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  1. So less games against the filth, sheep and Hibs and more games against shite like Falkirk and Dunfermline is your way to improve the atmosphere...
  2. Our players don't have the tactical ability to play 4-3-3 how do you expect them to learn 3-2-3-2
  3. How would you change the league format...
  4. How would you change it?
  5. Of course it wont Do you really think people in the second half of the season are saying 'cannae be arsed the day we played Ross County at home 5 months ago' The season would also be like 4/5 months long
  6. You won't have a choice unless you want to stand if it goes through.
  7. Aye that's why people are wanting a larger standing section...
  8. 8-0 Dodoo x8
  9. That's the point of having a designated standing section... Don't get this argument.
  10. Nobody joins in with anything they sing. Rangers, loyalist or 'happy clappy' songs.
  11. At least you are prepared to admit you have a problem.
  12. 'when it matters' You've just said why something needs done. Derbies, Sheep/Hibs and European games the atmosphere is great, every other game it is awful and that's what needs improved.
  13. Only got adult and child tickets, sorry.
  14. Mate you're from Fife, African babies who have to crawl 10 miles for a sip of dirty water laugh at you.
  15. No.
  16. westenclosure2008 are you high?
  17. They haven't ended yet sadly.
  18. You cant see how the current section which I think holds 500ish can't generate as much noise as say the whole Copland front would? Fair enough, it is a total mindfuck.
  19. Well you assumed wrong. Fair enough, find it baffling that someone thinks a proper section that could potentially hold a few thousand wouldn't create more atmosphere than a tiny wee corner.
  20. Googzy is the man, back the fuck off.
  21. There aren't thousands wanting to join the UB, nobody has said that, UB are quite a small group, they only have a few rows in BF1. They are obviously the driving force in that section but they don't have that many actual members. Whether it be 2k at Pittodrie or 9k at Kilmarnock our entire away support stands so I think it's very naive to say we couldn't fill the Enclosure.