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  1. ***Suggestion Thread***

    From 2015 But it is understood money has proved to be the sticking point. Swansea's financial offer to Bielsa was believed to have been a fair way below what he was expecting
  2. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    Did you just make a joke about one of this sites members getting raped?
  3. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    He was the last person to backchat BABN the way you just did and he got raped and murdered, maybe not in that order.
  4. Jim Traynor, 2012.- 'When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died.'
  5. Unfortunately, Rangers couldn't do what the riot cops were doing almost at regular intervals to silence Rangers Although the fans who were spewing their sectarian bile probably deserve a good hiding Rangers were soundly beaten on and off the pitch
  6. He literally said in 2012 that Rangers were dead and you can't see why people don't like him?
  7. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    Ever heard of the poster Queens Highway/
  8. ***Suggestion Thread***

    He's not been sacked
  9. ***Suggestion Thread***

    people saying no
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Listening to him live just now, the man is so deluded, talking about the 7 they conceded against Barca and making out tonight is nowhere near as bad
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Rodgers 'there was lots of good moments for us in this game'
  12. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    wtf pervert
  13. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    Kick him in the fucking throat Craig
  14. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    Excuse me? Is than an IRA slogan?
  15. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    No it isn't a good thing that an IRA supporter was allowed into a loyalist flute band.