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  1. Lost ticket

  2. 9-3 Morelos 6 Miller 3
  3. Transfer section in Forum

    Oh I will don't worry
  4. Transfer section in Forum

    It's fucking scandalous Will be that power hungry bastard @Googsy on a power trip
  5. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    You defo thought the Wee Rangers Club was in Ibrox eh
  6. Lost ticket

    I have it.
  7. The Dalcio

    Love the fact that no matter where he was on the park he just drove towards the corner flag every time he got the ball.
  8. The Dalcio

    Was slightly intoxicated that day so might be forgetting him doing anything.
  9. The Dalcio

    That is the logical answer to why he starts him in every single match.
  10. The Dalcio

    Thought he was pretty anonymous that day tbh.
  11. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    Ohhh viva ohhh The Dalcio
  12. When the January window opens...

    One of the worst posts I've ever seen.
  13. When the January window opens...

    Left wing is the priority Would rather we looked further afield but if we're going the domestic route I'd rather Jordan Jones than Walker.
  14. El Buffalo

    Be funny if Morelos booted him in the head stuck the nut on him after the game.
  15. Nottingham Forest

    Then throw him off the pirate ship and laugh uncontrollably.
  16. Defending corners.

    He's obviously been told to sit deep though, he should be given more license to get forward.
  17. Nottingham Forest

    'Sometimes you just have to smile and give it to Derby'
  18. Nottingham Forest

    Had a look on their forum and this is a genuine post 'I didn't go today and I've not seen the game. We met my brother and his wife and kids just off the A38 at Markeaton Park. Sheepshagger territory. My brother doesn't get many weekends off so it was an obvious choice missing the game. There's a big kids play area in the park, just as we got there a young Downs lad in a shaggers top, aged about 11 or 12, came racing off the pirate ship to his dad shouting and screaming "goal". He'd just heard the second one go in on an earpiece. He looked made up. Sometimes you just have to smile and give it to Derby. They made that lad's day. I've no problem with that, we'll have others.'
  19. Defending corners.

    100% Holt/Jack sitting, Dorrans pulling the strings and Pena getting into the box looks as if t could really work but Morelos clearly is a bigger goal threat with a partner. It's a no brainer for me that we try it.
  20. Pena

    He is on 42k a week plus bonuses.
  21. El Buffalo

    The racist bastard.
  22. El Buffalo

    Then tried to compare him to Akinfenwa
  23. Rangers Development Squad v Liverpool

    Liverpool are filth.
  24. Pena

    Keep proving me wrong please.
  25. Morales Cardosa

    It's Alfredo Morelos and Fabio Cardoso. If you couldn't figure that out on your own that is worrying.