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  1. Gaz...
  2. And I seriously doubt we could realistically get anyone better than Dorrans.
  3. Would feel exactly the same, Yeah to Dorrans and McLean, meh to Walker
  5. Just you pipe down fool
  6. Learn what?
  7. absolute moron.
  8. Well saying the highlight of his career is being 30 and playing in the Championship shows you're not the brightest.
  9. You are up there with @Redwhiteandblue and @Jack The Flipper in terms of brain power, or lack of.
  10. Shut up
  11. Why would that be /thread
  12. Scum
  13. It'll still be night though...
  14. Well it must be someone playing for a junior team or something because nobody playing for United*spits* or Wednesday meets that criteria.
  15. An ex Rangers player? I dont think so.
  16. 20 seconds my arse, I'm using Google and still cant get it.
  17. Beer and Tiffany
  18. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrunning just as fast as we can
  19. I dont doubt that.
  20. Cracker of a tune
  21. Away end for you and yer pals I think