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  1. The filth have one so why can't we?
  2. They've got Madeline McCann under their pitch
  3. Hi mate, instead of celebrating why are you on here trying(and failing) to wind people up?
  4. Just won a treble and you come on a Rangers forum hahahahahahahahahahaha fucking love the fact I'm not one of yous
  5. There's a reason they've announced it straight away. They'll know this wont be a popular appointment.
  6. Wpuld 100% have taken them winning the day if it meant him getting it. Absolutely delighted.
  7. Ooooft that is outstanding news for us
  8. The only way Lennon gets it is if everyone else turns them down
  9. Mate he 100% made contact. You can say he made the most of it or whatever but there was contact
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