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  1. Fine, be like that. I know the conductor of the Krakow bible and crown defenders, was going to give you his details, won't bother now.
  2. Why are you going to Krakow?
  3. Aye the Liverpool Echo are desperate for Rangers managed by Steven Gerrard to lose to them Honest tae fuck
  4. Off topic but I see Mourinho apparently is planning on managing Lyon or Monaco next and said he wants back i June They both have managers...
  5. Don't know what it cost but I seriously doubt the SFA have the finances for that, agree about the government but we both know they won't do it.
  6. Aye that's fair enough They won't for obvious reasons but they should be looking at the way England changed their whole structure. Obviously they can't build somewhere like St George's park but the whole thing needs ripped up.
  7. Haven't read the article but lmfao putting Guus Hiddink there
  8. A few people on FF claiming the 'episode' was that he forgot what he was saying mid way through his team talk for the San Marino game and had to leave the room to compose himself. Hopefully that;s a load of shite.
  9. Wonder ehat odds you would have got on that when he was first announced
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