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  1. Policing at game tomorrow

  2. Policing at game tomorrow

    Mon then
  3. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    6am fucking lightweights
  4. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

  5. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Play up the boys in blue
  6. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Still think we can get something if we set up with 5 in the midfield and are tight, compact and aggressive. If we go toe to toe though it wont end well.
  7. The filth being embarrassed by nothing offended by everything Pretty ironic that they're responsible for the OBFA yet now the ones campaigning the hardest against it.
  8. The feart for Saturday...

    54 titles you know...
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

  10. Lee Wallace

  11. Tbh I don't like football anymore, what happened to us and the insane money floating around elsewhere has made me a right bitter cunt about the game. Go every week to watch us but other than that will only see a game if it's on when am in the pub.