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  1. We have a current CDM who has literally been described as an animal by our manager. He can't get a game ahead of superstars like Glen Kamara and Sid though
  2. Aye, the one who got slaughtered for those bad results. If Murty had won 3 from 15 against Hibs, sheep and Kilmarnock there would have been uproar. There hasn't been with Gerrard.
  3. So much anger in here and it's still a pathetic argument
  4. Thread on this on FF and there is a guy genuinely wanting the death penalty brought in for dealers
  5. Alonso was great in the 3-4-3, looks poor in a back 4.
  6. If we want to bring back Joe Garner though I'd be fine with that
  7. Windass has been pish for Wigan
  8. Agreed, should have headbutted him
  9. 'Doesn't seem that far fetched' lol
  10. Lampard could take Derby up, Gerrard's season is over. Strange logic.
  11. Someone wants to knock Broadfoot the fuck out when we play them after the split Horrible mongo bastard
  12. I literally said in this thread he should be a squad player next season x
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