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  1. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    Apparently he was hinting at news from the board tomorrow.

    Still leaning towards not going but starting to think the same
  3. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Fingers crossed
  4. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Can just imagine him sitting there pishing himself when they went 3-0 Horrible horrible cunt
  5. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    You're loving this ya disgusting pathetic scumbag
  6. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Someone on FF claiming Murty walked out of the dressing room because things were too heated
  7. Novo wants Glentoran job

    Sssshhh we need to hate everyone who's ever played for us That's how it works
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Who said that? He cares about winning. Anyway(not defending that here) that was before he rejoined for the 1st time. If he ever did care about us it will have started then. Certainly not after his spell.
  9. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Aye the manager and players at a football club aren't important I like him, think his shows are great but at the end of the day it's still people from the club leaking info
  10. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    End of the day you've got one guy who clearly think's we're inferior in every way to the filth, a man who's been to a game with us and them in their end and a man who didn't feel the need to tell them that surrendering to them was not acceptable On the other hand you've got a guy who might be a bit of a dick but is a pure winner and has won everything with us who just seen his last chance of a major trophy go and a guy who sacrificed a promising career to stick with us in the 4th tier of Scottish football, a guy who clearly loves thjis club I know who I believe
  11. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    4 lads had a dream, the Rangers observer, Heart and Hand etc all clearly have board members feeding them things. That seems to be awryt though