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  1. So much anger in here and it's still a pathetic argument
  2. Thread on this on FF and there is a guy genuinely wanting the death penalty brought in for dealers
  3. Alonso was great in the 3-4-3, looks poor in a back 4.
  4. If we want to bring back Joe Garner though I'd be fine with that
  5. Windass has been pish for Wigan
  6. Agreed, should have headbutted him
  7. 'Doesn't seem that far fetched' lol
  8. Lampard could take Derby up, Gerrard's season is over. Strange logic.
  9. Someone wants to knock Broadfoot the fuck out when we play them after the split Horrible mongo bastard
  10. I literally said in this thread he should be a squad player next season x
  11. Everyone's on it, imagine trying to make out it's a football problem
  12. Have always criticised others for saying it but after reading this thread it's hard not to think people are still in awe because of who he is Murty had us in a title race in mid March and got slaughtered far worse than Gerrard
  13. 2 months to save his job for me Tactically clueless, awful subs, strange team selections, strange man management and as stubborn as Warburton
  14. Mate yiu wanted to play Umar Sadiq in defence, it's no wonder nobody takes you seriously.
  15. 'King walks and leaves us in deep shit and you can take that to the bank.' Sounds like a ringing endorsement.
  16. Drink inside the game is something I want but won't improve the atmosphere at Ibrox There's about a dozen pubs within walking distance from the stadium to drink before you go in
  17. Why only the women this is clear sexism
  18. It's been like that at Ibrox since I can remember Disagree about the lack of effort line
  19. We were shite We're still shite
  20. Man Utd Barca could be outstanding City, Juve, Barca and Liverpool to go through
  21. Have you changed your mind about 'Dave' again?
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