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  1. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    Nor would I but player for player we are far, far stronger than them.
  2. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    Coming from the man who thinks our squad isn't better than Hibs 😂
  3. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    Fuck up ya spastic, you know nothing about football and everyone on here knows that.
  4. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    Well who's fault is that? How much did Hibs and Hearts squads cost compared to ours?
  5. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    He's definitely on drugs.
  6. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    I've got 20 notifications from this thread so apologies if I missed anyone out when replying 😂
  7. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    Excuses mate. hearts are in that position because they have been better than us. Simple as that.
  8. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    3rd in the table? Yeah probably. If we have spent close to 10m on the squad and aren't better than Hibs and Hearts we need to sack every single person who has any say in recruitment.
  9. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    Are you on drugs?
  10. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    In Scottish football 9m is an absolute fortune.
  11. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    He signed 7 of the players who started tonight and gave another his debut. It's his team.
  12. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    I expected a strong challenge but ultimately no.
  13. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    I thought we spent 9m and he cost 7m. Anyway if I've got that wrong whatever, as I said in relative terms we still spent a fortune. You're happy Rangers are 5 points behind Hearts and you're saying that to me 😂 Yes fair point but you need to take our wages into the equation when talking about the 5 point gap with us and Hearts
  14. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    If you're a big club who wants to be successful Europe is going to be a factor, it's not an excuse for me. The manager point is valid to an extent and your last line is a fair comment. Might be overreacting because I'm still fuming about that tonight but I don't have much confidence in this team/manager still being in a title race come January.
  15. Jeffrey

    Gerarrds Fault

    I read that we did. Must be close? Doesn't change my point though. We spent a relative fortune.