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  1. Aye he spent half of last season at Bolton and was going to move permanently but they couldn't afford to pay the fee
  2. Hibs sign ChristianDoidge for 250k. Bit of a coup for them he has some record albeit not at the greatest level
  3. Burke nutmegged him in a 5 aside game and Lennon had to be restrained Allegedly
  4. Judging by the name and the type of clientele this seems to be attracting I'm going to predict it to be awful
  5. Word going round m'well, is that, DT failed a drug test
  6. I know Lennon makes questionable decisions but if he is signing McKenna as Tierney's replacement then I'd already declare us champions
  7. When he played against us for the sheep he did OK on occasion because they sat as deep as possible. He's a unit and will win his fair share of headers. The filth won't play like that, one on one's or in behind he is abysmal.
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