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  1. Been 2 decent games today Hazard anonymous again
  2. This summers rebuild mk5

    Quality over quantity, can't be rebuilding every summer it just doesn't work Need a keeper, 2 centre backs, a creative number 10 and a striker. Another winger if there's anything left
  3. Stevie Clarke

    A good 6 months at Kilmarnock shouldn't be enough to get the Rangers job.
  4. Stevie Clarke

  5. Craig Thompson

    Is that the guy who assaulted Jack and never got a booking?
  6. Withholding ST Money

    In what way could they react that would make us better off after missing out on just short of £20m income? It's a ridiculous suggestion
  7. Withholding ST Money

    And if it backfires? We are absolutely ruined.
  8. Withholding ST Money

    And how do we buy players in the summer if we don't have ST money? The answer is we don't.
  9. Withholding ST Money

    And they were an absolute disgrace when they were in favour of doing it previously.
  10. Withholding ST Money

    Baffled why anyone would think withholding our only real source of significant income would help us in any way.
  11. 'like whore' What you've just said is absolutely nothing like your original post.
  12. Fair point. I think we're in a position to maybe get a slightly higher caliber manager now than we were when Pedro left though.
  13. Since when did Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts away not matter?
  14. Still think he'll go onto be a good manager one day bit we don't have time to develop someone, we need someone who can come in and take us to the next level immediately
  15. Jack Ross

    Shouldn't be in the top 50 candidates, would be ridiculous to even consider him
  16. Roberto Martinez

    Please no
  17. Too many handwringers

  18. Portugal maybe depending on how they do in Russia? Probably best for his sanity if he takes a wee step back
  19. Cummings is not good enough

    Look at the goals he's scored throughout his career, of course he's a natural finisher ffs
  20. Leadership on the park

    We all know we need a proper manager but the priority in terms of signings this summer needs to be players with strong character and a winning mentality That was absolutely horrendous today, nobody looked interested in taking any responsibility on the park maybe Docherty aside, the rest of them were hiding or every time they got it playing a safe 5 yard square ball every time There's talent in this squad but there isn't a spine between them
  21. Leadership on the park

    Docherty's young enough to improve what he struggles with, I don't think he's good enough yet but there's something to work with
  22. Murty should be let go now.

    Agree 100% but now it's obvious to everyone even Murty's biggest supporters he isn't the man for it we need to step it up
  23. Leadership on the park

    I don't think he's amazing that's pish I think he did well but needed to sort out his discipline