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  1. Jeffrey

    Stefan Marinovic

    He's his nephew/
  2. Jeffrey

    Defoe's Wages

    I also never seen the game but heard that he missed 3 open goals, do you find this acceptable
  3. reported Cheating bastards
  4. Jeffrey

    Scottish Cup Draw

    I know 😂
  5. Jeffrey

    Scottish Cup Draw

    East Fife at home Would normally want Inverness or Ross County away but being rough as fuck with the fear ripping out of me right now they both sound terrifying
  6. Jeffrey

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    he's a mongo he cannae talk NANANANNANANA
  7. Jeffrey

    Domain issues

    Thread on it on FF, googzy is hated on there even more than on here And apparently cushy uses this place to pick up women
  8. Jeffrey

    Ryan Jack and Kevin Thomson

  9. Jeffrey

    Ryan Jack and Kevin Thomson

    They're nothing alike McCrorie is more like Thomson than Jack
  10. Jeffrey

    Adam Lallana

    If Ejaria had left n January I'd have said fair enough, didn't work out. But to leave us in the lurch a few days before Vienna, with that run of fixtures coming? Nah, that's disgraceful imo.
  11. Jeffrey

    Adam Lallana

    He's a shitebag.
  12. Jeffrey


    Many times you seen him?
  13. Jeffrey


    He's no pish
  14. Jeffrey

    Adam Lallana

    I'm rarely wrong
  15. Jeffrey

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    We've scored 3 less than them. If we win this title it will be through desire and wanting it more than them, Candeias biggest strengths.
  16. Jeffrey

    Adam Lallana

    He moved to Liverpool from London aged about 14 and settled fine and just moved to Reading away from his home He's a shitebag
  17. Jeffrey

    Adam Lallana

    Excuse me?
  18. Jeffrey

    Killie and Livi away

    Think a few have Cowdenbeath plus 1 but the majority only have 1 from Rangers Lucky if you get more than 4 games from Rangers directly this season
  19. Jeffrey

    Killie and Livi away

    Over 70 quid to go and watch us at Cowdenbeath, Kilmarnock and Livingston in the space of just over a week
  20. Jeffrey

    Matt O’Reilly

    Outstanding on FM18
  21. Jeffrey


    Mile Todorov 19 year old defensive midfielder