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  1. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Willian came from Anzhi
  2. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Again, wit
  3. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    The fuck are you actually on about
  4. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    The Miller/Wallace and Progres shambles happened under different managers ya numpty
  5. Jeffrey

    Ross McCormack

    He wouldn't appease their fans ffs
  6. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

  7. Jeffrey

    Ross McCormack

    What's the story here
  8. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    So am I getting my refund here or not
  9. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

  10. Jeffrey


    Will cause more injuries this season than he will score goals.
  11. Jeffrey

    Ross McCormack

    Can play up top, off the front or from the left and we arguably need strengthening in all those positions so could see there being some truth to this If he came up here and applied himself he could easily do really well but he's a tarrier and seems to have a stinking attitude so would pass
  12. Jeffrey

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    Heard it was tannerall's grandson's party
  13. Jeffrey

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    Apparently shagged the chairman's wife
  14. Jeffrey

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Fuck sake Was hoping this would be cancelled