgrace when they were in favour of doing it previously.