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  1. Right so you're saying he's the reason we aren't 3rd but you don't like him?
  2. Don't get the consistency argument for Mcgregor ahead of Morelos, Morelos has been our best player throughout the season since the Shkupi games where he was poor
  3. Same guy I think but another post on it from FF 'No it’s to apply capital punishment to those who commit certain designated crimes. Something a fair portion of the world does. I suggested removing addicts from normal society and segregation into male female and leaving them on uninhabited islands off the west coast. It was just a radical plan an idea as the current set up doesn’t work and it costs the ‘majority’ tax to support them. Is it the answer probably not but the current solution is not to have a solution.' 😂
  4. Are you implying that her disappearance is linked to Rangers?
  5. aye because you're qualified to be making judgments like that
  6. We all seen how big Gerrard was on fitness when he first came in, if he didn't think a player was fit enough he wouldn't have played 50 odd games this season
  7. I never mentioned Sadiq, you did.
  8. A player who does the amount of running he does, in the amount of games he has played in 'running on fumes' doesn't mean he isn't fit enough
  9. Can you link me to where Gerrard said Candeias isn't fit enough please.
  10. Right, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything but OK Fitness isn't an issue for Candeias
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